Only nuclear bomb can stop Israeli digging, Egypt MP says
Reuters and Ynetnews
Published: 12.02.07, 23:07
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1. Arabs and Muslims....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.12.07)
only incite hate and violence. WHat if an Israeli would have sadi these words about a nuclear bomb??? The Arab world would have flipped on its head.
2. Only a nuke
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (02.12.07)
A nuke would also flatten your precious Al Aksa, freaking retards.
3. Jim Dandy
save Israel ,   Canada   (02.12.07)
is not the destruction of Israel precisely what you have wanted all along....what a perfect opportunity and excuse to let your venom fly.
4. To bad for rampant illiteracy in the Arab world!
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (02.12.07)
5. There are people that think we have a peace treaty with them
6. Good thing we gave up all Sinai for such 'real' peace
7. For crying out loud 1 and 2
Libneniyyeh ,   Lebanon   (02.12.07)
don't you get it yet?? There is no communication whatsoever! If the construction work has been stopped then a full concise and non-biased report should be issued globally. You read the news here, they read different news there, and everybody gets angry because no one understands what's really happening. No one stops to think what pain and and anger a simple and clear message could have spared. Arabs and Muslims only incite hate and violence? "freaking retards"? Are you sure you are not thinking about your own selves? Someone once said that when we construct boundaries it is as though we are staring into a mirror - we only see our own images.
8. # 7 blah blah blah blah..nothing new
9. Never had Peace With Egypt. Mere Fantasy
Adina kutnicki ,   US   (02.13.07)
Well fellow zionists - now we have proof positive that the Egyptian 'peace' accord is NOT worth the paper it was written on. Think about it. They signed the accord and received billions ! in US aid to do so. They have amassed the largest army in the mid east. They play war games against Israeli targets. They incite night and day against Israel in their public spaces and education. They allow the free flow of weapons and terrorists to pass through Egypt to Gaza. Any MORE proof needed that one cannot make peace with those religiously mandated to kill you ?
10. Who is Mohamed el-Katatny?
Egyptian   (02.13.07)
Who is Mohamed el-Katatny? Most of Mubark party members are actually legally retard including Mubark himself. Israelis are just looking for something to bitch about. Egypt in its current situation can not go to war with Sudan not Israel.
11. to #7
jj ,   montreal canada   (02.13.07)
You really must be a retard. If Israel gets nuked Lebanon goes with it so will the Palis, Jordanians Syrians , due to the fall out.
12. the Islamic hysteria & crazy bile never end
Cameron ,   USA   (02.13.07)
Talk about a culture in need of a psychologist
13. Spineless & Gutless Mayor of Jerusalem
Lupolianski is a disaster of a mayor and a spineless fool.
14. #7, he suggested a nuke. Spare me your self-righteousness!
Shuki   (02.13.07)
15. Just let them try.
jan ,   usa   (02.13.07)
The thing people need to remember is this. In the book of SH'MOT(EXODUS), Adonai jerked the slack out of that Pharaoh before------and he'll do it again. Make no mistake about it.
16. Can someone please tell me exactly what is going on at Aqsa?
AR ,   USA   (02.13.07)
Kyle if you believe a nuke would "flatten their precious al Aqsa" then why do you and other Iran haters believe they will use a nuke against Israel. You cant have it both ways. What egyptian nukes will spare it but Iranian nukes wont? No one is gonna nuke Israel its way to precious especially jerusalem. Get over yourselves.
17. diplomatic pressure
Peter ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.13.07)
Israel should deal with this as all civilized countries do. Call in their ambassador make clear to him that if the Egyptian government does not make clear within 48 hours that it in no way shares the opinion of this particular MP, the ambassador is sent home to Egypt.
18. Egypt is never to be trusted
Dov ,   canada   (02.13.07)
Egypt is the jackal with a rabbit coat on; it is still playing their cards as if they were still at war with Israel with constant incitement and threats to break relations. Israel is tolerating the intolerable, it is time for Jews to start showing who is the boss.
19. #7 - Excellent
Maybe if you say that to your "brothers" in Syria and Iran they will stop killing Lebanese politicians. Do you think?
