Worldwide events mark ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’
Moran Rada
Published: 09.02.07, 03:15
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1. make sure that Al-Jimmil Carter is #1 speaker!!!!
jan ,   usa   (02.09.07)
andrew ,   miami,fl   (02.09.07)
3. thank you ..............
oink oink ,   Al - Hazira   (02.09.07)
Livni Olmert Perets Peres Beilin Shulamit Aloni Rabin of course Ynet of course ect, ect for making this wonderful wordwide event possible
4. Apartheid week
Sam ,   Canada   (02.09.07)
Just a continuation of the Palestinian 3-pronged attack. 1) defeat Israel by war 2)defeat Israel by demographics (unlimited right of return) 3) defeat Israel by international pressure (apartheid analogy. Israel is not that weak and the world is not that dumb
5. Zahalka dream is to see all Israeli's pushed into the SEA!
joe   (02.09.07)
6. why dosn't say about suicide bombers?
jason ,   usa   (02.09.07)
oh. wait
7. arab propaganda disguised as speech
v n.y. ,   israel/boston   (02.09.07)
mr. netanyahu was to speak at concordia university in montreal some years ago. you should have seen the muslim palestinian students demonstration. so much so that they actually made it impossible for mr. netanyahu to speak. i only wish the jewish students and all israelis living in montreal....and there are thousands, would demonstrate loud and clear against this arab mk so that he also won't be able to have his so called lecture and speech publicised and heard. but jews are not violent and their demonstrations do not come close to those of the arab muslims. pity that. we should learn from these imbecils and create a wonderful pro israeli propaganda ourselves. if we are not for ourselves, who would be for us????
8. Apartheid? What a crock of s***!
Apartheid my @ss ,   USA   (02.09.07)
Muslims don't let non-Muslims into Mecca. Isn't that Apartheid? Muslims expelled Jews from their territories 40 years ago. Isn't that Apartheid? Jews are not allowed to worship on the Temple Mount. Isn't that Apartheid? Muslims LOVE Apartheid. It is their favorite word and concept to exploit.
9. Equality
Dan ,   Montreal,Canada   (02.09.07)
How many Jews are members of Parliment in Arab countries? What rights do Jews have in your "free" and "equal" Arab states?
10. Just because the arabs live in squalor...
Micha   (02.09.07)
does not mean that Israel practices the same enslavement practices as was the case in South Africa. Look in Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan...and on and on and you'll see similar squalor. Are those Apartheid or just shitty places? I think the latter. Look at the poor conditions, the uneducation and miseducation of the peoples, the squalor, the filth...those are the product of a racist society bent on the destruction of the world. This is not Israel's problem. This is the problem of the arab world. Fix your own damn messes. Stop laying the blame at the feet of the Jews. You people are truly disgusting.
11. #8.. you frogot
jason ,   usa   (02.09.07)
1.darfur 2.anti-semtiism in Muslims countries(getting worse EVERY day) 3, PA teaching their kids NOT to have peace 4. they ( the PA ) refused in the past for just the west bank and Gaza and also declarded for Israel to be destroyed 5.READ HAMAS CHARTER 7.If People want Gaza and the west bank back and say " We would liberate Palestine from the Sea to the river" Isn't going to help.. at all 8, stop promoting martydom(like THAT is going to happen) 9. the "Apartheid wall" is for keeping terrorists from attacking israe and sending suicide bombers and kill everyone thats an Israeli (or someone Jewish) 10, Cooperation with the PA and Israeli government is a good step but.. the whole " we want to kill you" is kinda... you know. stoping it for some obvious reasons
12. Israel is a state of Apartheid
David L.   (02.09.07)
Apartheid is interpreted readily as a bad thing since it refers to the situation that prevailed in South Africa. But Israel is really an Apartheid state. This is its very nature. It's a state by jews, and for jews. The least Israelis can do is aknowledge that. One might think it's a good thing, anotyher might think it's not, but it is undeniable that Apartheid between jews and arabs is one of the fundamental root of Israel.
13. Expect Peretz to make him a minister.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (02.09.07)
14. Tell MK Zahalka he going to a ture Apartheid state
Andrew ,   Canada   (02.09.07)
Someone should tell him that he is going to "ture Apartheid state" Canada, and so are most of Americas is stolen land. The British, French, and the Spanish took it by force and wipe out most of the Native population when they were their establishing Empires in the Americas. They colonize it and brought Europeans to settle the and then Europeans declared independent States on Native land. Canada does have a system of segregation currenty in place between natives and non native they are called reservations and this system is Apartheid in it's true form.
