Rabbis who threatened IDF general to be probed
Aviram Zino
Published: 31.01.07, 12:19
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1. Naveh......
Israeli Racist ,   Judea   (01.31.07)
is and will be judged by Hashem in due time for his signature on the document to steal these Jews from their families and communities, to protect the enemies of Israel and support a corrupt oligarchal government, The esteemed Rabbis of the newly organized Sanhedrin ( coined by your mickey mouse reporter as "right Wing") only wanted to have naveh appear to answer what he had authorized by kidnapping Jews away from their children, mothers, fathers. Since this "general" wears a kippa, maybe all they wanted was him to define a hillul Hashem to them, but this man of military strength did not appear, sending his complaint to the 'lawyers'
2. Mickey Judea
peter ,   amsterdam NL   (01.31.07)
"Naveh signed a number of preventive restraining orders against right-wing extremists in the West Bank." ->You call this 'stealing' these Jews from their families? "Since this 'general' wears a kippa.."->Seems you put fringe theologians above elected politicians or tsahal officers when it suits you.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (01.31.07)
continue their purge against Torah jews,with the help of a corrupt justice system. All these actions will increase hatred against us around the world and will lessen the change for the IDF to be sucsesfull in the next war. Through our history this kind of behavior has always cost us dearly and a loss of our land. Yet we do not learn and continuii on this very fast moving down slide. A reminder for anyone, since the early 80's we have lost already more then half the land we had. We call it land for peace, but in reality we are being puked out ,bit by bit,untill there is nothing left.
4. This article misses some fo the facts
MelechEitan ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.31.07)
For those who can read hebrew see and for a more acurate description of the letter sent to Nave YM"S For those who can't Ill just say in short that basically The Sanhedrin sent him aletter saying that he should appear before them to discuss ways for him to do teshuva and although he would be subjest to the death penalty according to the RAMBAM it is NOT APPICABLE IN OUR TIME!!!!! I heard this from Moreinu V"rabeinu HaRav Israel Ariel SHLIT"A himself. Be careful what you read - it's not always true
5. Missing details
Mike Canton ,   Tel Aviv   (01.31.07)
This article is misleading. It gives you the impression that those who issued the letter advocate hunting him down and killing him. According to this "din moser," it is absolutely prohibitted for a private citizen to carry it out. Furhtermore, in our modern society, there is no rabbinical court including the Sanhedrin that is authorized to carry out any such punishment. The point of the verdict is to stress the seriousness of the offense, and how it violates the laws of the Torah and, yes, any democratic society. Mr. Peretz having authorized further such actions recently has also been condemned by the Betzelem human rights organization . When this organization, which usually does not view the right wing favorably, condemns such actions, perhaps the Government would be wise to listen to the objections.
6. Islamic terrorists to be released from prison..
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.31.07)
More Palestinians with actual blood on their hands will be released to make way for Jews who do not go along with the suicidal appeasment and surrender of Israel to the forces of intolerance. All Jews who oppose the planned destruction of the state of Israel BY THE NO PEACE ROAD MAP OF THE EVIL GLOBALISTS are marked for special treatment by the state of Israel.
7. #4 & #5- Thank you for the facts.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (01.31.07)
The media is just playing its role in preparing the public for another Amona. The settlers should prepare appropriately.
8. 4,5 - correct - link to sanhedrin site for english text
not even religious ,   just logical   (01.31.07)
This is an explanation (with quotes from the document) in English of the Sanhedrin's summons. The Sanhedrin, indeed, mention Maimonedes' text, but do not say it should be applied today. They merely want to impress upon Naveh the severity of his crimes, in their eyes. The religious text was used as an added incentive to get Naveh to appear in their court, since he did not respond to their very short and very innocuous first summons.
9. Fanatics in any religion are a danger to society
10. More propaganda against religious Jews
Yacov ,   Ashkelon   (01.31.07)
In the effort to turn Israel into just another generic Gentilistan and destroy the only Jewish nation in the world, the secular government and news media engage in a steady stream of propaganda against religious Jews. This is just another example of anti-Jewish propaganda, no better than the Protocols or the "blood libel".
