Researcher says found location of the Holy Temple
Published: 09.02.07, 09:01
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1. In my Website for years (fm Dr. Asher S. Kaufman, 1980)
Paqid 16 Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.09.07)
Published in Biblical Archeology Review (1983.03). See drawing at: Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming Jews & non-Jews
2. Warning All Jews #1 is a Missionary
3. KOL HAKAVOD Professor Patrich
HAPPY REUVEN ,   USA   (02.10.07)
4. This is the clear unanounced purpose of the excavations.
Palestinian   (02.10.07)
It is not about repairs as the Israeli authoroties claim. It is about more dangerous stuff. It is about erasing all Islamic Symbols of Jerusalem. It is about Judacizing the city!
5. Your proof, number four? Typical Palestinian lies.
Scott ,   USA   (02.10.07)
This has been going on since the 1920's -- Palestinian fascists need to stir up the masses, they accuse the Jews of designs on the Temple Mount. Only a jerk would believe them any more.
6. Mohammed was never in Jerusalem!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (02.10.07)
At first he told his followers to pray towards Jerusalem in order to get Jewish converts to the new cult. When the Jews rejected him, he changed the direction of prayer towards Mecca. The story about him and his horse is a myth, a false interpretation of something written in the Quran. Jerualem is truly holy only for the Jewish people!
7. #4
R. Alkalai ,   USA   (02.10.07)
Israel has never " erased" or attempted to erase any Moslem artifacts. However, Moslems destroy Jewish artifacts and religious sites all the time- and those of other beliefs as well. So cut the crap. As for "Judacizing" the city. It already is- and lways has been. You and your people are attempting to be masters in someone else's house. It is time for you to go.
8. Number 6, what about Moses? Did he ever set a foot there?
9. To: #6
R.Alkalai ,   USA   (02.10.07)
Moses was not the only Jew. Aaron, and Joshua, along with Moses's family took the Hebrew tribes back into Israel, long before Islam ever existed- literally, thousands of years. The Jewish people's calendar is close to 6,000 years old. Our history and ownership of that land is well documented, and the archeological artifacts- all confirmed by scholars worldwide (including carbon 14 dating) speak for themselves. You cannot change history- you cannot change the reality of what was, and is. And this is WHY you fear when the Jews dig. The truth is the truth.
10. Chaya, I love your talkback!
enzo ,   london,uk   (02.10.07)
11. 8# And how does Moses relate to this -no name ?
gabriela ben ari   (02.11.07)
12. Researcher says found location of the Holy Temple
Walter F ,   USA   (02.11.07)
Moses did not go into the promised land but he did send Joshua with the remant . This is a great and wondrous find and I believe will be key to the building of the third temple in the near future. SHA-ALU SHALOM YIRUSHALAYIM
13. How does Prof Patrich Take Credit for long published "find"?
Paqid 16 Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.11.07)
How is your "finding" different from that published by Dr. Asher S. Kaufman in 1980? From that published in Biblical Archeology Review (1983.03)? From that published in our website for several years? - see drawing at: Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming Jews & non-Jews
14. to # 9 decieptful nice try
mazen ,   nablus   (02.11.07)
If u think history is 100% in ur favor, then why did israel always REFUSE resorting to OBJECTIVE HISTORICLA MEDIATION OR JUDICATION? since it was founded, including recently in the international court of justice??? let's resort to honest historians we can agree to chose and let the chips fall where they may. But israel's motto since 1948 is "Might is Right" so that's u're criteria and that's how the conflict will be delegated. As for history, jews or "hebrews" no question existed at some point in palastine, but dating their history to islam is decietful, instead u should compare them to the ancestors of ARABS like the Cannan's, if u want to despute that, my answer is who's to proof to me that YOU'RE the decendant of moses throughout the undocumented history of diaspora & extreme ethnic dilution with the yedish, just cause u're jewish? well judaism is a FAITH u acquire despite ur race or geographical origin, not a race, iam not saying all israel's are not true jews, but certainly many of them are NOT, certainly the Eshkenaz are debatable. Compare ur origins to yebosians (original builders of jerusalem) and many other cultures. and if u're honest u'll conclude that palastinians have major rights in palastine AS WELL, NOT INSTEAD, and to deprive refugees from returning while a prostitute from russia, may not be even jewish just lookng for better work can get the israelis citizenship the minute she steps foot in ben gorian airport is the epidemy of apartheid/racism.
