Israel still top recipient of US foreign aid
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 08.02.07, 07:24
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1. This is bad for both countries
Jeff ,   Tel Aviv   (02.08.07)
Israel should be independent, and U.S. taxpayers shouldn't be paying for things that don't benefit them.
2. 63.6 million is 63.6 million too much.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (02.08.07)
3. Jews will depend on G-d, not the USA, soon, very soon
Levi Krol ,   Beit Shemesh   (02.08.07)
Every Jew believes in G-d, and soon, more Israelis will draw closer to Him and trust Him in a way to let go of the dependancy on the USA. If not on our own doing, then by G-d's hand directly will the covenant become obvious to the whole world. Moshiach is here and just waiting for us to do what we have been told to do for centuries by G-d Himself, and that is to follow with our souls and hands in what we do and believe.
4. Israel is NOT the Recipient of the Most Aid
David ,   Philadelphia, PA   (02.08.07)
The recipient of the most aid is clearly Iraq, which is the beneficiary of *tens* of billions of U.S. dollars per year. Why is the fact that Iraq is the target of so much U.S. spending ignored? So, now we have Arab countries being the first and third highest recipients of U.S. aid. Bias towards Israel? No way!
5. Add Iraq War cost to the tally
sandy ,   US   (02.09.07)
If it weren't for the jewish 'leaders' pushing there wouldn't be an Iraq war. Add the money going to Lebanon (Israel destroyed) and all the hush money to 'friendly' Arabs. And if there is a war with Iran, that's on your neck too. I don't know any american who feels 'threatened' by Iran.
6. Israel does not need the aid
Yakov ,   USA   (02.09.07)
Considering how well Israel is doing economically, it is ridiculous to give Israel 2.4 billion dollars. Israel should also show that it does not need it and can stand on its own foot. Similarly, Egypt does not need it too. Such an aid for a country of about 6 million is not fair to countries that are doing so badly.
7.  #5 I am an American
Hebrew girl ,   USA   (02.09.07)
and I feel totally threatened by Iran. All Americans should feel threatened and those who don't are living in their own little dream world. Akhmedinajab (or whatever his name is) wants to destroy America just as much as Israel. Wake up!
8. be wary of taking money from foreign country
Diamond Joseph ,   Australia   (02.09.07)
by accepting money in exchange you are accepting a lot more then meets the eye. They now have a certain power over you telling you what you should and shouldn't do. As much of a nice suplament as 2.4 Billion USD to Military spending is the people have to weigh is it really worth it. Having certain strings attached could limit Israel's freedom on foreign policy and start leading them down the wrong roadmap of giving away more lands and useless peace which can end up costing a lot more then 2.4 Billion USD. If US wants to help Israeli economy with NO strings attached. Then they should purchase Israeli made goods, technology, services etc. The effect will trickle down all over Israel and it isn't viewed as charity.
9. To #5
jul   (02.09.07)
Dear Sandy: Do you really believe that your playstation 3 was bought by money generated by the talent of an incredibly gifted, humane and free nation? You don't seem to understand the basic fact that tens of milions of American jobs, most probably your own job, DEPEND on war, including our's.
10. #1, Both Countries
Tom ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.09.07)
It is arguable that a democratic, friendly presence in the Middle East does benefit the United States (and the rest of the free world).
11. #1
J ,   Seattle, WA   (02.09.07)
Though what you say is undoubtedly true, the fact is that the US aid is overwhelmingly military at this point. As this US military aid is indispensable, there really isn't an option of ending it anytime soon, though I do generally agree with the spirit of your post, this is the practical REALITY, at least for now
12. Self-Serving Aid
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. USA   (02.09.07)
Oh please, give me a break. Most of the foreign aid is in military credits, meaning, Israel must use the funds to purchase arms for US. Very little in fact consists of outright grants. Most aid (charity) given to Israel, comes from private sources, not tax dollars. This military aid allows Israel to keep it's technical edge over the vast Arab armies surrounding it. The US has alterior motives, it is not just doing this to aid the Jews. A strong Israel is good for US, a weak Israel would invite disaster to itself, as well as oil supplies to the West. Some have decried aid to Israel, but remember, it all goes back to our defense companies.
13. No. 5 Sandy
NYC Girl   (02.09.07)
If you don't know "any American who feels threatened by Iran," you must be living in a parallel universe. There are plenty of people in this country who are scared shitless of that psycho in Teheran...and most of the ones I know aren't Jews.
14. Foreign Aid
Renee, NYC   (02.09.07)
What most people don't realize is that America's largest expenditure to foreign countries isn't even designated in the foreign aid budget. The most money is spent on the defense of countries in Southeast Asia like Japan, but because it's part of the defense budget, people don't get their knickers in a twist although it far surpasses anything given to Israel by tens of billions of dollars. In fact, there was a Senator who suggested that the money we give to Israel be transferred to the defense budget since that's what most of it goes for.
15. American investment not "aid"
Dan ,   Israel   (02.09.07)
The mythological American "aid" constitutes only 1.6 % of Israel's total GDP. The "aid" which creates bad PR should be abandoned since Israel won't need it very soon. The civilian "aid" will end in 2008 whereas the American military investment in Israel of USD 2.4 billion will continue for some time. This should be compared to almost USD 23 billion of foreign investments that the Israeli economy managed to attract in 2006. IDF is an excellent investment for the Americans that for only a tiny fraction of the cost in Iraq get a quiet Eastern Mediterraean.