11. These are NOT Chareidim
Daniel van Dalen ,   Jerusalem   (01.31.07)
Let me please emphasize that this is a sick group of mentally disturbed individuals who are causing a huge chillul Hashem (desecration of G-d`s Name) with their actions. I, representing the Edah HaChareidis (`Edah Haredit`) online, hereby inform you that the Badatz of the Edah HaChareidis considers these people to be unworthy of any attention, that their actions are not supported by any of the leaders of the Jewish people, and that they represent nobody but themselves.
jerry ,   USA   (01.31.07)
Since when is punishment of future behavior a democratic value? Since when is punishment of ideas freely expressed part of a democratic state? Since when are political considerations given free reign in a legal system that is not already corrupt? Allow me a general comment on the Israeli legal system. In the US and many other countries expressing democratic values precedent is an important consideration. It is necessary for judges to take account of their colleagues' past decisions when making their own judgments. Since precedent might include Jewish jurisprudence, Israeli judges seem determined to use only their own limited reasoning in drawing conclusions. Their printed decisions have never, in my very limited experience, quoted precedent - except for Turkish and British Mandate law, usually in cases where they view their roles as enforcers of discipline.
13. Truth or Dare
Baruch Nili ,   Jerusalem   (01.31.07)
The State of israel is a state of democracy and law and order. The army of Israel is an agent of the state. The state does not have a death penalty. Israel cannot survive with two legal frameworks. As an orthodox Jew I strive each day to keep the 613 Mitzvos and I believe in Hashem Baruch Hu. I have no difficulty in abiding by the laws of the state of Israel. This is the truth for me and I believe for the vast majority of the other citizens of this state - orthodox or not. Now we have a Sanhedrin, a new court you say, with its own laws and the ability to pass judgement of lifge opr death on an agent of the state. You dare to seek to impose this? This is not viable nor does it reflect the Mitzvos. This is yet another group of so-called Rabbonim seeking to divide our beloved country at a time when we need unity and clear leadership - from our Rabbonim no less than from our elected leaders. They the elected leaders at least are answerable to us the electorate. I appeal to the Chief Rabbis to intercede and cease this appalling abuse of Rabbinic authority, and end this crossing of red lines that can divbide and destroy our country. Hapess Shalom Ve Rodfehu.
14. Critize the left and go to jail.
Zeek ,   Jerusalem   (01.31.07)
15. Israel REWARDS Terrorist MURDERERS with JEWISH Land & Assets
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.31.07)
In Gaza, Israel exchanged Jewish Land for War. Jew-hating world leaders congratulated Israel for the wicked ethnic Jew cleansing. Muslims celebrated by DESECRATING and DESTROYING sacred Gaza synagogues and intensified the war against Israel. Israel's leaders REFUSE to protect the true VICTIMS of violence - Jews and the Christians of PA who are severely PERSECUTED by Muslims. JEWS and CHRISTIANS MUST HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECT NON-MUSLIMS All of the Agreements have been broken by the global jihadist Islamo Fascist religious supremacists. Declare Oslo-Road Map and ALL Agreements NULL and VOID.
16. # 11
Yaakov ,   Jerusalem   (01.31.07)
You and your group of kapos not worthy of being in same area as these esteemed Ravs!
17. Rabbis who threaten Naveh
Henry Weil ,   Jerusalem   (01.31.07)
Not surprising, the dangerous trend continues it seems that the murder of Rabin has not taught them any lessons. These so called leaders should be severly prosecuted and if necessary jailed.
18. rabbi's
charles ,   petach tikva   (01.31.07)
Who are those "rabbis' to issue an "order" to an IDF officer to come and explain his deeds ? Who do they represent ? Are they officially installed by a religious authority ? NO , NO and NO . So to the devil with those extremists and their supporters . Why did'nt they issue a cherem on those Iran visitors ? Maybe their friends ? Those are the people who gave a bad name to the religious community and to Israel .
19. Hallachic rulers persecuted in Israel! What a disgrace!
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (01.31.07)
Owing to every intentionally distorted facts presentation from Ynet and rest of media, every evil will fall upon this land G-d plese help, kind of hard to live with goishe -cop rulers
20. PROBED? I'll bet Katsav volunteered for that duty!
Grasbke ,   Machination   (01.31.07)
Yeeee, haaaa!!!!
21. Yaacov of Jerusalem
charles ,   petach tikva   (02.01.07)
You are the second extremist yaacov , the first one lives in Ashkelon . Telling others they belong to a group of K... shows the fine jewish education you received . You are probably one of those iran visitor supporters . Fine to see that some religious Jews , who received a true good Jewish education , are also condemning those "pseudo rabbis" .
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