Sheikh Salah: Western Wall belongs to Muslims
Roee Nahmias
Published: 18.02.07, 01:58
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HaDaR ,   Israel   (02.18.07)
OUR Holy sites were given to the WAQF by Moshe Dayan! EVERYONE EXCEPT JEWS HAS RIGHTS ON JEWISH HOLY SITES! Now we see what giving-up our sovereignty rights on OUR Heritage has brought: the SNAKES rise their heads more and more.
2. Lying psychopath.
Zvi ,   US   (02.18.07)
3. sheik salah
harry weiss ,   staten island, n.y.   (02.18.07)
this fanatic is instigating rebellion and sedition and should be deported .
4. The Western Wall is not the holiest site!
David M. ,   Queens, U.S.   (02.18.07)
Why is Ynet promulgating the myth that that the Kotel is Judaism's holiest site? The Temple Mount (and, more specifically , the holy of holies on the Temple Mount) is the holiest site in Judaism. Hence the prohibition on Jews going there.
5. Incitement.
Jo ,   USA   (02.18.07)
Send him back to prison.
6. Let us remember
That this is one of the 'moderates' Olmert stated we shoud be talking with!
7. The silence from the Naturei Karta is deafening
8. The REAL Islam
stude ham   (02.18.07)
Also belongs to him!
10. King David founded Jerusalem!!!
D ,   Israel   (02.18.07)
Looooong before Islam was even around. This guy is a real fool.
11. salah-islamic fascist seeks to claim all Jerusalem as his.
debra ,   usa   (02.18.07)
12. Okay Dhimmis: Time To Apologize And Give It Back
David ,   Marietta USA   (02.18.07)
Or perhaps we should remove a brick from Al Aqsa for each Qassim rocket that blasts Israeli (excuse me Sheik, occupied Arab land). 10 bricks for each homicide bomber. Ah, what the hell, Olmert will capitulate, as always.
13. Why is this man free
Mordechai ,   Boca Raton USA   (02.18.07)
Salah is a dangerous man who clearly supports the destruction of Israel. Israeli law clearly states people like this are criminal. Olmert doesn't hesitate to arrest without trial settlers who disagree with Kadima. The fact he doesn't arrest this terrorist shows his true agenda
14. End Muslim Occupation of the Temple Mount
David ,   Boston, USA   (02.18.07)
What a racist Salah is. He ignores historical facts and incites violence. Truly and evil person. Revoke his citizenship and send him back to Saudi Arabia. You cant make peace with such evil. Hamas charter calls for killing Jews. Abbas wrote a thesis denying the Holocaust. These are sick people. I feel like i am in 1930s Germany or Austria. The difference is its a Jewish country, a democracy, and eternal. Israel's enemies are not. Eventually they will disappear through war, negotiations, or other means.
15. #1 Jewish holy sites1
stephen ,   ludlow usa   (02.18.07)
Remember the next time the people shout, Enforce that U.N. resolution, that the real view point of the nations is that all holy sites belong to the U.N. That Jerusalem is to be always divided. Shout out loud that bush love Israel. Then shout and cry when U.N forces move in to enforce the road map to peace. Bush will soon show his true skin, and then all of the jews who have cried enforce the U.N mandates will cry. But then it is written is it not! All nations will come against her.
16. God will not be mocked.
Jonathan ,   Fredericton, Canada   (02.18.07)
His eternal purpose for Israel will be established....and He will shake heaven and earth to do it......many structures of man will be reduced to rubble by the Mighty Hand of the Lord. In these last days you will see it. God will not be mocked!
17. Raed Salah comments of a deceived imam
shanatova ,   australia   (02.18.07)
When David Irving made his statement that the Holocaust did not happen, I would bet that Raed Salah suddenly had an idea. To say that the Israelis, through stealth and trickery, (nothing that Raed Salah would know about), claimed that the "Wailing Wall" ( now called the Western Wall) was part of the Al-Aqsa compound. So, what to do now. Thinking that the Second Temple was built well before Islam was around and especially Muhammed was born, how can this Raed Salah, claim such a proposterous thing. But, Raed Salah does not mention the illegal building of a mosque in the location of Solomon's stables in the late 1990's. Or that whenever the Muslims of Jerusalem build anywhere near the Temple Mount, it is totally illegal with never any permission given from the Israeli inspectors, however I am very sure that the Mufti of Jerusalem knows all about it. Or that the antiquities that belong to the Israeli ancient history have always been stolen or destroyed or desicrated just because these were evidence that there was always a Jewish prescence in Jerusalem. Tunnels honeycomb Israel now. Used especially for the terrorists to move at any time and especially at night under Israeli soil. What a man sews that shall he also reap. Raed Salah will reap what he has sewed. He shall be uncovered as a liar and a deceiver. shanatova Am Yisrael Chai !!
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (02.18.07)
Was the destruction by earthquake of the ramp to the Mugrabi gate the will of G_D showing that nobody should use that gate anymore?
19. If Muslims Are Chosen Why Did Israel Win Jerusalem?
Yonatan Koss ,   Chi Town, OR. USA   (02.18.07)
Basic contradictions in Islamic thought preclude it owns any thing it lost in battle. Why do Muslims even care they have Mecca? Again Muslims don’t want a state they just want Jews not to have one.
20. East Jerusalem is ours..
M. Amer ,   Ramallah, Palestine   (02.18.07)
Read international law.. We, Palistinains, are the decendents of the Cannites, Philistines, and the Egyptians. Your Israel only existed for 99 years. Three Kings.. Saul, David, Solomon. Islamic states have ruled Palestine from 640-1920.. Who are the true owners of the land..
