Rice emphasizes importance of two-state solution
Published: 17.02.07, 21:06
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31. Boys and Girls, just relax
Miss Condi Rice   (02.18.07)
Everything will be all right. No need to worry your silly little heads. You see, I'll have a nice talk with those boys next door and we'll reach an agreement that your Great Leader Ehud will simply love. He knows that some of you, a small number of you, are grumbling a bit, but that's just a touch of paranoia. You have nothing to worry about. You have nothing to worry about. (repeat this ten times). The people of Palestine have been waiting for so long to have a peaceful country of their own. They will be your peaceful neighbors. You will make progress in peace. (Repeat peace ten times).
32. Part 2 - Continued....
Miss Condi Rice   (02.18.07)
I almost forgot. Don't you think that a Nobel Peace Prize would look just fine on my resume? Or... perhaps... a run for the Presidency next time around?
33. Can a govt with no popular support agree to give up land?
Just wondering   (02.18.07)
Does anybody care???
34. Tiny Israel can not afford it!
Keren ,   SP-now in Israel   (02.18.07)
Let Jews alone already! It is a shame how these people envy and hate Jews and don't want us to live alone already among our ows! Arabs have 22 enourmous countries;why the international comunity don't find already a sane and normal solution and transfer these people to live among their owns in a better area? Why insist in an impossible matter?Why?Why to keep in this MAD intromission? Instead of wasting bilions of dollars on this dead issue,please,buy these arabs a land in an arab country and transfer them. Jordan,actually,is their right place,without the need to buy anything! Israel cleaned Gaza from Jews;gave up Sinai;gave up south lebanon,and these arabs still keep here,inside and out side "green line" ?Why? We Jews want to live only among our owns and among those WE chose to live in our home! Is that too much to decide who we want in our home?Is that?
35. The Qu'ran is Zionist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
King David ,   Zion   (02.18.07)
"And when Moses said to his people. `Remember G-d's blessing upon you, He...gave you such as He had not given to any other being. Oh my people, enter the Holy Land which G-d has prescribed for you...' And the angels say, 'We settled the Children of Israel in a sure settlement" [Qur'an, "The Table", chapter 5:23; "Jonah", chapter 10:93]. Israel was even meant to fight for the land: "...They [the Children of Israel] said to a prophet of theirs [Samuel]: 'Raise up for us a king, and we will fight in G-d's way.' He said 'Might it be that, if fighting is prescribed for you, you will not fight?' They said: 'Why should we not fight in G-d's way?' Yet, when fighting was prescribed for them, they turned their backs, except for a few of them..." [Qur'an, "The Cow", chapter 2:246, 247]. "Pharoah sought to scare them out of the land [of Israel]; but We [Allah] drowned him, together with all who were with him. Then We said to the Israelites: 'Dwell in this land [the Land of Israel]. When the promise of the World to Come comes to pass, We shall assemble you all together" [Qur'an, "Night Journey", chapter 17:106 - which foresees the return of a "mixed multitude"]. For much more my blog
36. To #5: right you are.
FO ,   Belgium   (02.18.07)
But it still needs some more explanation. By accepting the 16th of september 1922 the British memorandum as article 25 of the resolutions of the League of Nations concerning the creation of the Jewish Nationial Home and implementing the British mandate in Palestine (24th of july 1922) England created an Arab Palestinian country within the Palestine borders. It is interesting to know that the original of said document "disapeared" from the archives of the League of Nations in Genève. Amazing also that this most important text disapeared from history litterature. But it takes you about ten seconds to find it on Internet. Reading this text , one will realize the following: a Palestinian state already exists, the Golan Heights are not Syrian (see aticle 5 and have a look on the map drawn by the League), and that britain is directly responsible for the death of a part of the six million Jews during World War II, by imposing their White Paper Policy, in total breach of article 6 of the League's resolutions, voted unanimously by all of its 52 members.
37. It's not key ... it's the only key
rich ,   new york USA   (02.18.07)
The idea of 2 states living side by side is the biggest farce to be proposed ever. Israel & the west have a western (21st century) view that is focused completely on the result of what a state plan might bring: REAL PEACE (borders, security, normal life, etc). They are blind since they dont see that the arab leaders dont really want the same outcome. The arabs on the other hand only perceive this plan as a way to attack Israel & to lie to their people in order to keep the conflict going & hold on to their power. (Arafat's rejection of barak's offer in 2000) They are planning to use it as a springboard to destroy what is left of a pre-67 border and shrunken jewsih state. They have no history of democracy, no peaceful intentions (If they did they would have made those clear by now.) They never make statements about how they plan to stop the violence and how they would allow coexistence & let arab & jew live a life that's about as normal as possible which normal people do in the 21st century. They cant even live with each other. While Israel & the west are very focused on "peace" & the "peace process" the arabs are very focused ONLY on the return of "THEIR LAND" & they dont plan on having borders, passports, normal life, etc. If they did have the intentions of real peace they would make their intentions crystal clear like any normal people who seeks peace & freedom instead of making daily pronouncements that incite hate & violence & continue to promise their own people all of the land from the jordan to the sea that they cant deliver currently. They only have their eyes on the prize - which is the land they have been brainwashed into believing that Israel stole. They could care less about ensuring that any sort of democracy takes place under their control once they have "their land" back since they have no clue about what democracy is or how it works. Their only view is that this is "their land" and that jews have no claim to it. Therefore this plan is national suicide. Democracies never go to war against each other. Only totalitarian & islamofascist ones start wars with democracies who show the smallest weakness (czechoslavakia 1939) since dictators are trying to cover up for their own failed systems & only care about advancing their own power.
39. A question for any of you
Kevin G ,   Oregon   (02.18.07)
What are the possible legal challenges to a deal reached by Olmert? Does he need Knesset approval? Would the majority go along with it? Any hope at all that a deal would be rejected by the people? This kind of thing should require a national referendum.
40. Rice
Hilda ,   USA   (02.19.07)
Wake up Condi. The so called Palestinians are a mixture of Syrian, Egyptian and Iraqis as well as all the others who came to Palestine to poach on Jewish land when the Jews returned to the land and build it up. They saw the opportunity for employment and also a chance to grab what the Jews cultivated. The land was fallow all these thousands of years, desert, cholora ridden swamps which Jews came and cleaned up and also paid for at exhorbitant prices from absentee Syrians . There are many nations which are the fatherland of these Palestinains . Let them return there and leave the Jews alone . They do not belong here and it is about time they stopped being the refugees from a land which was never theirs.. Condi, your buddy Abbas is no different from Arafat. He wants to kill Jews and steal what they accomplished in this era.
41. to Zeev in Geneva
Hilda ,   USA   (02.19.07)
I guess you are very young and do not remember what it was like before the Jews had the State of Israel and I guess you have not read history in your little nest in Geneva. I suggest you read a little of what it was like and then you will see that we must never go back. I think you would change your mind if you had to go live in a Muslim land.
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