Iran: Giant achievements coming soon
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 04.02.07, 17:13
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USA   (02.04.07)
2. still waiting for that AIDS cure guys
Ervin Johnson ,   LA, little persia   (02.04.07)
3. Who's Ahmadinejad trying to fool, himself?
Paolo ,   Free Lebanon   (02.04.07)
Ahmadinejad thinks the world is stupid. He can not silence the truth. It is like the light in the darkness. Liberty can not be stopped. Ahmadinejad is pretty clueless and naïve. He is trying hide the fact that Iran is messing things up in Lebanon. Ahmadinejad does not mention anything about his persecution of their Jewish, Christian, women, and other minority groups in Iran. He mentions nothing about Hezbollah, Iran and Syria murdering the Lebanese minister or the hundreds of innocent Lebanese who are killed daily by the Iranian influenced Hezbollah in their attempts to silence opposition. Ahmadinejad mentions nothing of the many Lebanese children starving today in the streets, because of Iranian directed Hezbollah has been stealing the Arab reconstruction and food money to fill their Swiss bank accounts just like the Iranian directed Hamas is doing now too. And, most of all, Ahmadinejad never mentions anything about getting his butt kicked in the latest election. Most Iranians are living below poverty level while Ahmadinejad spends trillions of dollars on nuclear waste and killing poor innocent Lebanese and Iraqis.
4. aids
marvie ,   iran   (02.04.07)
do not take as true. it is made to give very hard death to all who partake.
5. Sounds like an Infomercial
Steve ,   Toronto Canada   (02.04.07)
Send three easy payments of 29.95 and we will send you the Herbal cure. But wait there is more if you call right now we will also send you an autographed piece of Ahmadinejad's white jacket.
6. The Man Is A Dangerous Lunatic
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.04.07)
Someone (like us) had better stop this madman before it's too late. Nuclear weapons in the hands of irrational religious fanatics is the height of irresponsibility on the part of world leaders. We had better get new leadership here in Israel that can deal with this threat - it's obvious that our current leadership is suffering from massive delusions concerning our security.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.04.07)
In your dreams.................we don't mind that,ha ha!
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.04.07)
Yourattempt to distract readers does not work very well,Paolo.To start with,you dont seem to be residing in Lebanon.Why do you have to worry about the Iranian people.If they have the patience with the present Govt.what ticks you?And for your information,not a single article has apeared anywhere whereby the Hizbullah's have been accused of misusing the monies received from various sources.Where the hell did you get this information from?I am sure you are attempting your best to portray this image.Few readers attention may be drawn to the same,but I don't think you will do any better.
9. aids drug
jan ,   usa   (02.04.07)
At last we have now found out where the rest of the missing polonium went.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stude ham   (02.04.07)
Yas! the iranians have achieved a record in the number of its people executed by their firing squads! That calls for celebration.... yoohooo??? anyone still there to enjoy??? yoooohhoooo?????
11. Paolo, pathetic
Ali ,   Southampton   (02.04.07)
"the hundreds of innocent Lebanese who are killed daily by the Iranian influenced Hezbollah in their attempts to silence opposition" "the many Lebanese children starving today in the streets" Dont lie the world Paolo. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and i respect yours. You can condemn and blame Hezb, Iran, and syria, ur choice. But since wen does hundreds of leb die daily? maybe only during the days of civil war on the hands of gagea. i dont see any hungry children in the street? am sure you dont too.
12. Did Iran President tes Aids cure on himself
Bhaskar ,   canada   (02.04.07)
He has more dangerous disease than aids. Mental illness, and his case is beyond repair.! World Doctors
13. A cure for AIDS no
Johnson ,   USA   (02.04.07)
14. Ahmadinejad
Harold ,   USA   (02.04.07)
I don't understand, if the Iranians do not like there leaders, why not just vote them out of office? That is what we do here in America. When a leaders term is up we the people decide if we want them again. If not we cast our vote telling the leaders what we want. Why don't they just vote Ahrmadinejad out of office?
