Fatah: Shalit was held at Gaza Islamic University
Ronny Shaked
Published: 06.02.07, 11:59
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1. Really......
Hasan ,   Gaza   (02.06.07)
What a tremendous argument? Hold the captive soldier in a place where more than 20,000 people come each day; in a place where there is minimal security; in a place where Israeli intelligence knows that there is nothing going on (otherwise, they would have bombarded teh place a long time ago). Nice to see Yediot relying on the "intelligence" of Palestinian security officials trying to justify their rampage in a civilian institution because the other side swept them out of their "military" compounds. YNet, don't insult our intelligence with such rubbish.
2. long way to impress
Palestinian   (02.06.07)
the loosers Dahlanians are going a long way to appease their jewish masters but this time have gone too far to impress us all using fabricated stories such as capturing Iranians, confiscating tonns of weapons and now near enough finding time they will tell us that Hamas is hiding 10000 nuclear bombs and is also the main responsible for Global warming and the the puncturing of the Ozone-layer ... Crapman ..ops..I mean Dahlan is trying his best to justify the money israel pays him but israel will soon find out that they are wasting their time and money on a looser!
3. Oh ! Really
john ,   nz   (02.06.07)
So the Poacher tirned Gamekeeper? or is it just a publicity stunt
4. wht intelligence do u have num1
haim ,   mtl canada   (02.06.07)
this is news to me GOOD JOKE
5. Gilad is being held by the Palestinian People so
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.06.07)
Now is the time to turn off the power, then turn of the water and when the world says "that's collective punishment" we must answer "Yes, because it is collective guilt". Gilad Shalit’s kidnapping, as was the kidnapping of Udi Golwasser and Eldad Regev, was illegal and a breach of international law. To hold prisoners of war without access to the International Red Cross is a war crime! Enough is enough. Give us our children back or bring huge suffering on your people, Mr. Haniyah! Let my people go! Remember Pharaoh and now look at the Muslim World. Earthquakes, floods, disease, war and destruction. Need I go further?
6. A Little Scepticism Is In Order.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.06.07)
We know how many lies Palestinians tell about us. We should realize that they use the same tactics with each other. Hamas lies about Fatah & Fatah lies about Hamas. Basically, they are expert liars. So, you really need to be a bit sceptical about any news reports coming out of Gaza. Personally, I think if Abbas wanted to find Shalit, he would have been found a long time ago. Gaza is not that big & I'm sure both groups spy on each other. It is far more reprehensible that our gov't continues to support Abbas while Shalit is still captive.
7. Gilad Shalit..The Victory and The Honor....
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul   (02.06.07)
If you are looking for victory for your people, not even one, many Gilad Shalits wont give it to you. If you looking to put Israel's Honor down while holding Him, I tell you Israel wont lose her Honor neighter with one Gilad or 100s of him. YOU JUST KEEP THE FIRE LIVE !!! Lets stop using Gilad Shalit. Lets stop to give bad name to Islam World. If Islam world has a father, today , he could tell you to let him go. But she has no father. Atilla ! are you afraid to talk about Palestinian prisoners in Israeli Jails ? and there are many youngs there also. would you leave a message for them ? Give a call to UN, a few UN men go to Israel, take their court papers and give to the UN lawyers and than let world knows than we talk. WHAT YOU CAN GET IF YOU LET GILAD SHALIT FREE ! a good Justice a world sempaty (you still have chance for it) a better card for your dirty future games !!! I tell you what ! dont let your eyes blind. MAKE AN HONORABLE ACT, YOU WILL SEE YOU WILL BE GIFTED FOR IT. THE FIRE OF THE HATE IS ALIVE !!! LET GILAD GO. MAKE THE SMART ACT. THATS ENOUGH MAN. THAT IS ENOUGH. do it for his parents. NOT FOR ISRAEL. okey you did beat !!! Israel. Let him go and make His parents happy. I dont know what else to say. treat people as you want they treat you back. all things are stupid. no one cares normal families. Israel also re-think about her prisoners. maybe She can also MAKE A GREAT NAME to reliese some of them. simple life. such a simple.
8. Gaza Islamic University & Pakistani Madrassas comparable !!
KMR ,   Middle East   (02.06.07)
9. Rescue kidnapped soldiers
Brod ,   USA   (02.06.07)
Israel should unleash the Mossad and its elite forces to rescue its kidnapped soldiers and execute justice on those thugs.
10. Mossad too busy with Iran
Paolo Ortenzi ,   Italy   (02.06.07)
Mossad is too busy with Iran nuclear threat to take care of Gilad Shalit. It is like in 1972, after the Munich Massacre: they were very busy in killing the assassins of the Israeli athletes to interpret correctly the Egyptian build-up on the Suez Channel... that's why Yom Kipur War was a near disaster (Mehdal...).
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