16. American"aid"
Dr.Joji Cherian ,   Aluva india   (02.10.07)
It is not aid. It is extortion. The Jewish lobby decides the quantam Bush abd Congress aproves.
17. $3 billion for Israel and a finger for Africa
Marko ,   Chicago   (02.10.07)
this aid is just a nice dessert after a meal for israelis. there are plenty of countries who cannot get bread at all let alone a dinner (figuratively speaking...) israeli economy and people are doing very well, all this money should go to Africa and very poor Asian countries. it could mean a lot to them.
18. This is a reply to those who keep saying that Palestinians
comsuned a lot of aid for no purpose. It is clear that Israel has had much more aid. Of course, not to forget the technological aid, and the access to sensitive information in the U.S. major industries.
19. Your partially correct #3
Shiloh ,   Israel   (02.10.07)
We are to do G-d's will, but that is not 'religion'. The Mashiakh is not waiting for more to be religious, G-d forbid, but maybe to treat each other with respect and dignity. Maybe that is what we missed with the man made invention of religion. Maybe going back to the 10 sayings, and ignore the rabbi's would begin to change the world. Maybe being glatt kosher has zero to do with anything except for inflating one's ego and thinking how holy they are. That reminds me of the story of the pig in the Talmud, saying 'look, I am kosher". If you don't know the story, go read it. Making a Jew do tricks as prescribed by erev rav does nothing to change this world, nor the world to come.It only inflates ones ego, which is the same as the Satan. G-d needs nothing of us, but to treat His creation correctly, not making an idol of it. We Jews need to return to that, and we would see radicalism dissapear in the world and bring the reality of heaven to earth, where it belongs, not when, G-d forbid a person dies. That's garbage. The Mashiakh also is waiting for haShem to make a move, this way it is not of man, like the many false ones of yesterday.
20. U.S. Financial Aid To Israel: Figures, Facts, and Impact
Mark steinberg ,   NYC   (03.02.07)
Summary Benefits to Israel of U.S. Aid Since 1949 (As of November 1, 1997) Foreign Aid Grants and Loans $74,157,600,000 Other U.S. Aid (12.2% of Foreign Aid) $9,047,227,200 Interest to Israel from Advanced Payments $1,650,000,000 Grand Total $84,854,827,200 Total Benefits per Israeli $14,630 Cost to U.S. Taxpayers of U.S. Aid to Israel Grand Total $84,854,827,200 Interest Costs Borne by U.S. $49,936,680,000 Total Cost to U.S. Taxpayers $134,791,507,200 Total Taxpayer Cost per Israeli $23,240
21. foreign aid
dave ewan ,   wareham , ma   (01.23.08)
the only aid we should be giving is material items for civilian use and food. and the money spent should go into US companies to provide the items and delivery. we don't help very many of the people who really need it.
22. Semantics
Ash ,   Durham, NC   (04.09.08)
What we're doing to Iraq doesn't count as aid. It would be hard to find more than a few Iraqi people outside of a national guard commercial that think we're "helping." Iraq doesnt relate to foreign aid, that goes into the "defense" category, no matter what the money is actually doing when it gets there.
23. Thank you #22!
Joe ,   Billings, Montana   (04.13.08)
#22: You are absolutely correct- thanks for pointing it out! I'd like to add that most of the money flowing into Iraq goes to the American troops and their missions. I hardly think anyone would consider funding an occupying force to move about your country aid. Also, the money that goes to Iraq is being used to do things like repair buildings that we blew up in the bombings.
24. Respons to comment #17
Donald King ,   Upper Sandusky - USA   (04.15.08)
Many of those in th4e African nations would not be going hungry if they would cease killing one another long enough to produce food for their tables. For the most part, they have the resources and the manpower to accomplish this.
25. foriegn aid
hymie stienwiessberg ,   tel aviv, israel   (08.07.08)
i being a complete jew, am completely overwelmed.Im in the belief that any country that has night clubs, mcdonalds and pizza hut such as ours (isreal may YAHWEH protect her ) should not be recieving a shekel from anybody. that money should be given to the palestinians who can barely afford to eat much less work and travel in freedom with so many IDF tanks and soldiers holding them hostage. I am jewish and ashamed of our government for the way they are treating the palestinians.
26. America should take care of its own problems first
Hamish McFerdien ,   Glasgow   (09.25.08)
They just keep printing fiat/fake money and are inflating not only the USA into the pit but the whole world with them.
27. Bunnie Meyer
Goldstein ,   Warsaw, Poland   (01.21.09)
63.6 million bucks to keep the victims of Israeli oppression quiet. It's shush money, nothing more, nothing less.
28. RE: I am an American
Goldstein ,   Warsaw, Poland   (01.21.09)
Hebrew girl, You know, for someone who hates and fears someone so much, maybe you could learn to spell his name?
29. To "Hymie Stienweissberg". # 25
Baruch Hoffman ,   Fairfield, CT., USA   (02.24.09)
With "complete Jews" like you, who needs Hamas ? !
30. Try $13 billion
David Mann ,   Jersey City   (07.02.09)
Its not just the $3 billion in aid Israel receives - don't forget the $10 billion in loan guarantees!
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