Iran militia threatens to kidnap Americans
Dudi Cohen
Published: 31.01.07, 19:36
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1. Iran and its threats....
DR ,   Florida USA   (01.31.07)
This looks similar to Nazi Germany, no? What kins of regime makes threats to the whole world? Delusional, crazy, dangerous? All of the above.
2. careful, lads
Cameron ,   USA   (01.31.07)
You keep playing this game of brinksmanship & the US could start hunting Iranians far beyond those who sneak into Iraq for death & mayhem.
3. Is this a declaration of war?
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (01.31.07)
4. The american respons shoul be:Its easy to nuke Iran.
Y ,   N   (01.31.07)
5. kidnapping Americans means inviting F16 to Iran air space !!
KMR ,   Middle East   (01.31.07)
6. Not a good idea Iran, the US won't respone like Israel.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (01.31.07)
7. On kidnapping
New Yorker ,   NY   (01.31.07)
If any such kidnapping takes place in any part of the world, the U.S. must respond in a most merciless fashion causing scores of casualties in Iran proper and promise more in ever increasing order. No more talking. Strike without prior warning and cause great harm.
8. Iran Is Next ! You Can Bet Your A** On That !
vit ,   usa   (01.31.07)
To all Progressive Leftists and other Geopolitical Simpletons: THE EVENTS THAT WILL FOLLOW IN 10 SMALL STEPS 1)Israel strikes Iranian nuke sites. Although it could just as likely be the US. 2) Iran will respond by launching Shahabs at Israel and medium range missiles at US targets in the Mideast. Their attempt to block the Persian Gulf is a non-starter due the the presence of two American Carrier Groups in the gulf. (A third Carrier Group is also near by .) 4) Iran will also activate Hizzballah and will most likely goad the Syrians into making a move. 5) Infiltration across the border into Iraq by Iranian funded insurgents will increase. 6) US responds with a 30-90 day aerial and naval campaign the sight and magnitude of which has never been seen. The campaign will obliterate the Iranian navy and 90 % of the Iranian military targets that are worth hitting including all nuke facilities that Israel did not get in the initial strike. There will be no ground invasion. There will not be a need for a ground invasion. 7) The muslim street will do something original. They will go out into the streets and riot. (Wow...We've never seen that before.) 8) Sunni Arab Nations like the Saudis will express their regret but will privately laud the action. I guess it has something to do with the rightful succession of the prophet Mohamed or their interpretation of it. You know...It's that Sunni - Shia thing! 9) Meanwhile the Israeli Arrow anti missile system will take care of 98% of the Shahabs that Iran will launch and the new advanced Patriot system in the hands of the Americans (and Israelis) will take care of the rest. 10) Israel responds even more aggressively against both Hizzballah and the Syrians since they will shoot rockets at Tel Aviv. This time Israel does not hold back like they did last summer. THE RESULT: The Syrian Army is demolished. Damascus is in ruins. Lebanon suffers even worse damage this time around. Iran will be devastated from the air by the Americans as their civilization is pounded into 'year zero' until they sue for peace on American terms. Meanwhile Israel suffers moderate but acceptable damage. OH...AND ONE MORE THING: When this happens the Democrats will support the effort since Iran will be firing missiles at Israel ! (Remember the bipartisan resolutions in the Senate and House supporting Israel in it's war against Hizzballah this past summer.) After all, what will the Dems do, support Iran & Ahmadinijad ?!? Only the Progressive Leftists (AKA The New Jew Haters) & their Islamist allies will be up in arms with insane Bush / Israel hatred. Although David Duke (the new hero of the Progressives) will be with you. Wow ! That's some nice company you keep ! We shall soon see who is more important politically: Israel or the Progressives and their Islamic allies. For years the Progressives have masqueraded their Jew Hatred by cloaking it in the 'World Peace Movement' . This war will expose you like no other. ...and these are the facts Jack ! HAVE A NICE DAY. Now start the seething ! I wanna hear it ! Please don't let me down. It took 15 minutes to write this.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.31.07)
I cannot believe that an Iranian military perssonnel would make such an announcement.However, it is possible that if USA keeps on holding the Iranians from their offices in Iraq,some kind of retaliation is expected.Time and again, Iran has made it clear that the presence of the Iranians in Iraq is official and approved by the Iraq's Govt.Either the USA has to prove this to the contrary or there is a strong likelihood of some kind of retaliatory moves on the part of Iran.
