Rice says Olmert, Abbas reaffirm commitment to peace
Published: 19.02.07, 12:58
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1. What a sad picture
Avi ,   Abroad   (02.19.07)
What a waste of time, please, nothing will come out of it, let's not waste any more time, let's talk about more important things. Anyone seen a good movie lately? Or who will take the European champions league?
2. A murderer, naive and a corrupted moron.
Arthur ,   S Francisco   (02.19.07)
A pictures that speaks a thousand words...
3. Is it JUST Low expectations ?
Atilla Karagözoğlu ,   Istanbul   (02.19.07)
It is less than that :) --------- anyway, My Ynet ! Atilla will not be around on daily, anymore. I am leaving my office in three hours. ----------- My Friends ! You liked Atilla or not, Atilla is an okey man. feel free to write to him (my e-mail) I love you all. this WONT change. Bye bye... Atilla Karagözoğlu
4. Abu Mazen is not too smart! Can he join Katzav please?!
Palestinian   (02.19.07)
stude ham   (02.19.07)
6. Expectations Low? How About Below Zero.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.19.07)
7. The apartheid of Israel ruling party in the US
khalid issa ,   amman/Jordan   (02.19.07)
It is the apartheid of Israel ruling party in the United States and most of the Christian countries that support the corrupted apartheid regime of Israel. According to" Bishop Desmond Tutu" who won a noble prize for his work against the former apartheid of South Africa , and according to many others also , Israel is considered an apartheid country. This party includes a corrupted racist portion of the Jews and Christians who dominate the world media , especially in the west and also dominate the Christian world governments , especially in the United States. The characteristics of this party are reflected in the US policy against the Muslim world. In USA, either republicans or democrats, their policy goes toward supporting the Israeli apartheid regime which is based on religious discrimination between the Jews and the non-Jews, either Christians, Muslims or any other religion other than Judaism, While the x apartheid of South Africa was based on race discrimination between black and white. The apartheid regime of Israel policy against the people living in West Bank and Gaza strip, has been directed toward isolating them in ghettoes preventing them from getting their independent and viable state. In order to be considered a viable state it's area must at least include the whole occupied land in 1967, otherwise, it will be considered unviable state, i.e., ghettoes or apartheid. Israel converted from an occupation in 1967, to an apartheid since 1993 until the present time, reflected in settlements that took a large portion of the area of the west bank and Gaza strip. The apartheid of Israel ruling party in USA opposes the freedom of the Muslims. The US policy went toward supporting the Muslim corrupted liberal dictatorships, preventing Muslims from getting democracy, imposing the west liberal culture on Muslims rather than leaving it to fair game elections (democracy), all in order to keep Muslims weak and Israel apartheid regime strong. Israel wars with Arabs caused refugees from Palestine counted in millions, and the apartheid of Israel ruling parties in the Christian world for racist purposes anonymously, refuse to allow the Palestinians to implement their right that was represented in UN resolution (194) that gives the refugees the right to return to Palestine which is Israel today, and only accepts the UN resolutions 242 and 338. Also the refugees besides going back to their home land they deserve compensation and equal civil liberties exactly like the Jews, the right of return is proved as a practical solution. The apartheid of Israel ruling parties in the Christian world are racists, uncivilized, war criminals and Nazis because they refuse the right of return for refugees. (Nuremberg- 2 court) must be implemented for the apartheid of Israel regime political leaders and Generals for their war crimes that resulted in killing thousands of Palestinian civilians and torturing hundreds of thousands of them. If the Muslim world gains democracy, it will unite in one country. In 2075, Muslims will be one third of the world population whereas the Christians will be 27%. According to a new theory, when all people gain democracy after a long period of time, the world will be advanced, and the more population the country has, the more it will be strong. The Muslims are expected to be the largest population; therefore they will be the world number one super power forever. If Israel didn’t agree to give the Palestinians all their rights represented in UN resolutions 194, 242 and 338, a war may happen and the apartheid of Israel regime will be defeated with all the Christian countries that will support it. The Muslim world has no ambitions to invade any country unless the Muslims are the majority in a country and that majority wants to join the Muslim world which is, democratically their right such as, Muslims in Kashmir, India, Russia, china and some countries in Africa.
8. Israelnistan
bentham   (02.19.07)
9. What a cute picture
Ilan ,   Ariel   (02.19.07)
Let's be friends with one another Let's be friends with one another Let's be friends with one another then bleed those suckers dry. Saccharin and superficial. Are we really so stupid as to let them screw us over one more time?
10. We already know.....
Ram ,   London   (02.19.07)
.........the arabs live in denial. Now they have succeeded to in making the Jews and the americans live in denial too. What a sorry state.
