Shin Bet chief: Hamas using calm to build up strength
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 05.02.07, 19:35
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1. Israel must be rich to pay this guy for stating the obvious
Uzi ,   Haifa   (02.05.07)
And who's watching the shop while he blabbers away?
2. Welcome to Livni's World
malcolm   (02.05.07)
She worked tirelessly for her father figure, Sharon, to surrender Gaza to Hamas. Now the fruits of her labor are here to stay and more jewish blood will flow. Thanks Tzipi !!!
3. thank you Arik Sharon, well done !
4. and still our government does nothing
5. Gearing up for the Saudi agreement
Steve ,   USA   (02.05.07)
B"H PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, who has been termed by Israeli and Western leaders as a moderate, agreed to every principle demanded by Hamas. The document, published Monday in the Saudi Arabian newspaper Ukhaz, rejects the United States Road Map peace plan that calls for interim borders for a future PA state. In its current form, the agreement: • States the objective of a unity government will be the creation of an independent Arab nation with Jerusalem as its capital. • “Opposition to the temporary borders and all other solutions that do not fulfill the national legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.” • Calls for the “right of return” of millions of Arabs living in other countries who claim Israel as home. • Demands that the separation barrier be removed. • Demands that “all prisoners in Israel be released unconditionally." No mention was made of the future recognition of Israel, even if all the demands are met. The terms of the agreement allow Hamas to retain control of the PA government, but also allow Abbas to proceed on negotiations with Israel. The agreement also states that the Hamas-led PA government will officially recognize prior agreements. In essence, Hamas will accept government decisions without the necessity of altering the terrorist faction’s ultimate aim of the destruction of the State of Israel. Talks between the Hamas and Fatah factions will be hosted by the Saudi Arabian government later this week in Mecca. The meeting is expected to result in a unity coalition after several broken ceasefires and fierce clashes between the two terrorist groups in Gaza. At least 28 PA residents have died and 230 people have been wounded in the most recent round of violence in the year-long battle for control of the PA.
6. Stop blaming Sharon
Freejay ,   Israel   (02.05.07)
If he was still in power now, do you really think he would sit back like Olmert and do nothing? Sure he gave them Gazza due to American pressure, but he did state that if they wouldnt stop attacking Israel, he would turn Gazza into a buffer zone. Olmert is the only one to blame for trying to make the public think that Fatah moderates and not following Sharons objectives!
stude ham   (02.05.07)
Hamas is transporting the weapons from Egypt into Gaza because Egypt is allowing them to do that. This porous Egypt-Gaza bordrer is due to the monumental sympathy of the Egyptians towards Hamas and their followers. It is also Egypt's response to the alarming supply of weapons to Fatah by Israel and the US.
8. uzi of haifa
lord byron   (02.05.07)
uzi you are very funny but diskin is doing a good job.
9. #7, exactly!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.05.07)
Egypt is supposed to be a partner in the war on terror and an Israeli Ally, but yet they aid terror groups and do nothing to stop terror. How come Israel and the international community at large continue to let this happen?
10. Lord Byron, Diskin would have done an even better job
Uzi ,   Haifa   (02.05.07)
had he diappeared out of sight and kept quiet!
11. just drop one huge bomb on gaza!
bleiberg ,   LA, USA   (02.05.07)
nike ,   usa   (02.05.07)
13. #7
Palestinian ,   Haifa<Israel   (02.05.07)
I guess its about time they gave us back Sinai.
14. The price to pay
Brod ,   USA   (02.06.07)
The price of giving in to external manipulations, interferences, threats and aggressions emboldens the dark forces to enhance their attacks, manipulations and interferences because they see that they are being rewarded with more Jewish land. It is time for Israel to be strong in protecting and defending their Biblical and Historic homeland which they inherited from their forefathers--Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 4000 years and which they liberated from the Arab Islamist-Jihadist occupiers in the wars of the past 60 years. Israel does not have to apologize to anybody for living, developing, defending and protecting their nation and country from external threats and aggressions. It is the Arab Islamist-Jihadists that need to apologize to Israel for their persecutions, attacks and genocides on the Jewish people since the 7th century. It is the savages that need to apologize to Israel for indoctrinating their children, people and society to hate and kill Jews. It is the savages that need to apologize to Israel for their desecrations of Jewish places of worships and the tombs of Jewish Patriachs in Jewish Biblical and Historic towns of Judea and Samaria. It is the savages that need to apologize to Israel for colluding with the Nazis in inflicting the Holocaust on the Jewish people in WWII. It is the savages that need to apologize to Israel for sending demon-possessed suicide bombers to commit mass murder of Jewish children and civilians in public places. It is time the world opens its eyes at the atrocities committed by Arab Islamist-Jihadist occupiers, terrorists and savages against the Jewish people since the 7th century. It is time the world supports Israel in confronting the Islamist-Jihadist world that is hellbent on conquering the world by force and Trojan Horse, and crusading their religion and evil ideology to the non-Islamist world. It is time for the world to stop Islamist-Jihadism before it engulfs the whole world. The Free World should not shy away from confronting the dark forces of the world. They should support America and Israel in confronting and defeating the enemies of freedom, liberty and democracy in the Middle East. And most importantly, they should be united in supporting America and Israel in neutralizing the nuke threat from Iran that threatens the whole world.
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