In Tel Aviv they called her 'a stinking Jew'
Yael Branovsky
Published: 12.02.07, 14:41
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1. Expel them NOW!!!
Paolo Ortenzi ,   Rome, Italy   (02.12.07)
Unpatriottic Jews that want "Israel to disappear", Russian immigrates with fake jewish identity and real antisemitic feelings... why did Israel allow them to immigrate? Expel them NOW!!!
2. Deport Them
J K ,   NYC, USA   (02.12.07)
They obviously came here under false pretenses, so if they lied initially, it undermines whatever agreements they came to the state under. As such, their citizenship should be abrogated and they should be shipped by to the Mother Country...Russia.
3. Deportation to home country
Judah ,   Golan Heights,Israel   (02.12.07)
Any non-Jewish Russian or non-Jewish Ethipian immigrant who is convicted of ant-semitism should be deported. If the anti-semite is Jewish then that individual needs to be sent for counseling and ordered to do community work with elderly holocaust survivors. The police must get tough with this!
4. so whos suprised
Yisraeli   (02.12.07)
after our illustrious herzlites imported anyone who cared to get out of there. who cares if they werent jewish they wanted potential voters for the labor party thinking russian communists were most likely to vote for them. now we have this terrible situation.
5. throw the bums out
hondo   (02.12.07)
MARLENE ,   ISRAEL   (02.12.07)
Simple solution, If they hate this country so much and they hate being Jewish send them back to where they came from. Also anyone who is attacked must sue them in court if possible.
7. Out of the frying pan, into the fire
Rem ,   Memphis, USA   (02.12.07)
Yet do people notice that immigrants from the former Soviet Union (and from other places) are being derogated by "native" Israelies, especially the religious.
8.  Current causes of Anti-semitism....
Adam Admati ,   Israel   (02.12.07)
the corrupt and criminal-filled Israeli government, the corrupt and criminal-filled histadrut, the miserable, selfish nature of most Israelis, the rudeness and crudeness of Israelis travelling abroad... all skills learned here, the conning and conniving nature of Israelis doing business, here and outside. AND the millions donated from outside which do not DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY.
9. Boot these mamzerim out of our Moledet!!!
Michael Steiner   (02.12.07)
This scum has no place being in Israel. They were not born here, they are not Jewish and they do not contribute the essential skills to the economy. OUT, OT, OUT! And the idiots at the Sokhnut should be fired, from the very top to the very bottom.
10. Check the Russian immigrants
Allan ,   Ramat Ilan, Israel   (02.12.07)
This is just crazy and proves that some of the Russian immigrants are not Jewish and not deserve to be here and should be kicked out straight away. There needs to be checks carried out on immigrants from other countries so why not these none jews from Russia. Enough, if they cant prove they are Jewish get rid of them. Israel is a Jewish country.
AVRAHAM ,   JERUSALEM   (02.12.07)
12. don't mind the drunk :o)
withheld ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (02.12.07)
Ella don't take it so personal... With comments like: "You Jews destroyed Russia and disturb all the normal people living here”. The joke is on him! He is a drunk, in a Jewish land, now who is the more foolish you or him? :o)
13. Why are Russians allowed into Israel?
Nick ,   London, England   (02.12.07)
I'd love to live in Israel but I can't unless I was Jewish or have an Israeli passport, I have a professional qualification and have never broken the law but you'd rather have these guys. Right then! I'm going to marry a beutiful Israeli girl, or maybe I should just pretend to be Russian lol
14. This is the legacy
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (02.12.07)
of the Law of Return, where non-Jews are welcomed, but truly Jewish-centered converts are not.
15. To clarify
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (02.12.07)
badly described Russian terms for "Jew" , in Russian "Zhid" (Jew) is derogatory, but Yevrei (Hebrew) is not. Thus, when the cretin called the lady "Zhidovka", he was insulting her, but if he had referred to her as "Yevreika" , he would have made a proper address.
16. To all #14 is a lie - all authentic Jewish converts
David ,   Holon, SpringHill,IL   (02.12.07)
are allowed under the right of Return, prove you are Jewish through the agency and you are allowed. So stop spreading lies.
17. Thanks in part to Christians
ER ,   Canada   (02.12.07)
I know of two Christian organizations that search Russia for "Jews" to export to Israel. By the missionaries own admission, they sometimes have to find and persuade underprivileged Russians that they do indeed have some Jewish heritage. Most times the evidence is tenuous at best. While not all do, some missionaries take the opportunity to expound their own religion as a parting gift. No wonder Israel is having problems with their new Russian “brethren”.
