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Wiesenthal Center denounces ‘Nazi-like depiction of Jews’ in book
Published: 08.02.07, 10:10
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1. No success? They own every dry cleaners and donut shop in US
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica,CA USA   (02.08.07)
2. Koran author anti-Semitic
Sjaan Krijshaan ,   Utrecht, Netherlands   (02.08.07)
3. to #2.
human ,   usa   (02.08.07)
You should be greatful to Koran author. He created you.
4. Korean Churches of Christ and Emmunah
Ray_Lamb ,   Clarksville, TN   (02.08.07)
Messianic salvation is extremely attractive to the Korean people who work so hard and sacrifice so much in their day to day lives. The relief they receive in Church is coupled with the "infallible" doctrine that power hungry envious Jews were complicit in the murder of their Christ, who is regarded as only and absolute vehicle of salvation and rescue from this horrid Earth. Reaching any indoctrinated Korean is the greatest challenge of this time. The simple premise "that which makes us similar exceeds that which sets us apart" will always be complicated by events recorded in sacred texts. In South Korea about the only religious symbols you see are Buddhist and Hindu Swastikas and Christian Crosses. In America the uniquely Korean branched churches of the various Protestant denominations are extremely prolific and involved with Government and community. In short the challenges are great but not insurmountable perhaps in time the “Olive Branch” of good will, trust and understanding will be received “Im Yertseh HaShem”
5. responds to #3----human usa
jan ,   usa   (02.08.07)
Hashem said " I am the Lord your G-D, you shall have NO other G-D's before me. Nowhere did he say " And oh by the way, I have a very full schedule all the time so I incorporated allah into the kingdom to help take some of the load off of me".
6. to Human
Pierre ,   Canada   (02.08.07)
I think #2 meant Korean, not Koran, otherwise his comment does not make sense in this section. And yes, The Almighty is the creator of all life. So let us not insult Him by destroying life. Amen.
7. 6
truth strikes again   (02.09.07)
no, i think he meant koran. the implication is that the author is allah and allah is G-d ergo... he was trying to be clever, i believe...
8. The full translation
Joe Mondello ,   Bucheon, S. Korea   (02.09.07)
I'm translating the entire chapter of the book that deals with Jews at the moment. You can read it at
9. where are your diplomats?
seouldout ,   korea   (02.09.07)
I've lived here since late '87 and anti-Semitism is alive and well here. This book, one of the most popular series for the kids of Korea, is just a primer. Israel established diplomatic relations with Korea in the mid 90's, so there is no excuse for this festering for so long. What are the diplomats doing? Is Korea considered an easy assignment that doesn't require them to leave the office? Are any of them proficient in the language?
10. I did not misspell Koran
Sjaan Krijshaan ,   Utrecht, Netherlands   (02.09.07)
I did not misspell Koran. I invite you to read the koran and see what it says about Jews. Then your conclusion will be that the koran is an anti-Semitic book. The reason is clear: The One and only living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel, the God of the Bible is not the same as Allah, the pagan god of the Muslims . . .
11. to: Sjaan Krijshaan, my apologies
Pierre ,   Canada   (02.10.07)
I only assumed an error since Koran and Korean are very similar in writing. I apologize if I caused you any pains. Sorry or my english, since I'm french speaking. Pierre
12. Karel Sedlacek
fred wilson ,   UK   (11.01.07)
I am researching Karel Sedlacek who was Czechoslovakian. during the war years he was an agent for the Czechs, British,and maybe the Russians ?does anyone know if Sedlacek is a Jewish name. Thanks Fred Wilson
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