Iran announces '2000 km range missiles'
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 11.02.07, 15:34
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1. two can play that game
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.11.07)
but the question is: does iran really want to start something it can't finish?
2. So invisible it either doesnt exist...
Russel ,   Tlv   (02.11.07)
or they lost it
3. #1 What are you talking about?
AR ,   USA   (02.11.07)
Please write back because i want to know. As i see it Iran isnt starting anything if making stealth drones is a sign please explain. What do you mean bye two can play at that game? What game? What exactly are you talking about you just typed some words but you didnt say anything.
4. Misleading and deceiving his people.
Stealth Marmot   (02.11.07)
Ahmedinejad pretends to be a leader of a Superpower.Or has Iran bought more from Russia than rockets?But he can never be anything but a warmonger and a criminal.
5. Ten thousands of invisible warriors on you?
Damir ,   Russia   (02.11.07)
Anyone saw one yet? That's how propaganda always works. Seriously, what do you Israelis fear more, Iran or haShem? The G-d is one for all us so in the event He will judge shall Iran have nukes or not, shall they use it or not. Mind you the threat of using nukes is more effective than actual using them. The Cold War is the proof. But basically it is all about fear. Now open your Torah and find in it approproate passage regarding fears. that's what wisdom is.
Mohammed ,   AL MISR (Egypt)   (02.11.07)
7. Invisible drones?? LOL LOL
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (02.11.07)
Next thing you know he'll be talking about 'invisible soldiers!'
8. the shape: jahnun, the material: jahnun result: invisible
stude ham   (02.11.07)
Which excuse was used to camouflage the very public missile tests gone very much fubar. Remember the ones where the missiles instead of going skyward plunged uncontrollably into the persian gulf???
10. With missiles Iranians can try shoot the moon to split !!
KMR ,   Middle East   (02.11.07)
11. 3
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.11.07)
would iran object to israel flying unmanned drones over it's land or interests? if israel were to do that today, would iran see it as a minor incident, or as an act of war? if iran wants to start something like flying stealth drones over other's territory, they must be prepared to have it done to them. and i doubt they would not cry like it's the end ogf the world if it happened to them. what's so hard to understand about that?
12. 6
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.11.07)
ok, iran is a brave country. but that doesn't matter much when they have more stupid than they know what to do with.
13. yes!!!!
Casey ,   Germany   (02.11.07)
cheers for Iran....
14. Mike 11
Libneniyyeh ,   Lebanon   (02.11.07)
What's so hard to understand about Lebanon's outrage at Israeli planes flying over Lebanese territories for almost 30 years now? Maybe you should get a taste of your own medicine.
15. Please, Please Mr Ahamadinejad, Don't Shoot Us, Please!
David ,   Marietta USA   (02.11.07)
We are just poor, scared, humble dhimmis, please, we are on our knees begging you not to shoot us. We will do anything you ask, even walk en mass into the sea. Just please, don't point those missiles at us! Do we have a deal? How many baitzeem does a female foreign minister have?
16. if they do not believe in expansion why are they in .......
Bernard Ross ,   St. Anns Bay Jamaica   (02.11.07)
Iraq, lebanon, etc. This is similar to allow hitler to grow in strength. Destroy Iran while it is still possible.
17. Iran
Ian ,   UK   (02.11.07)
will soon be a parking lot...
18. No threat? Prove it
Damir ,   Russia   (02.11.07)
A Israeli military inspection might be sufficient, I think. The trouble is they might ask to inspect Israel too. What is the answer to that?
19. Not a threat at all...
Ironcandle ,   Atlanta, GA   (02.11.07)
... but we have nuclear enrichment, radar-proof drones, missles that can reach Israel, some more missles that can reach Western Europe, and a bunch more stuff we aren't going to talk about, but we are no threat to anyone!!
20. Now we have a new COLD WAR!
Sheikh yer Bu'Tay   (02.11.07)
Let us all pray it doesn't turn into a hot one!!
