Richest US Jew pledges USD 25 million to Taglit - birthright israel
Published: 06.02.07, 22:03
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1. My Two Children were on BR-They talk everyday how wonderful
Alan ,   SA   (02.06.07)
2. If he wants to donate money
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.06.07)
How about buying the Trophy anti-tank missile system for a few hundred tanks and A.P.C.s and helicopters. There are soldiers who could use a pair of boots and bullet-proof vests..
3. #2 Its not his business, and just look at how Israel reacted
when Gaydamark paid many Sderot citizens a free weekend vacation. Everyone yelled at him and even critized him for helping the Sderot Israelis. Its sick but thats why we must remove them, elect leaders who have dignity, who are proud and non apologetic. That state loud and clear that I AM A JEW, AND THIS IS MY HOME
4. Birthright Rocks
Sunhouse ,   Israel   (02.06.07)
Keep the kids coming. I love seeing the convoys of buses on the highway. It's only a 10 day trip for them, but they get really turned on and many come back a second time. The Adelsons deserve much thanks!
5. #2
mark ,   ca   (02.06.07)
I agree. The irony is that most of the teens ,who travel to Israel can afford(parents) to do that on their own.Waste of money.
6. #5 Mark, Do your homework before commenting
Alan ,   Washington DC   (02.07.07)
Mark, do your homework before commenting. It is NOT a waste of money. The follow-up studies are very clear: this is one of the best investments the Jewish Community (actually just a handful of philanthropists) has ever made. Birthright alumni come back much more connected to and involved in all aspects of the Jewish community. I know it is somewhat of a self-selecting group, but alumni are significantly more likely after returning to attend Hillel, to join Jewish groups, to go to Rabbinical school, to become pro-Israel activists, make aliyah, etc... The fact that many of them could afford the trips on their own is irrelevant, they have already forgone opportunities to travel on a peer trip previously because they did not value it highly enough. I was ineligible to attend because I (my parents) had valued it highly enough. I am not resentful of those getting the free trip because I know I am now far more likely to see them at Jewish community and Israel related events after they have gone on their free trip. The trip needs to be boosted enough to eliminate the wait-list that prevents some from attending before they turn 27.
7. I loved my Birthright trip
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (02.07.07)
And I hope more US Jews take advantage of the oppportunity to visit Israel, make friends, and get involved in Zionist programs.
8. to #5
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (02.07.07)
The irony is that many of our parents do not want us to visit Israel. Mine felt especially opposed, since I visited after the outbreak of the second intifada. I bet that other parents feel the same way now. If Jewish teens and young adults rely on their parents to pay for a trip, then under these conditions they will not travel. Birthright helps overcome this problem.
9. Thank you Mr & Mrs. Adelson!
Sababa ,   New York, USA   (02.07.07)
As a Birthright alumnus, I can tell you that this is the most amazing program for the Jewish diaspora...ever. The trip is absolutely incredible. Thank you Mr and Mrs. Adelson for your amazing gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. Birthright
Lou Klaver ,   Canada   (02.07.07)
Fantastic, may the Adelson Family Charitable Foundation be blessed beyond what they have given, that it would be multiplied ten fold! Shalom!
11. Birthright
Brenda ,   West Bloomfield, USA   (02.07.07)
My daughter is planning on going, thank you to the Adelsons
12. jason white --- 2
zionist forever   (02.07.07)
The attitude of the protection of Israeli soilders as the priority in recent years has gone out the window now they are just there to fight and risk death but doing it on a budget which is to low.... what good is spending money on a bullet proof vest if the soilder gets killed anyway because his tank hasnt been protected. They are happy to send troops into battle without the very basic equipment or even proper training then everything goes wrong and Olmert keeps going on about what a great victory it was. The millitary budget has become the source of funding for other projects .. need to find some money for a low priority civilian project ok just take it from the millitary nobody will notice eccept the soilders and they wont vote us out just because we didnt give the millitary enough money to buy bullet proof vests.
13. to #5
Roey ,   New Jersey   (02.07.07)
i've been staffing birthright trips for the last 3 years and am very involved on my campus to recruit's true that many can afford it however they were not exactly lining up for it prior to birthright...birthright positively affects most of the participants and IS ONE OF THE STRONGEST WEAPONS WE HAVE TO PREVENTING INTERMARRIAGE AND DEVELOPING and/or STRENGHTENING THE CONNECTION TO JUDAISM AND ISRAEL AMONG DIASPORA ADOLESCENTS
sas ,   country   (02.07.07)
The contibution is very positive. Has anyone done a study how many of these participants return or make aliyah?? How many children born to Israelis come on this program?
15. Thank You ! Send Soros
rh ,   Ashdod Israel   (02.07.07)
Thank you for your contribution to the Jewish people. Perhaps you could send George Soros on Birthright, he could learn a thing or two, about love and loyalty
16. israelis
michelle ,   tel aviv, israel   (02.07.07)
what about the birthright of israeli kids? arent they jewish as well - why doesnt someone donate $25m to them - free university, better housing, better scools, free trips to thailand?
17. The blind ingratitude of Michelle and Jason
Kate ,   London, UK   (02.07.07)
In an unprecedented display of generosity, Sheldon Adelson and his Israeli wife last year pledged $200 million annually to Jewish causes. Much of this money will be given to projects in Israel. You owe the Adelsons an apology.
18. African Friend of Israel
isaac ,   Lusaka   (02.07.07)
I have a seventeen year old boy with a love for Israel. Can he join your kids on the next trip. I want him to start early. In other words, include the gentile nations we also love you and wish to draw closer to the G-d of Israel - especially African kids
AVRAHAM ,   JERUSALEM   (02.07.07)
20. Birthright
esther Kluge ,   MArlboro NJ   (02.07.07)
2 of my children went and loved it. A wonderful vehicle for others to feel they support this program is to see the NEFCA produced Purium Shpiel on March 4.
21. Evangelicals - to 19
Erwin ,   Toronto/Zurich   (02.22.07)
What a great idea - let every stubborn and narrow-minded Evangelical come to Israel for free and let him proselityze a few Israeli soldiers!
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