15. Good old Iranian doublespeak
JPS ,   Efrat   (02.04.07)
"The world should know today that the capable Iranian nation, relying on its own youths and scientists, has now conquered the peaks of knowledge and science," Ahmadinejad declared during his speech. Well, according to most sources, the Iranian economy stinks, there is high unemployment, despite being a petroleum exporter they have an energy crisis at home. Not only that, but Arab nations as well as the west are concerned about Iranian expansionism and their colonial misadventures in Lebanon. Basically, the world knows that the Iranian regime is trying to deflect attention from its poor performance at home. It's easier for the ayatollahs to make a nuclear bomb than lowering their unemployment rate by a few percentage points. The Iranian appear to be unable to copy the Americans - they want to export their revolution, colonize the region, and become a regional military superpower. However, nobody else (except their colonists in south Lebanon and the rapidly weakening Assad in Syria) appear to be interested.
USA   (02.04.07)
F S Scott ,   Scotland   (02.04.07)
IRAN GIVES THE SUPPORT TO THE SUICIDE OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE !!! So Why do they put any faith in Abbas? Have they taken leave of their senses? If withdrawal from Gaza proved anything, it is that Palestinians cannot create a peaceful democratic state. The millions or is it billions ? that has been poured into the area for the so called peaceful building for the "homeless" Palestianian is a total travesty as it seems most of the aid has gone into buying arms !! No one can create one for them. There are two options. 1.Israel takes back Gaza, eliminates both Fatah & Hamas, remove Abbas, disarm everyone including their security forces, re-take control of the Egyptian border, & eventually, try to create municipal self-gov't. But as long as Fatah & Hamas exist, terrorism will continue. OR 2. Force Egypt to take back Gaza & Jordan to take control of Palestinian areas of the West Bank. Let them take care of their Arab brothers - they can use methods that seem to work & no one will complain. Any other suggestions?
18. #17 - F S Scott: Well put -> E X A C T L Y !
Fred Nerks ,   Israel   (02.04.07)
19. wait and see the next power of Iran
iranian   (02.04.07)
DON ,   NEW ZEALAND   (02.04.07)
21. "Mad" inejad
MM USA ,   TX USA   (02.04.07)
so why do they need the aids cure? don't they practice what they preach??
22. IRAN?
Chris ,   Reading, USA   (02.04.07)
I-RAN should be renamed U-RUN cause thats gonna be what happens they keep this up!!!!
23. Don't forget his real goal, destroy Israel.
Vince Currie ,   Cumming USA   (02.04.07)
Only one thing really matters with Ahmadinejad and this is his declaration to destory Israel. With Democratic liberals and media condemning Bush from all sides about Iraq, they are also tying Bush's hands to take action against Iran. If democrats win and we fail in Iraq, there is no way the public will allow American soldiers to fight in Israel when they are eventually attacked from all sides led by Iraq and Syria. Even today on Meet the Press, when Russert asked former Democrat Senator and candidate John Edwards if he would allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon, he said, "I don't know"! Bottomline, if Iran goes nuclear, Israel will eventually be destroyed.
24. That means he'll nuke San Fran.IMOD=Iranian ministry of def.
david ,   austin,texas   (02.04.07)
25. May I make a suggestion
mj ,   denver colorado   (02.04.07)
i know its not PC to say this, but if they make one move toward the USA with nukes, we should beat them to the punch and blow them away.... just an idea
26. #19
Jim ,   Miami, USA   (02.04.07)
I wih Iran would exercise the power to shut up !!!! No doubt, thier new power will entail using women and children as human shields. Iranian AIDS cure !! Yeah Right ! Sit down and shut up Iran, you're a third world nation !! Deal with it !!
27. Going to be a nice hole in the ground
Jason ,   Boston, MA   (02.04.07)
Love to see them set off a nuke test on the 11th. All that would be left is a hole in the ground on the 12th. Cure for aids is not going to save them, we all know the great acheivements of the Iranian medicine in these last few years. Seems they have a cure for everything but lies. Two carrier groups is nothing compared to what we could send and wil if needed.
28. What kind of question is that?
Mystery ,   Canada   (02.04.07)
29. Iran
Lee Da Vinci ,   Columbus, Ohio, USA   (02.04.07)
We have stealth bombers. Iran doesn't have indoor plumbing. We'll do Iran when the time is right; trust us, it's not a problem.
30. 2/11/07
Jim Cramer ,   Danville, In USA   (02.04.07)
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