11. The American-Palestinian war never ends...
Hani ,   PS   (02.19.07)
woops I meant the Israeli-Palestinian conflict....Silly me. So it seems that our fate is to confront Goliath. So be it. PS. No recognition of Israel, ever, because it's sitting on our homes.
12. What a great Photo opportunity&waste of time
Alan ,   SA   (02.19.07)
13. Ha Ha! Condi has done it again - NOTHING!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.19.07)
The Secretary of State just will not accept that Abu Mazen or Mahmoud Abbas just doesn't have any power. The Palestinian people support the "armed struggle" against Israel and the killing and maiming of Jews. How can anyone, even the feeble minded heads of the "Quartet", really believe that a peace agreement can be reached while Hamas does not recognize Israel's righ to exist? The "Quartet" can turn into a Symphony but no music will come from the Arabs - only hatred and bloodshed! Put that in your trumpet and blow it Dr. Rice.
14. to 11. enjoy canada.
15. all lies talk and no walk
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.19.07)
The same phony peace scam photo op which the U.S. has been pushing down Israel's throat for decades. It's America's commitment to the arab world not to allow Israel to defeat an arab army ever again. If you have been seduced by this delusion of peace think back to the 2nd Lebanese war where Israel was not permitted to defeat hezbollah by Condi and her boss.
16. to #, Khalid
Freejay ,   Israel   (02.19.07)
You are an absolute liar and a hypocrit. Nothing you said was true!! How quick that you Jordanians forget about how many Palastinians you killed in Black September. How many jews live in arab countries like jordan?....NONE. The only apartheid countries i see are arab islamic ones.
17. Abbas can`t deliver.
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (02.19.07)
Olmert and Rice keep talking to Abbas as though they are not aware that he is in no position to deliver an acceptance to quartet`s conditions. So, what`s the real reason for those sterile encounters ? Doing nothing is more dangerous than doing "almost " nothing. That`s what poiticians call "Mouthwashing".
18. 40 years
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.19.07)
Another 40 years of mayhem under the kind sponsorship of Hamas and the settlers
19. Rice, Olamrt, Abbas the flags tells it all
chaim ,   miami beach usa   (02.19.07)
In looking at the choice of the picture displayed the flags position tells it all. America is loath to recognize that it is impotent when it deals with Islamic ideology and tries to assert it position of dominance by utilizing the flag for which many brave citizens gave a full measure of devotion by giving their all, to preserve democracy and freedom. This meeting was held in Jerusalem, the capitol of Israel, why is the flag of Israel, the Host country given the same statues as the Symbol of a terrorist organization by placing it between the flags of the United States as if such terrorist symbol is a recognized entity and has the same philosophy of life, liberty and freedom as does the United States and Israel. The inhabitance of both countries have a majority of Islamic adherence which by their nature have proven time and time again they represent hate of democracy and free choice with a passion and celebrate any and all calamities that befalls either the United States and Israel. Is America trying to emulate a centuries old European hate for the Jews that have strived to exterminate them, and when that failed exile them from their homes. How can the Jews as a free nation even begin to dream of a just peace with their Arab neighbors when the only country that has a constitution which contains the idea of equality to all, then encourages and demands from the Jews to allow an additional country whose charter is based upon hate, intolerance and a total disrespect for life liberty and equal opportunity for all, to be established within gun range of each and every major city of the country they swore to destroy. I am not a prophet nor am I Nostradamus that some believe is able to predict the future but I am a student of History and can almost guarantee that unless the cancerous menace of Islamic faith based ideology of intolerance is not arrested immediately, America will not find the protection of either the Atlantic nor the Pacific oceans and will not even have the allies of the NATO and PACTO to save them from a horrendous destructive calamity that they will be struck with by the Islamic Fundamentalists, to which they are trying to gain their favor. As far as the UN ‘s value at this time to stave off or detract any despot from accomplishing its diabolical intentions, it has the same powers as did the League of Nations its predecessor
20. to Khalid No 7
When you Jordanians illegally occupied the West Bank and Egypt Gaza, where were you? ANSWER you coward!!
23. Dealing with an invention
שילוה ,   Israel   (02.19.07)
First of all, this is an invention, this people only exsisted since arafat. Why the hell is olmert believeing they have to exist in Israel, when they where kicked out of every arab country because no one, no one wants them. Abbas does not want peace, he's a 'moderate' terrorist. Such hypocrisy. Does olmert stand for our Jewish home or does he stand for globalism and gives a rat's ass about the Jewish people. It's rather obvious of the latter.
24. Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vicki ,   Kadima, Israel   (02.19.07)
How many of these pictures are going to be shown, what an absolute waste of time and money. Does Condi actually think that something has been achieved and where is Hamas in all of this?. Olmert and Abbas together are pathetic and ineffectual. Where was Haniya in all of this?. Sorry to be so pesamistic but please. If Hamas had been included in the talks then fine, but what do the 3 stooges really think they have achieved,other than another Kodak moment thats all!!!!
25. Two states - shmoo states
sandgroper   (02.19.07)
Forget the "two state" bullshit. The Arabs have Jordan and dozens more states already, and they clearly can't run one in Gaza. "Palestine" as an entity was dreamt up as a way to destroy Israel, and for no other purpose. Forget "palestine", forget the so-called "refugees" (with their unique definition, different from every other refugee on Earth) and let's get on with making peace.
26. To Hani & Khalid
Ram ,   London   (02.19.07)
Is it not amazing that all you people do is wish your Palestinian brothers squalor and death? For 60 years now they have been encouraged to fight an enemy that is far superior to them in every way. Generation after generation of these wretched people grow in a hopeless simmering bowl of hate stoked by their supposed arab brothers; the likes of you. Whilst your enemy, Israel, may have to live in the discomfort of continuous futile attacks, that very enemy, with all its faults, continues to better its standards of living with hardly a pause. The likes of you are turning the Palestinians to even bigger losers than they would be, by spueing your hatred long distance and financing their so called "jihad". We live in strange times where the political tide "seems" to favour the wicked. Don't be fooled; the arabs may appear to have the upper hand and on their way to winning the battle, thanks to oil, anti-semitism and the Iranian hollow stance. But, be sure, they will never win the war! Unless arabs change their homicidal culture and adopt the "live and let live attitude" the future bodes ill to mankind and especially the arabs. Salaam
27. Dear Olmert and Condi....
Ram ,   London   (02.19.07)
"fools rush in where wise men never go!"
28. Something about that picture gives me the chills.
Tracy W   (02.19.07)
29. Distraction, Need changing course
Brod ,   USA   (02.19.07)
This is just a distraction to Israel's more important and urgent issues to deal with. This is nothing in comparison to Iran's threat to annihilate Israel with nuke. Israel should be focussing her time and energy on protecting and defending herself against her pernicious enemies that are hellbent on destroying her with nuke. It is time for Israel to devote her time on defending herself from external threats and aggressions, and building and maintaining good relationships with NON-Islamist nations around the world than meeting with spineless people who can't perform. It is also time for Rice to devote America's time to improving and maintaining good relationships with other NON-Islamist nations around the world than wasting time on those who applauded when America was attacked by Saudi terrorists on 9/11.
30. Abbas: "Raise RIFLES Against the ISRAELI OCCUPATION"
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (02.19.07)
Abbas is U.S. leaders' favorite terrorist. Global terrorist Arafat, adored by international elites, had more Jewish blood on his hands than anyone since Hitler was the most invited foreign leader to the Clinton White House. Terror partner with Arafat for 40 years, Abbas co-founded the PLO terrorist organization with Arafat in 1964. Holocaust denier Abbas paid the terrorists who massacred Israeli athletes in Munich in 1972. Admired and praised by U.S leaders, Abbas's security forces have murdered more Israeli civilians than Hamas. The U.S. EU UN call the war against the Jews, the peace process. When the U.S. EU and UN talk about peace, this is the peace they refer to: Abbas: "Raise Rifles Against the Israeli Occupation" Jan 14, '07 by WorldNetDaily's Aaron Klein "Raise [your] rifles against the Israeli occupation," Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas declared Thursday in Ramallah. In a speech commemorating the 42nd anniversary of the founding of his Fatah party, the PA chief called on Arab factions to put an end to weeks of infighting and instead fight Israel. "Shooting at your brother is forbidden. Raising rifles against the occupation is our legitimate right, but raising guns against each other is forbidden. We should put our internal fighting aside and raise our rifles only against the Israeli occupation," said Abbas in a speech in the Muqata compound in Ramallah attended by World Net Daily... His statements about using rifles against Israel come after the United States, aided by Ehud Olmert, over the last few weeks provided 7,000 assault rifles and more than 1 million rounds of ammunition to militias associated with Abbas' Fatah party, according to senior Fatah militants... He also used Quranic verses to claim Jews are corrupting the world. "The sons of Israel are mentioned as those who are corrupting humanity on earth," Abbas said... According to documents revealed Friday, the Bush administration will provide $86.4 million to strengthen security forces loyal to Abbas... Like other recent confirmed arms transfers from Egypt and the U.S., the latest American weapons shipments were driven through Israeli checkpoints by convoys protected by the Israeli Defense Forces... It is alarming that Abbas/Fatah enjoy total cooperation of US/Israeli leaders to wage war on Israel's Jewish innocents. Where are the human rights organizations?
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