21. To all Israel
Sheikh yer Bu'Tay   (02.11.07)
Read the Book of Jerimiah again. This time look into your own hearts. Examine your own personal lives. Repent and prepare for what you know is coming!
22. 14
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (02.11.07)
you should be thanking israel for doing what your own country is unable to do. if you have a problem with israel's overflights, then just let hizbullah have it's way in your back yard and accept the fact that you will have wars with israel because nasrallah has every "right" to do whatever he sees fit, just like last year. what is the reason israel left lebanon alone until attacked last summer? hmmm?
23. To Libneniyyeh, #14
Your neighbor   (02.11.07)
WHY do you think Israel would even bother to fly reconnosance flights over Lebanon if you people didn't ALLOW Hizzbu-allah to ATTACK our cities and NOW RE-ARM!??? You proved by your cowardise to stand up to Nassrallah, the cowardice of cry-baby Sianora to stand up as the sovereign head of your own country and reign him in. You are flown over because you are cowards and wimps and can't even rule yourselves! Outrage of 30 years? YOU PROVED YOURSELVES UNABLE TO RULE YOURSELVES LAST SUMMER!!!
24. Dear Sheikh yer 'Bu'Tay #21
YOU read Jeremiah and see the end of Israel, and then go read Amos and see the end of Iran, Iraq, Damascus (Syria), Egypt, Lebanon Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Palestine., and AGAIN see the end of Israel.
25. Iran
Don ,   Poulsbo, WA. USA   (02.11.07)
"More balls than brains"
26. #24 no name..
Sheikh yer Bu'Tay   (02.11.07)
I am reading them all, thank you. You have missed the point I was trying to make. Jeremiah is a CALL TO REPENTANCE!! REPENT and perhaps God will stop the clamity that lies ahead. Continue on the course as it is now and WE ALL face destruction!
Umm El Kul Naqba   (02.11.07)
Israel needs to send a clear message. The first 2000 Km missile launched against Israel will result in the total destruction of the Al Aqsa mosque. This should neutralize the threats.
28. "...develop our country and remove our problems."
ilana   (02.11.07)
Need we hear more before taking care of business?!!
29. Iran missiles, nukes, fanaticism
Brod ,   USA   (02.11.07)
Iran's chemical brew of missiles, nukes and Islamist-Jihadist fanaticism makes a lethal combination which poses the greatest threat not only to Israel, America and the West but to all humanity. Hence, it is imperative that they be defanged quickly and completely before the world explodes into Armageddon. Unfortunately, the world at large is asleep. Only those who are abreast with world events on a daily basis seem to know what is going on. And if the Democrats still think that talking with Iran and Syria will help stabilize the region, it shows that they are asleep at the wheel and know nothing about what is going on around the world. And their knowledge of Islamist Jihadism is zero. The problem with too many lose canons is that they think simplistic solutions can solve complex problems. They seem to dwell in the world of fantasy and illusion. It is time they come down to Planet Earth and see that the world of Islamist-Jihadism is not as simple as they would like to think. It is a dark world of fanaticism, violence, hate for Jews and Christians, mayhem, destruction and terrorism. They do all these in the name of their god as they always do before they behead their American victims infront of Al Jazeera TV camera. And we know that such a god is an ANTITHESIS to the GOD of the Holy Bible. It is time Westerners know what Islamist-Jihadism is all about it. It is about conquering and dominating the whole NON-Islamist world and imposing their religion, religous laws--sharia and culture on the non-Islamist countries. In the Americas and Europe, they do it by way of Trojan Horse, multiple marriages and population explosions. In Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Kashmir-India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and elsewhere, they do it by way of external aggressions, terrorisms, deceptions, manipulations and interferences.
30. important story
concerned mother ,   Jerusalem   (02.11.07)
people there is a story up that is no longer on the homepage about a baby needing a transplant, with information for donations, just click on 'news', its called 'help me save my son', whoever can help, please do
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