21. sheik Salah Speaks Words of wisdom
Jimmy Carter ,   Atlanta GA   (02.18.07)
Of course he is correct. There were never any Jews in Jerusalem; In fact there is no such religion as Judaism. It is a fictional creation much like L Ron Hubbard's Scientology - conceived in a fictional book these usurpers created in a novel they call the "Tanach". Salah is only the latest great world leader that attempts to convey the truth: from the Tsars of Russia, to Hitler, To Queen Isabel of Spain, to Ahmadinejad, to Nasrallah, to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, to me, we have all been trying to convey the truth to the masses: "Judaism" is a cult of evil doers seeking the overthrow the properly elected world governments like Hamas al Qaeda and Hezbullah - Allah be praised!
22. Jews, learn how to defend your holy places
Ibrahim ,   S. Arabia   (02.18.07)
You see the fervor with which this lear defends something that doesn't even belong to Muslims. Where is the fervor of the Israelite "leaders" for what has been there and IS theirs since over 2000 years ago? The squeaky wheel gets the grease.....
23. We Should Have Seen This Coming
emanon ,   USA   (02.18.07)
24. #20 - Ha, ha, ha - ha, ha - ha, ha, ha...
Mike ,   Tel Aviv   (02.18.07)
Pick up a history book please, my brain is hurting from all your utter nonsense. Canaanites were certainly not a 'people', unless I assume you're referring to the Phoenician Canaanites, who ceased to be towards the end of the B.C. era. Then of course there are the Philistines, who disappeared completely after Nebuchadnezzar II conquered Syria and Judea. Or, perhaps, the Egyptians, who are just that - Egyptians. You know I wonder if at least amongst yourselves you admit that there is no such thing as 'Palestinians', simply a patchwork culture cultivated by Islam to keep their foot in Israel's door until they can figure out how to destroy it. Why is it that there has never been found any trace of an ancient (or even pre-20th century) Palestinian country, leadership, commerce, culture, traditions... You say Islamic states have ruled the country for so long, if they care so much then why would no Arab country risk one hair of their sons' heads for the 'Palestinian Cause'? Why do they live in luxury while the 'Palestinians' live in squalor? Why are they holding you hostage because of their own ridiculous inferiority complex? Israel existed as a COUNTRY long before Islam was even close to being dreamt of, so now you tell me - who are the true owners of the land? IF your religion is so mighty, and if Jews and infidels MUST be squashed as insects and IF you are willing to blow yourself up to make the point that we have an inferior God, tell me - WHY DO WE HAVE A COUNTRY AND YOU BARELY HAVE A HERD OF SHEEP TO YOUR NAME?
25. Ultimate case of squatter’s rights
Johnson ,   USA   (02.18.07)
Clearly, and historically this place is Jewish. But, once a muslim declares something to be muslim(Spain) it is always muslim no matter what. Time to terminate this tenant’s lease, and evict them from the property
26. Be very careful
Jayzee ,   World Citizen   (02.18.07)
We should not pooh-pooh his statements. In 50 years from, unless we act now, people will believe this farce. Israel and World Jewery need to reclaim the mount and it needs to start today. No stupid acts of violence, just good pr. The Temple Mount is Jewish and occupied by Muslims. By NOT taking it back in 67, Israel paved the way for the Arabs and Muslims to deny our connection to it.
27. # 20
rich ,   bronx USA   (02.18.07)
FUNNY ....Jerusalem is never mentioned in the koran at all. But you know its funny that if you and your fellow palestinian arabs are direct decendants from the egyptians as you said how come egypt never bothered to give you a state of your own in gaza from 1948 until 1967?? - maybe because they really didnt and still dont care about you anyway. By the way if you remember david kicked goliath's butt (a fellow phillistine)
28. RE:20
zionist forever   (02.18.07)
Which history books do you read that say the palestians are decendents of Cananites, Philistines and Egyptians? Cananties - extinct long before Mohamed was born Philistines - not even natives they came from the medeteranian near Greece and again extinct. Egyptians - your arabs just same as they are got something right for a change. Beetween the destruction of the jewish kingdoms of Israel and Judea - 1948 that land was known as Palestine not after its arab inhabitants but after the non native infamous philistines Israel and Judea was renamed Philistina translated into english palestine. Untill 1948 that land was never an indipedent state belonging to arabs or anybody else it was a province of all the various empires that ruled the region. Just because islamic states ruled the place doesnt mean that it was an indipendent islamic state ever. Jerusalem up untill the city was divided in 1949 for the first and last time in its history jews made up the majority of the population in both east and west untillthe east was ethnicly cleansed of jews by Jordan. Palestian history begins in 1964 when the PLO was founded, your first president was Arafat, no archeolgical evidence to show any different. What was your currency before Arafat, who were your leaders, what RESPECTBLE history books is this ancient history of yours recorded in? I think you need to start reading respectble history bools and listening to more than hamas propoganda .
29. #20
Natan   (02.18.07)
The problem with you, the Palestinians is that you are no bodys. No one wants you, no one cares about you. You belong to no one. Every Arab\Muslim country is willing to give you money for weapons, yet NOT EVEN ONE is oferring you a home. You can't settle anywhere. You are the lowest of the low!!!
30. What the one eyed fool Dayan gave to the Waqf Liebernan
Allan ,   US   (02.18.07)
can take back. Lib for PM!
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