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Don't be a sugar daddy
Sever Plocker
Published: 01.02.07, 17:26
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1. there's a big metaphor here....
SD ,   London UK   (02.01.07)
strong manly apology and request for pardon or adolescent bully with no self criticism who deludes himself that he's above the law which one is Israel?
2. If ugly as Plocker no wonder!
naro ,   nyc   (02.01.07)
Such nonsense. Age means nothing. An attractive, vigorous, older man, can have excellent and rewarding relationship with a woman 30 years younger. Plocker is so unattractive that I would be surprised if he would appeal to anyone but his dog!
3. How true.
4. Bravo!
Sue ,   TA   (02.01.07)
5. well said
gabriela ben ari   (02.01.07)
6. Better than any of us.
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (02.01.07)
At the age of 56, refusing andropause, he also refused that it was a sexual misconduct. As a lawyer and as a Justice Minister, he should know better than any of us.
7. Don't be a sugar daddy; you can never be!
Daniel ,   Israel   (02.01.07)
The whole culture needs change. We think we are forward; westernized people. We are not! We shall never be. There is a thin line between male and female. We cannot cross it. This is why those ancient laws. Hats off to those who wrote those laws millenniums ago, they are still valid! I am not a religious Jew, but I feel time has come we must stop those provoking dresses on the road, on the beaches, or walking through streets in beachwear (especially those living near beaches – both men & women), in working places. Also stop kissing (on chick) on camera; those high ranking dignitaries visiting us.
8. Don't be a Sugar Daddy
Pip Allon ,   Jerusalem   (02.01.07)
Right on!!!!! You can think about it, even dream but acting out is disgusting!!! Thanks about the beautiful women of 50-60...right again.
9. sugar daddy
Evi ,   Ashdod   (02.01.07)
A sugar daddy is a man who is willing to support someone in style. As in, this is why a young woman would be willing to go with a much older man in almost all instances. Haim was what is called ' a dirty old man'.
10. We're all out of business then!
enzo ,   london,uk   (02.01.07)
11. Ramon may be a jerk, but he is certainly innocent
Kenneth Besig ,   Kiryat Arba Israel   (02.01.07)
I am no fan of Haim Ramon, I think he represents all that is wrong and vulgar about Israel and Israeli politicians, he is also a Left wing Jew of the worst sort who has done tremendous damage to Israeli security, religion, and unity. But this entire court case was a farce, and if Israel had a fair and open jury and grand jury system, Ramon would not only have walked out of the court a legally innocent man, he would never have been charged with anything in the first place. The sole reason Ramon was convicted was politically correct politics and a legal system more interested in appeasing the fads that dominate our society rather than real justice.
12. Ramon verdict
Sandra ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.01.07)
Well said, I quite gree with you, Mr. Plocker. And if only Haim Ramon would have apologized......Sadly, many men think they can take advantage of women, without retribution. Maybe they'll think again before trying to impose their unwanted attentions on them now. Ramon has ruined his reputation and career over being a male chauvinist pig!!
13. Sugardaddy
SE ,   Boston, MA - USA   (02.01.07)
This is not true. If you are very wealthy you can attract much younger women.
14. If he refused pic to be taken
Bud ,   New York   (02.01.07)
This woman would have claimed that he was very bad individual, very bad person, and in many cases the woman like this would had stolen some stuff from the office. Don't want kisses do not go to your boss for a pic in sexy situation. Why do you need this semi-porn pic at all?
15. Monica Lewinsky
Grant ,   Philadelphia, PA   (02.02.07)
Plocker is writing like a PC old fool. Every day there are women who flirt with, if not outright hit on, much older men. It happens, it happens a lot. It happens sometimes because of the attraction of powerful, charismatic and established men, and sometime it happens because of aggresssive and manipulative women. In fact, the young woman seems to protest too much - while she may never have considered a daliance with an older man, many other of her peers do. Not merely the Catherine Zeta-Jones to Michael Douglasses, or the Melania to Donald Trumps... but the professors with the students (often initiated by the student) and many other occasions. Please. Enough of this politically correct nonsense. People seem to want to use one case to push their societal views, and not merely rest that case upon the facts.
16. Missing the point....
Eliza ,   Tel aviv   (02.02.07)
It's strange that of all this fuss and bother about Ramon, no-one seemed to even consider remembering that another good reason apart from his lip-locking with this child is the fact that he's supposed to be married! That in itself shows what type of character he is which gives all the more reason for one to imagine that if he could do this to his wife then nothing he does is impossible. Personally, my heart goes out to her.