15. #14 - Anachronism and Apples versus Oranges
Paqid 16 Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.11.07)
You are correct that each legitimate member of Israel is defined by the berit of Torah, not genetics. You're also correct that Leftist secularists have unjustly brought in many non-Jews because of their loathing of Torah, but you cannot reasonably argue that the people of Israel aren't the offspring of Avraham, Yitzkhaq and Yaaqov-Yisraeil. Reputable historians would laugh at you like they laugh at Haman-dinejad and Arafat. So I'm not simply attacking everything you say. On the other hand, Israel-Hebrews and the Tribe of Yehudah (Jews) pre-dates "Palestine" by more than two millennia (ca. BCE 1921 to 135 CE). Compiled Torah pre-dates Islam by more than two millennia (ca, BCE 1467 to 622 CE) - and developing Torah, or proto-Torah, among the Twelve Tribes of Yisraeil prior to Har Sinai adds several centuries more. Benei Yisrael totally absorbed the Kenaanim (Canaanites, including the Yebusim). Thus, the only indigenous inhabitants of this holy land today is Benei Yisraeil. Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming Jews & non-Jews
16. #1 A technical recommendation
Logic ,   Israel   (02.11.07)
The words on your map are very hard to read. It has a blue letters on top of a blue background. You need to improve the contrast.
17. #16 Logic
Paqid 16 Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.11.07)
I agree. Thanks for the tip. The maps are taken from BAR, whom I've credited in the page. Although I added a couple of helpful labels (and translated some others into Hebrew), I'm reluctant to do much changing of their work. Perhaps I can adjust the contrast though. I'll give it a try in the next few days. Thanks again. Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming Jews & non-Jews
18. Good news
Damir ,   Russia   (02.11.07)
19. history is not her story
walking into the future by looking backwards?
20. Say Anything
T. A. Adams   (02.11.07)
People will say anything in the never ending attempt to get the Israelis to accept something other than what is rightfully theirs. Patrich knows full well that despite his claims that this is “purely academic” it will be hailed and used by the Arabs as yet more proof that their dome should remain and they will use it to foment more unjustifiable violence against Israel in their never ending attempt to force Israel to accept the dust around the original temple, which they (Arabs) have all but totally destroyed. But, it doesn't matter, because prophecy will not be changed no matter how many Patrichs or Arabs attempt to change it.
21. Arabs/Canaanites
LP ,   Pittsburgh, USA   (02.11.07)
Arabs are Semites, meaning descendants of Shem, like Jews. They have nothing to do with Canaanites, who are descendents of Cham, a different one of Noah's sons. Secondly, there is genetic proof through DNA that the traditions of Jewish lineage are accurate. Finally, the "might is right" people are the Muslims -- as evidenced by the fact that they expelled all the Jews living in Arab countries, and united to attack the Jewish State. So...we agree, let's stick to the facts.
22. Giving Israel back what is theirs
Kelly ,   USA   (02.12.07)
The findings of this excavation, does this mean that Israel will now be able to go in and rightfully gain back what is theirs? This meaning the Ark of the Covenant which is thought to be "buried" under the place of the Temple mount? Praise be to God and Peace for Jerusalem!!
23. RE:14
zionist forever   (02.12.07)
Who are the palestians, where is their history prior to 1964 when the PLO was founded? What currency did palestians use, who was your president before Arafat, where are your history books? The jews have a deep history to this land going back thousands of years, there is archological evidence, historical records, names of rulers. As for your refugees somebody born in Nablus since 1948 is not a refugee the decendents of refugees are not refugees themselves. Do you believe the decendents of German jewsish refugees today Gernan refugees? How many refugees are still alive today considering they left nearly 59 years ago the majoirty will be either dead or in their 70's & 80s maybe they can come to Israel to die instead of to have children and affecting Israels jewish majority. Israel like every other indipendent state in the world has the right to decide who it will give citizenship to and if Israeli laws passed by Israeli governments say that a Russian prostitute is allowed to come and become an Israeli citizen but not a palestian that is a law Israel is entitled to make. Face facts your so called refgees are never going to set foot on Israeli soil unless they have a tourists visa. One day if your people end their terror, recognise Israel and negotiate a settlement then you might just get a state to absorb all the arabs who call themselves refugees and to end this fantasy of coming to Israel. Call it apartheid if you want but the fact is no palestians are ever coming to live in Israel if its apartheid then its a form of apartheid that 90% of the Israeli public will allways support.
24. To#14
jul   (02.12.07)
Dear Mazen from Shchem (Nablus): 53% of the arabs currently living in the Land of Israel are descendants of the immigrants that came to this landfrom arabia to prosper aside the Jews that started rebuilding their nation at the begining of the 20th century.
25. #1 Missionary claims to be a Jew, but believes in Jesus
Ron ,   LA   (02.21.07)
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