15. parl immunity should be removed, should be tried, shot
dante ,   uk   (02.09.07)
this is an enemy of the State. his parliamentary immunity should be ended. he should be removed from the parliament. he should be tried and shot. but the fools and enemies in the Israeli government believe that Israeli democracy requires suicide. they would rather defend an animal like this than protect their own people.
16. ?????
arab freedom of speech=arab freedom to lie!
Khalid   (02.09.07)
F*ck yes it's worse than apartheid IN GAZA AND THE WEST BANK for the many of you who commented saying that there was no apartheid in ISRAEL, which isn't what Zahalka is arguing. Go to Ramallah or Khaleel and try not calling it apartheid.
18. Calling sanctions on his own country?
freejay ,   Israel   (02.09.07)
Isnt this an act of treason that an MK is trying to destroy Israel? Why wont our stupid government arrest these arab traitors that want to see us wiped out and visit our enemies? Deport them all and bar them from Israel forever!!!!!!!
19. to #12 David
jul   (02.09.07)
Dear David: Most countries of the world have state and religion fused together. In Argentina for example, you are not allowed to become president unless you are Roman Catholic. From here to aparthaid there is a long way to go.
20. #17 Khaled
jul   (02.09.07)
Dear Khalid: blame your terrorist islamofascist leaders for your own suffering! We (Jews) will continue protecting our children from them, at any price, even at the price of your suffering.
21. Whats wrong with apartheid ?
Doron Katz ,   Sydney AU   (02.09.07)
Its a legitimate form of segregation, just as Muslims do with women, or people in Yugoslavia do now. Separation based on cultural, racial or gender differences. Apartheid in any case cannot be compared to Israel's case because Gaza/WB are not part of Israel, and apartheid is internal by definition.
22. Apartheid state? More lies and distortions
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (02.09.07)
from a hypocrite and a traitor. Only in this 'sh**** little country' (as an anti-Israeli French diplomat called it ,for the wrong reasons) does a government let a representative of the country's enemies hold a place in its parliament. Talking of apartheid, any Jew wandering into areas of the Palestinian Authority is unlikely to come out alive - lynching and mutilation of Jews is a popular sport. Arab states are basically judenrein, even the 'moderate' ones such as Jordan.
23. I can't believe we Israelis
shpongo   (02.09.07)
can fall so LOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW to have such a creep for MK Where are Kahana's people?? Barred ????? Any sense here ?!
24. Our Patriotic Arab MK's At Work.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.09.07)
Working tirelessly to destroy the country that pays their salaries. How long we before we throw these jerks out of the Knesset?
25. Another reason for not allowing
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.09.07)
someone who did not serve in the I.D.F. to sit in the knesset..Or to be in government service. Whatever this may cost Israel economically,the arab sector should pay.They should have govt funds cut off to their municipalities as well as govt services.
26. more terror-speak
alan ,   kodiak, alaska   (02.09.07)
First, it is a testiment to Israeli democracy that rediculous and seditous statements can be expressed in public freely. Second the statements are rediculous on its face. The seperation came into existence after a period of peaceful and prosperous coexistence which ended when arafat arrived back in the 90s--- In other words, it ended when Arafat gave a wink and a nod to terrorism. Check points exist in Bagdad too. They exist to catch the bad guys who blow up innocent civilians. Fences exist in Spain and Saudi Arabia and the US. A nation has a right to prevent infiltration of its borders. Historically, no nation that has such divisive ethnic groups in its midst has been able to survive without a win or loose war or a complete seperation of populations-- ie the former Yugoslavia, Alsace, and many more. A good border in my view would be the Jordan River. That would unite the population of Jordan ( mostly from Palestine) with the Palestineans into one cohesive state. And leave Jews West of the Jordan. Fair compensations could be given.
27. Rest ofthe weeks world 2mark "Palestinian Terrorism Weeks"
KMR ,   Middle East   (02.09.07)
28. His salary comes from Israeli taxpayers
Beth Landau ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.09.07)
It is really difficult to understand how parliamentarians who betray their own country are able to run for public office, let alone receive a salary courtesy of Israeli taxpayers. Talk about biting the very hand that feeds them, tsk tsk tsk.
29. Democratically Elected Arab complains about Apartheid?
Al Lawrence ,   Israel   (02.09.07)
Isn't this a contradiction? When will the West see the lies of these demagogues living on Israeli's taxpayer's money while stabbing and terrorizing them on a daily basis? Does ANYONE believe that this would be possible in an Aparthheid society? The shame is on organizations and conferences who tolerate and encourage these scourges of society to bring their anti-Semitic lies in public and amplify them beyond their insignificance.
30. Anyone Still Think That They're NOT A 5th Column?
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (02.09.07)
If so, then seek help.
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