Israel test fires Arrow missile
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 12.02.07, 00:16
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2. Arrow
Meir ,   Arad   (02.11.07)
With the Arrow missile as successful as the Patriot missiles against the incoming Scuds in Israel, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and with defeatist All-merd and moronic Peretz at the helm we have no reason to be joyous. A virtual wall in the sky is not the answer to Iranian aggression, threats.
3. #2 True, but leaders will change, the Arrow will remain
RA   (02.12.07)
There is nothing wrong with having as many layers of defense as you can. My view is: sure the leadership is horrible, but at least there's the Arrow.
4. Don't pull it out unless your going to use it.
Enemy ,   L.A.   (02.12.07)
I am totally against war and I do not disagree with women in the military and I am against genocide but it seems that if you are going to go to war with somebody you have be like the mongols and totally whipe them out.That's a succesfull campaign.Geneva convention only prolongs and agonizes the people and puts them through so much bitter hatred.Not to mention it's a waste of time and money especially when you could be working on your tan.If israel whiped iran of the map it would not be the genocide why because they were the aggressors with their leaders remarks.Most genocides happened to people that were just minding their business not seeking bombs and funding terrorism.Down with geneva convention.
5. NOW...
Steven ,   Brooklyn   (02.12.07)
Now Israel can take out Iran's nuke facilities and not have to worry. Sweet.
6. RA #3 Published August 12, 2004
Meir ,   Arad   (02.12.07)
Please read:
7. Yasher koakh!! (+#2)
Michael Steiner   (02.12.07)
This is good news. I hope Israel's leaders realize the importance of these anti-S2S missiles. After completing the separation barrier we must concentrate on perfecting this syetm in order to be able to withdraw from the territories and not be vulnerable to projectiles that are bound to be fired from there or from elsewhere, for that matter. #2: As for you, what's your answer: invade Iran? Why just Iran? Since everyone hates us (apart from the American chickenhawks who want us to go to war and spill our--not their--blood), why not invade EVERYONE? Sheesh...
DEBRA ,   USA   (02.12.07)
9. Guys, these won't protect us
The Arrow Missile is operated manually. It may be useful in stopping serious threats like a nuclear/chemical/biological warhead, or even a moderate number of conventional missiles, but if Iran fires 500 Missiles at once, then let's face it: The number of patriots and arrows that Israel has isn't going to make a difference. The Iranian missiles will, for the most part, hit their targets. This is a psychological placebo for the people of Israel.
AVRAHAM ,   JERUSALEM   (02.12.07)
Scott   (02.12.07)
They've always got something in favor to say about their fanatic Muslim friends, especially "powerful Iran" and how they have big "surprises" waiting for us. I'd say the way it's going - Iran might get to launch a nuke - only to wear it themselves.
12. RE:2
Zionist forever   (02.12.07)
The patriot missles used in 1991 were not effective because they had originaly been designed to defend from aircraft they were used because there was nothing else. Arrow was spesificly designed to shoot down balistic missles and in the majority of tests it has been succefull and is generations ahead of the patriots used in 1991. There is no such thing as a system thats 100% perfect but its the best thats on the market right and the secret is to stay ahead of the game as new generations of missles are developed then arrow must be upgraded to deal with that threat. I do agreee with you that Peretz is a moron .. I dont think there has ever been a worse defense minister in Israels history.
13. Steiner- "Chickenhawks"?
American Me ,   Los ANgeles   (02.12.07)
a chickenhawk is american slang for someone who preys on children, use your words wisely.
14. #9
Moshe ,   Rockville,MD USA   (02.19.07)
I doubt that Iran has 500 missles to fire at Israel. Besides, even if it had the capability, Israeli nuclear- tipped missles from land-based launches and sea-based from the submarines and aircraft-carried nuclear bombs - would tend to discourage the Iranians.
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