17. #16 Eliza
enzo ,   london,uk   (02.02.07)
Eliza, you rightly say: "...no-one seemed to even consider... the fact that he's supposed to be married!" My question is: why do some married men flirt with younger women? Why? Where does this need/urge come from? Could it possibly be that it is "sometimes" our partner's fault? It's easy to dismiss my question by calling me a "male chauvinist pig"! But I'm not. I'm really trying to understand why so many married men sometimes "run" after younger women.
18. #2 Only if you're Donald Trump
AK   (02.02.07)
Face it, other than the late Cary Grant, there are no gorgeous 58 year olds; all the others pay.
19. Ramon
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (02.02.07)
TO Age or not TO Age, Are you guys assuming that because Soldier "Hei" is so beautiful , young and sexy, makes her a whore ????? no no and no You are downright jelous ladies and gentlemen, come on admit it...... You ladies: punishing her for her beauty You gentlemen: for desiring what Ramon had ! HAHAHA Every one is entitled to place her limits and get respected , even secular soldier beauties and Everyone is entitled to have a fair trial, even if it means prosecuting your boss who lied, presented false witness, gave a bad name and put the blame on the someone else. And all these while being "minister of JUSTICE" now... this sounds like a bad joke Please G-d help us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20. #1 We're both and WE'RE HERE
Am Yisrael ,   Here in Israel   (02.02.07)
You're not, and that says it all.
21. #19
Sue ,   TA   (02.02.07)
All you say is correct. We all know sexy gorgeous women who are, behave like and (try to) look like whores. That is their prerogative. We all know sexy gorgeous women who are decent and dont behave like or (try to) look like whores. That is called decency. You seem to think it's all the same. I don't. This 'playing the innocent' (in the first category) is the pits.
22. #21 SUE
gabriela ben ari   (02.02.07)
You got it wrong I think I was very clear saying the opposite read again : "Are you guys assuming that because Soldier "Hei" is so beautiful , young and sexy, makes her a whore ????? no no and no " I think I wrote NO enough times to convey the idea that a sexy beautiful lady is NOT a whore just because
23.  #19 #22 I apologize
Sue   (02.02.07)
I must have misunderstood you, but as I'm not a born Israeli,( and Thank Gd not a Ramon either, or a chayelet cuddling him, inviting him to Costa Rica,handing him my mobile number and then running to mummy Shula and Sima 'cos he 'misunderstood' me...) I don't have a problem apologizing. If I was Israeli however, I MAYBE (not all Israelis not all, but most ) would need to 'attack' you by saying ' Ma kara !! Az ma yesh giveret, anachnoo bsach hakol bnei adam" .Hope you agree...and smile...
24. Have you heard about the opposite?
I want a toyboy   (02.02.07)
No one talks about the opposite cases. Sometime there are women who are attracted to young,fresh,smooth young men, 15-20 years younger ..so...what do you think about that. Is it possible? Can it be? A young handsome guy with an old lady ? +20 years older????
25. #24
enzo ,   london,uk   (02.02.07)
It can happen, but only due to the maternal instict! No other reason!
26. it is pure passion
I want a toyboy   (02.02.07)
27. the writer is sorry he is not a sugar daddy
28. Can I Get an AMEN?!?!?
M. Martin ,   NYC/Tel-AViv   (02.02.07)
"As a father to a daughter, listen to me: Don't even think that a young woman who can be your daughter feels anything for you beyond a sense of "what a lovely old man." - Sever Plocker He is SOOO Right!!! He has probably seen men his age try to hit on his daughters and seen the daughter's react in DISGUST! Any female beyond the age of puberty can tell you about being hit on by men dramatically older than themselves and wondering, "Why does he even think he has a snowball's chance in hell?!?" While it is not 100% impossible for a woman to be attracted to a man 20 years older than her (it's say 95% impossible), it usually is more linked to his having money and power (that she hopes to partake of) than any attraction to him. And the attraction will not likley last very long - probably until a guy in her own age group comes along that she likes. And woman ARE capable of faking their way through sex acts and even relationships in order to achieve some other external goal. GET REAL GUYS!!!!!
29. it is a real story
tayseer ,   jerusalem   (02.02.07)
the 75 newly married man to 20 years girl .. visited the eye specialist to examin the vision as he heard that the making love evry day will affect the eyes .. and as he said that his wife wanted the act evry day ... i said ithinked he had viagra and he heared of the bad effect of the medicine on vision ..what the atraction of a man with75 years old
30. #16 Check you facts - Ramon is not married
rh ,   ashdod israel   (02.02.07)
Proof that people are prepared to condemn without the facts
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