18. Sharansky warned about Burg bringing anti-Semites
Amir ,   Beer Sheva   (02.12.07)
These people had huge support in Shinui party. When Sharanski warned about Burg bringing anti-Semites in Israel, the Labor replied that they need new voters though I believe that these anti-Semites almost all had voted for Shinui (with few for Labor). Labor and Shinui used them to attack Jews promissing them atteist (i.e. non-Jewish) state.
19. Send them back to Putin
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (02.12.07)
Every other democratic State allows for deportation of immigrants that commit or promote violence. Send them back to Putn where they will feel more at home
20. Jewish according to Hitler
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (02.12.07)
The argument made for importing Russian non-Jews was that as long as they were "Jewish according to Hitler" they should be welcomed as Jews fleeing "persecution". The problem of course is that during the Holocaust these same people were NOT considered Jewish by the nazis, and claiming one fake Jewish grandparent only because they wanted a ticket out of the USSR and get lots of free stuff.
21. secular Zionism is Failure
yair ,   il   (02.12.07)
....but dont tell anyone!
22. Let me guess..
Jew ,   Jerualem   (02.12.07)
.. all those Russian antisemites are mostly not Jewish and all are secular. Compare them to Benei Menashe, no such incidents and all are G-d fearing...
23. So who is the cause of letting in these immigrants
BUSH ,   USA   (02.12.07)
The lefties of course. Guys like tommy lapid and his cronies decided the religious are reproducing quickly and soon will be the majority. So they decide to bring a bunch of third class citizens from russia that are not only secular but also anti semites that will cause the whole Israel problems including the righteous religious Jews who fought against it. My opinion on all anti semitism in the world since 3000 years ago were always caused by Jews themselves who had no attachment to Torah. The biggest proof was jesus himself who was a jew. The rest is history. How about the founder of communism atheism also a Jew. They give all Jewry a bad name. It's terrible but its time we get a religious Jew to make decisions for us.
24. some jews lost it
ryan ,   pittsburg   (02.12.07)
ANTISEMITISM? some jews just lost their mind, just because a crazy nut did this does not mean it's a "phenomenon" in israell!!! The world does not hate u as jews, the hate ur actions as occupiers.... u'er so paranoid about others who "want to get u" where it borders on psychosis and some of u use it as a cheap shot politically like recently against Carter. all i can say, is get some badly needed professional help!!!
25. Dis-gus-ting
Damir ,   Russia   (02.12.07)
though this time I was not so shocked as I have already read about that at some site in Russian. might it be. There must be a way to send them back. Indeed they wanted only to escape harsh economic conditions in Russia in the nineties, so now they have nothing to do with State of Israel. They have yet to learn how to be a Jew. Aliya means a lot more that a ticket to El-Al flight. It was very sad to know all this. Besides, #15 is right. I should add only that I found "Zyd" in the Polish dictionary, where it looks like the correct term.
26. #8 Adam Admati
jul   (02.12.07)
Dear Adam, you must be a very frustrated person to hate your own people more than its enemies!
27. The face of the left in Israel
New York, USA   (02.12.07)
Why did they hate Meir Kahane so much? Because he was exposing the sheer siteful hate they have for Jews. Mapai, Mapam. Labor. These people will do anything to get votes and they've done anything to get votes. These are the parties that need to be banned in Israel not Kach.
28. #24
jason ,   usa   (02.12.07)
even IF israel withdrew the numbers wouldn't change Its not about the west bank and Gaza but ALL of Israel
29. Bush
charles ,   petach tikva   (02.12.07)
If you need a good religioud one to take decisions fot you , no problem , elect one in your galut country . We here prefer seculars , even if they are making errors , above religious fanatic coecision lawmakers . Those were mostly those "lefties" who made this country , made errors , but let me tell you , only people who do anything don't make errors . I lived many years in Galut , exept during 40-44 , never had a problem with antisemitism , the contrary with religious i knew . It was their behaviour that provoked this , seculars know how to behave , they don't need a torah for this .
30. #29 charles very bitter and frustrated
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (02.12.07)
"religious behavior provoked this" German Jews before 1930 were almost completely as secular and assimilated as you are. Look elsewhere before pointing your fingers of blame.
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