10. On kidnappings and consequences
New Yorker ,   NY   (01.31.07)
The only reason Iran may threaten and execute kidnappings of Americans anywhere in the world is because Iranian leaders and people at large are used to thinking that a punishment will be slow in coming, if coming at all. No, the punishment that will follow any attempt at kidnapping by the iranians, must necessarily bring destruction and the loss of the sense of immunity to the Iranian population, not just to Iran's crazed leaders. Kidnapping is a hostile act which must be answered for in a war-like way. There is a price to pay. And it's not Iran who will dictate the price. It's going to be America who will set the account straight.
11. Easy...
David ,   Israel   (01.31.07)
Kidnapping Americans. Easy. Dodging stealth fighters. Hard. I have a sneaking suspicion such a move would not result in a carter repeat - for all his faults, this president isn't the type to wait 400 days. He's the type to start pushing buttons.
12. Amounts To Admission by Iran They Are In Iraq
emanon ,   USA   (01.31.07)
13. Right on!
Greg Nelson ,   Cypress,Tx USA   (01.31.07)
I'm with you, I have an arsenal in my home.(the right to keep and bear arms, all my children can shoot, wife included, We don't look for trouble but when it comes, we are prepared) I'm tired of my rights being trampled on be some faceless stooge in DC, It'stime the american people stood firm and got behind whats really important in this country. Protect our borders, profile those coming in that want to destroy us and for God's sake, wake up America, the war is coming to us.
14. Re: #8
Eric ,   Israel   (01.31.07)
I share your opinions of a coming war and I appreciate your rosey outlook on how the US and Israel will seemingly survive without much of a scar (maybe I misread what you wrote). Also, Im not a big fan to say the least of the potential for the Iranians having nukes. What I was hoping you could elaborate on is your thoughts on whether the Iranians will strike at Saudi and other Gulf oil fields and how this war will affect the general global economy?
15. US does not forget their kidnapped as easily as Israel does
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (01.31.07)
16. Vit, baby.
David ,   Israel   (01.31.07)
I love you man. At the same time... The 2% of the rockets the Arrow doesn't take out are easy to dismiss when you live in the UNITED STATES. Those rockets are pointed at my family you lovable goon. I'm all for taking decisive action, but unless that includes a wave striking at their rocket capabilities at the same time as the nuclear facilities, its not a good move. Air Power Adoration is not wise. You can deal Iran a heavy blow with air-power while not solving the problem, which would be the most likely outcome. Without some sort of commensurate insurgency on the ground - and preferably regime change - you only delay the time-table. Two words: Dan Halutz. Great man. Served his country loyally and well. He was an excellent pilot and air force top dog. And yet, Dan should never have been chief of staff. Why? Because he way overestimated the efficacy of air power. So whip out the tom leher album and start singing "who's next?" But come up with a more comprehensive strike plan while your at it, okay?
17. Iran is a very brave country,donĀ“t make a mistake
Trojam   (01.31.07)
18. 8/ thank you, doctor strangelove!
nas'r B'filthee'2 ,   khuzistan   (01.31.07)
19. TO the monkey: kidnap Carter, we'll help u in the job
gabriela ben ari ,   jeruslaem   (01.31.07)
20. #9, Mahmood, still in love with crazy regime?
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.31.07)
Do you not get the fact that Iran wants chaos in Iraq? The Iranians are training and arming insurgents who then go to Iraq and blow themselves up, killing thousands already. This is what you like in your leaders? The US will stop Iran from gaining a foothold in Iraq, b/c if they succeed, then the ME is Fu_ked!!! People like you will never get it though, so I don't know why I am wasting my time here.
