Worldwide events mark ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’
Moran Rada
Published: 09.02.07, 03:15
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61. bar zahalka's return into israel
eliezer ,   new york   (02.09.07)
62. #59 Persian CAT
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.09.07)
Funny stuff coming from Iran!!!
63. Israel needs a lot MKs like this
John ,   Denver, US   (02.09.07)
To put an end to the racist system employed in Israel on both sides of the mythical "Green line." It is about time to lay to rest the racist "dream" of ethnic separatism ("two-state solution") in favor of one democratic secular state for all its people. One State Online Bibliography in English: or John
64. An apartheid state alow a palestinian to be at knesset?
Ben ,   Montreal, canada   (02.09.07)
the only presence of MK Jamal Zahalka at Knesset prove that Israel is a democratic state. And, if this MK belivieve in democratie then he should spend 100% of his time to convince hamas to accept israel existance.
65. Apartaid
Hilda ,   USA   (02.09.07)
Make sure this Knesset never returns to Israel. If he is so positive that Israel is apartaid, let him go to Gaza. He does not deserve to be in an Israeli parliament.
66. apartheid
hk   (02.10.07)
The Arabs will never accept you Israelis. You are stupid enough to let them into your Knesset , all they do is ferment unrest . In my opinion they all should leave your country and go Jordan , even if you have to pay them to go. At least you will have gotten rid of a fifth column.
67. deport this guy on robin island.
nelson vorster   (02.10.07)
68. Israeli Apartheid Week
Eyes Open ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.10.07)
Check here for activities in Canada, UK and New York.
69. isaac
darryl ,   israel   (02.10.07)
you know what isaac i felt sick when i read your talkback it took me back to the days when i used to watch the police from my flat in hillbrow pick up the black prostitute rape them in the back of their van and then arrest them for soliciting what kind of security is that are the blacks not human???? i guess you dont think so as long as youre all right jack at least at the end of apartheid the blacks got their dignity back i left south africa because of the apartheid why did you leave? i think because or your fear of the retaliation
70. To everyone
charles ,   petach tikva   (02.11.07)
I also dislike this man , but what ? we know him and his friends from those two arab paries . He can talk as much he wants , by simply being a Knesset member he illustrates how wrong all those who call Israel an "apartheid" are , and , a contrario , how democratic Israel is . So let him talk , talk and talk . In French there is a proverb : les chiens aboient , la caravane passe . [ the dogs are barking , the caravan goes on ]
71. John of Denver
charles ,   petach tikva   (02.11.07)
You talk about things you are not aware of . You certainly never have been here . You certainly did'nt see any Muslim living here , or anywhere in the world . Where i live , i meet regularly Muslim women , men , familys . They do their shopping here , they enjoy life , they are not looking as persecuted people , they are looking very happy . And that's not apartheid , they can use the same buses , go to the same health funds , the same doctors , hospitals . They have the same rights as all other Israelis . Not the same obligations , they have not to go to the army , and that's the only difference . There is even an Arab cabinet minister . Secondly , Israel was created as a state for Jews . Not a binational one . We do not want to live in a Muslim controlled one , many Israelis have fled from such a country , and that's not to live in another one .
72. Israel - Religions/Ethnicity Diverse
Roberta E. Dzubow ,   Phila. Pa USA   (02.11.07)
It is a sad joke that the Arab World which separates all peoples into "believers and nonbelievers" calls Israel an Apartheid state. Almost all Arab lands are "Jew-free" and "Christian-free" - or any few are "dhimmi" (lesser). It is the Arab world, with its slavery and theocracy that is guilty of apartheid. If the Arabs didn't have oil money they'd not be believed - $ buys friends.
73. I lived in a different S A Daryll
Isaac Rubin ,   Israel   (02.12.07)
As you did Daryll I lived in Hillbrow and I never saw a police man rape a black prostitute. As far as I can remember it was illegal for you I and the police man to have sex with a black person. The laws of apartheid did not give the police those powers. I never denied that the system was abused but any system is open to abuse. In every country you get police abuse to some extent that does not mean that all police are bad or corupt. I left S A because I am a Jew to live in the country of my forefathers amongst my own people . When I left S A I had no ill fealing towards any South African ( black white Afrikaaner or other) I wanted to form a family amongst Jews. When I left S A I never imagined how things would deteriorate but I know that I am content living in Israel because I found what is importend to me. Why have you not gone back to S A you have the democratic leadership you dreamed of and you won't see the police rapeing a black woman in Hillbrow. Infact you won't see the police or a white man in Hillbrow. I am not brave enough to go to Hillbrow. You speak if the black mans dignity. Ask the over 50% unemployed how dignified they feel begging on the streets. I have refrained from calling you a "kaffer-boetie" or insulting you personaly. I have disagreed with opinions but I hope that I have shown you respect and even if I disagree with your point of view I respect your right to have it. You have not shown me the same respect.
74. #68, eyes open but nobody home...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.14.07)
Why don't you stop picking on Israel and start picking on countries that really abuse human rights. Iran, N. Korea, Sudan etc. People in these countries are executed publicly all the time for minor crimes. Terror runs rampent in Africa, but you say nothing of this. People like you who defend a culture of hate and terror are bad for this world. Start opening your eyes to the real "bad" people. Leave Israel, the most modern and free state in the ME, alone.
75. Sure thing.
Micha   (02.21.07)
Syria---terrorist/occupying state. Iran--terrorist/occupying state. Saudi Arabia--human rights offending/terrorsit/occupying state. Sudan---apartheid/terrorist state. Egypt--oppressive/apartheid occupying state. Want more you idiots??? The Jews never get a break, are always hounded by those who want them dead. You people are disgusting. Go look in your souls. Your narcissism blinds you. Your hate blinds you. You were taught to hate. It's obvious.
76. would he want sanctions if his sallery was cut
zionist forever   (02.21.07)
Tell him that as soon as the sanctions are brought in an effort to cut the costs and balance the budget the first thing to be cut will be the salleries for arab in the knesset .. the arabs encouraged the sanctions so its only fair the arabs pay their fair share to help balance the books. I wonder if he would be so keen for sanctions then.
77. israel apartheid week
leora ,   ny, usa   (02.06.08)
I think its funny how an Arab-Israeli MK has the ability to speak his opinion freely against Israel, knowing his life is not in danger, and still call it an apartheid. I also think its funny because, with the current definitions of apartheid are complete and definite separation from one population to another. This means that if Israel was really a country that practiced apartheid, there would not be Palestinians on BOTH sides of the fence. Israel would be on one side, Palestinians, the other.
78. As a South African
Yair ,   South Africa   (02.26.08)
As a South African, I can tell you that this guy, and his cronies, are full of lies. If only the South African apartheid had been as good as life is for Israeli Arabs or 'Palestinians'. As mentioned by others, the sheer chutzpah that the guy has to stand up and say this, as an Arab Israeli MK, boggles the mind. The blacks of apartheid South Africa could only remotely dream of one day being represented in Parliament... with full freedom of speech, as is clearly the case in Israel... The sad part is that thousands (millions) of people will believe him. Our enemies are well-practiced at the art of lying. They do it very well...
79. Have any of you ever been east of the Green Line?
Jim ,   NYC, NY, USA   (02.27.08)
I tend to think it's better to see what life is like for people before deciding whether their complaints are justified. The thing that sucks most is that both sides have such rotten leaders.
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