20. #10 appears retarded. Why the hell u dream to fight Sudan?
KMR ,   Middle East   (02.13.07)
This is MuslimBrotherhood mentality (don't wish to be in Peace). No doubt, Egypt progressed under Mubarak.
21. enough already...
Khaled ,   Lebanon   (02.13.07)
Let's assume for a second that I'm a crazy messed up brainwashed muslim fanatic who does in fact want to kill all the jews in israel... Let's just assume I'm THAT crazy... Would I use a nuke??? A nuke that will kill muslims, jews and christians alike... That will destroy churches, mosques and synagogues alike... That will wipe out the Temple Mount or 7aram Al-Sharif or whatever else you want to call it... Whose radiations will poison my own people in Lebanon and the peoples of Egypt and Syria for years to come... So for crying out loud, enough with this crap about nuking Israel... It's not gonna happen. At least not until someone invents a "muslim-friendly" nuke, which I wouldn't worry about anytime soon...
22. To number 7 from Lebanon, you are brilliant, thanks :)
Palestinian   (02.13.07)
There is not better way to articulate what is indeed going on than you did. Indeed, reading the Israeli media, you find a lot of emotion, going to the Arab media you read something different. I think we should all get acustomed to the point of view of everybody else. If one wants to understand the behavior of somebody else, he better put himself in his position and see it for himself! Anyway, it is unfair what Israel is doing. They cannot claim a right in this site and ignores others. The western wall, or the wailing wall, however you like to call it, can not be used as an excuse to destroy a muslim holy site, third holiest site, just for no good reason. Finally, since Islam is an Abrahamic religion, Christians and Jews should really read more about al-Aqsa mosque and what it is really about! You will notice that Islam gave the same regard and status to David and Solomon as Judaism did. In fact, much of the Quran talks about David, Solomon, and Zacharia, Jesus, and others... Jerusalem and events in it are extensivle reported in the Quran.
23. Egypt revoke peace, then you give us back Sinai too:)
Observer ,   ME   (02.13.07)
That was the deal, you won't get to keep Sinai if you cancel the peace agreement. Keep talking it up, nobody in the government is stupid enough to consider losing land because of renovations in Jerusalem...
24. TO # 9 you are so funny
toni ,   US   (02.13.07)
do you have an idea what you are saying? israel can change your egypt and all surrounding arab countries to hail before you understand what is going on you idiot. all arabs are almost the same they love to talk but on action they are it.
25. 88 Iraqis murderderd in Baghdad today
I DON'T GET IT!! ,   USA   (02.13.07)
and all the Arab rulers can concentrate on is being angry at Israel because of a construction site near their mosque. What about the mosque in Najaf that was blown to bits on this day last year? Did these leaders scream bloody murder over that? Did they riot and throw rocks over that? When will these Arab leaders learn to get their priorities straight? How many more Muslims will murder other Muslims before they address the sectarian strife that is destroying their people? And Egyptian legislators want to nuke Israel because of reconstruction on a bridge? I DON'T GET IT!!!
26. AR! Get over yourself
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (02.13.07)
Who is threatening to use nukes? Not the "Iran-haters" like me. Pull your head out of your tachtonim. Are you paying attention to what was actually said?
27. #21, well it would solve an awful lot of problems :-)
boxley ,   ATL   (02.13.07)
28. #11: Yuo Don't Understand Their Illogic
emanon ,   USA   (02.13.07)
If their allies are destroyed while Israel is being destroyed, these allies are shahid. In short, it does not matter. These people care nothing for their own, witness the useless homicide bombers. What's a few more faithless, I mean other followers of Islam, if they die as collateral damage if their objective of the destruction of Israel is accomplished? That is what is so scary about Iran having nuke weapons: they follow a religion of war and death, so nothing stands in their way of using a nuclear device against Israel. Egypt is no better. They have just managed to hide their plans better.
29. My Ptrevious is Reply to 21 as Well
emanon ,   USA   (02.13.07)
30. For this kind of 'peace' Israel parted with Sinai?
AK   (02.13.07)
At least hold on to every other scrap of land since pece with Muslims is only a hudna , at best.
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