21. We are ready to Sacrifice
Ahmadinijad ,   Iran   (01.31.07)
I am ready to Sacrifice my sons. I am ready to Sacrifice my daughters. I am ready to sacrifice my brothers. I am ready to sacrifice my sisters. I am ready to sacrifice my father. I am ready to sacrifice my mother. I am ready to sacrifice my neighbors. I am ready to sacrifice my country. Question: Are you ready sacrifice yourself when the time comes? Me: Hell no, I'm going to run like a squealing baby to the UN and surrender when my life is in danger. My ideology is simple. Shoot from safety, incite the gullible masses into fighting for me, then run like a b!tch when the heat is brought to my front door.
22. To #19
jp ,   usa   (01.31.07)
He shouldn't be that hard to find. His new name is Al-Jimmil Carter. He truly is one of their brethern. Looks like a duck, talks like a duck,walks like a duck, and wears the same headress as a duck!!!!!!!!!!
23. I hope the USA
Lebanese Muslim Shia ,   Lebanon   (01.31.07)
will hit Iran and hit them hard, and destroys the mulla regime and i hope Israel will follow and destroy Hizbala and the Syrian regime the only way to have a lasting peace in the middle east is to get rid of the Iranian and Syrian regimes these 2 are the cause of all the problems we have the Arabs and the Israelis can have a true peace if we can get rid of the cowards who support terror and keep on stoping any peaceful efforts and encouraging hate racism and terrorism against our cousins the Jews God bless America, Lebanon, Israel and all peace loving nations
24. #23, 100% right!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.31.07)
It is people like you who give our countries something to fight for...the freedom of all people and peace the middle east. Peace!
25. #21...sounds like a skipping record.
DR ,   Florida, USA   (01.31.07)
It seems we see this from a lot of the "brave" leadersin the Muslim world. Saddam, Hamas, Hezballah, islamic Jihad etc...all cowrds who send kids with explosive belts to do their dirty work. Ahmadinejad is no different and we will find him hiding in a spider hole very soon. can't wait to see his face!
26. Well said, #23!!!
Anne ,   USA   (01.31.07)
27. to 21# you and the children
You are certainly referring to the plastic key the Regime then handed over to 12 years old soldiers during the conflict with Iraq, telling the Nations's children that it was the actual key to paradise and that they mustn't be afraid of dying since they would not have to look for the key at the crucial moment . The wise mullah who came up with the brillant idea became excessively rich.
ARABS DONT DESERVE ,   IT!   (01.31.07)
29. #8 allright your PS2 game is over
here, smell the coffee... -the US F16s will be flying ducks (since they won't be sitting) for the new Russian made Iranian air defense system. -iran will activate a huge rebellion against the US soldiers in Iraq by the Shia interests.. now the US soldiers will be sitting ducks. -iran will cut the oil and natural gas along with bombing the ME resources, so your ass here in the US will be freezing or your stomach will real hurt everythime you pay $115 a tank to fill your Toyota Camry. -innocent Israeli civilians will be hit really hard because unlike your rosey outlook to intercept the missiles real world works very different than your PS2 games. (do you care about that? since you call it acceptable damage. let's say you and your kids die in this, would it bet acceptable then or is it acceptable only when another person dies?) -iran will suffer more (since you are not human enough to care about Iranian lives I will not elaborate) but the US and its interests will suffer greatly as well. plus you may have the vision and brain to only understand dollar and human lives count but there is something called relationships and international stature which will be lost for the US next 50 years... but your kind only cares about what happens to them, as long as it ahppens away from your family it is ok and acceptable for you... what a shame!
30. re #21 little misunderstanding
Ahmadinijad ,   Iran   (01.31.07)
My bad meant for the Me: part to read Ahmadinijad: The point of the post was to show how we at the top of the Iranian government are a bunch of cowards.
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