Israeli director takes home Berlin prize
Merav Yudilovitch
Published: 18.02.07, 04:34
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1. Congratulations. i can't wait to see this film
Simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church VA USA   (02.18.07)
Again Congratulation.
2. He must have made one hell of an anti-Israel movie
AK   (02.18.07)
3. #2 AK - Funny, that's exactly what I though too.
Kevin G ,   Oregon   (02.18.07)
4. Another self-hating Jew who dumps on Israel?
Roni   (02.18.07)
5. No 2 You're right
nan   (02.18.07)
We said this last night driving in the car, when we heard this little piece of unsurprising news. That it must be really pro-pal and anti us, as that is THE sure fire winning recipe for these 'cooking' competitions...
6. They Like Anti-Israel Movies In Eurabia.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.18.07)
If this had been a pro-Israel movie about Hamas fanatics committing acts of terrorism or the effects of rocket fire on Sderot, you can bet the film would be ignored.
7. He sounds like such a nilly-willie fag!
Antonio ,   Haifa   (02.18.07)
Things like army service and combat is what makes men into real men.
8. Now if only Ahmadinejad, Assad will be afraid of wars...
Ken ,   Siuth Africa   (02.18.07)
9. where are the palestinian anti war films?
aaron ,   ra'anana   (02.18.07)
or for that matter ARAB anti war films? are there any? or is being anti-war, unislamic
10. idiocy
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (02.18.07)
"I wish for all of us that our leaders will be afraid of wars and find the courage to know how to end them," said Cedar after thanking the panel of judges for his win." Yes, this is the voice of the moron-jackasses who will drag us down into catastrophe. "our leaders"--Ahmadinejad, Assad, Nasrallah, Haniyeh et al. are the same as the Israeli or American leaders, and Hitler was the same as Churchill and Roosevelt. They all wanted war equally and just need to understand that war is bad, and seeing Joseph Cedar's films would make them realize that in a flash. Ahmadinejad and Khaled Mashaal would suddenly be moved and have a revelation--"My gosh, war is bad, I'm going to turn peaceful and kind!" And people in the Western countries who say and think this inexcusable nonsense and garbage will drag the rest of us, who still have brains and backbones, down with them into the mush of idiocy and death.
11. Congratulations!
enzo ,   london,uk   (02.18.07)
I look forward to watch "Beaufort".
12. Oh well, now Oz will likely get Nobel Prize for Literature.
AK   (02.18.07)
Somebody give them 'peaceniks' Orwell to read -- relevant as much now as it was during WW2.
13. Most of these posts
Jacob ,   Zion, Africa   (02.19.07)
Wow, somebody Israeli got some credit and recognition, but this must automatically mean that he is a left-wing liberal traitor. Makes a lot of sense. War is a wonderful and fun thing, especially such amazingly succesful campaigns as Milchemet Levanon haSheni. Oh, wait a second, that didn't achieve shit, just a few hundred dead Hizballnikim and great PR for Nazi-R-allah! Before you get so paranoid about why he won the prize, take this from someone who actually has experienced real antisemitism and racism, most Europeans are actually quite supportive of Israel, except of course for the radical left and right. Give the director some credit, i'm sure he served in Zaha"l and you armchair critics should make your own film about Sderot etc if you are so eager to let the world know about this. As for war and armies making men into men, that is bullshit - a man is a man by the way he treats other people and lives his life rather than wearing a uniform and carrying a gun (with all due respect to Israel's soldiers). OK, you can call me a self-hating communist traitor, but y'all are the real traitors with your anal mentality - most of you are white with all the benefits that that entails in this world, stop the song and dance as if you are so poor, starving and hated as people in Asia and Africa!
Al ,   CANADA   (02.19.07)
Your Mother must be so friigin proud.Tell you what I think you're an asshole...Now play in tyraffic.
15. #13 well said
Rustum ,   London, UK   (02.19.07)
16. #13, Maybe if one third of your nation was butchered...
Mitch ,   Ra'anana   (02.20.07)
you'd be singing a different tune. Until then, bud out of Jewish matters. You know not what you speak of.
17. Not surprising Germans would reward an israel-hater
Ilanit Wasserman ,   Haifa, Israel   (02.20.07)
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