'Iran center of US-Israeli talks'
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 19.02.07, 20:08
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1. Like Iraq it will fail.
1.5 Billion Muslims   (02.19.07)
Reality Check , World
2. Iranian proxy approaching...
enzo ,   london,uk   (02.19.07)
The establishment and shaping of Hezbollah as an Iranian proxy against Israel is now complete! Order number 1: Dismantle it now before it is too late! Order number 2: see number 1
3. The two most interesting guys
Lola ,   Nevada   (02.19.07)
Why do you almost always have pictures of either Peretz or this guy from Iran? Do you have more interesting guys in the Middle East?
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.19.07)
This option on the table for George Bush has been there for I right.The whole world knows what is there to discuss more on it?
5. jon kyl is not an american
edward ,   las vegas   (02.19.07)
if he calls himself that, then our people are ashamed. this man is a bloodthirsty warmonger who dreams for the day when arabs and non-whites can be slaughtered by the thousands.
6. The "potential" of Mr. Peretz
FO ,   Belgium   (02.19.07)
Consulting the Britannica Dictionary about the word "potential" one finds following explanations: 1. Possible but not actual, or 2. Having capacity for existence, but not yet existing. I suppose Mr. Peretz has problems with his own potential. So one should be indulgent to him and explain things twice or more if necessary. Remember Mr. Peretz complaining that IDF didn't tell him that Hizbullah had so many Katyushas?
7. yes, anything to divert them from PA issue is better
8. to #1 - 'world reallity checker'
Zaphod ,   Pluto   (02.19.07)
'Fact is chum, the business in Iraq/Afghanistan (and soon Iran) is just starting to get going, far from 'failed'. Watch that space. And btw, the 1.5 bil Muslims you attest to 'be' are not all backward, fanatical West hating morons! In fact, a good majority of them are the opposite, however, oppressed. Funny how the minority always have to make the loudest noise!
9. The Baal Shem Tov
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (02.19.07)
The Baal Shem Tov said that when you stand up to evil, evil collapses
10. military on the table,traslation->BLA BLA BLAAAAA BLAAAAAAA
JOHNY LEAR   (02.19.07)
11. Iranian issue
Mark H. ,   Lincoln USA   (02.19.07)
Damn right military options are on the table. It's gonna come down to it eventually.
12. Chaya, you are 99.9% right!
enzo ,   london,uk   (02.19.07)
(and by the way I love your comments!)
13. Peretz should study at "Steinitz' Unversity
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (02.19.07)
Mr. Peretz, people would salute you if you were the chairman of worker`s rights commettee . But you like to play the Defense Minister., a job so distant from your natural abilities. Maybe you should ask Mr. Steinitz to teach you the a,b,c of it.
14. There's a Red Line for Iran
CaptainAmerica ,   USA   (02.20.07)
That the military option is on the table is obvious. What is not as apparent falls under the heading of "at the time and place of our choosing". Hey mullah, what that knock on the door? Why, it's J-DAM.
15. responds to #1
Jan ,   usa   (02.19.07)
Can't you feel the change in the air? You see it as a drunken euphoria of a surge in muslim power. Ah, but what is really happening is is that the Prince of Peace has stood up and is now in the process of taking his position as the Lord of Hosts(Captain of an mighty and awsome Army), and he will soon be coming to totally wipe out his enemies who have sown and eaten the harvest of the seeds of hate in the land. So you see, every dog has his day, and yours is right around the corner. Good job God!!!!!
16. #9 .....
Jack ,   USA   (02.19.07)
Then you my Brothers and Sisters of ISRAEL need to stand up to Olmert and Peretz and in a hurry! IF the Golan hgts are allowed to be returned to Syria as IS Olmert's intention, then you folks are up the proverbial creek with out a paddle! These two clowns do NOT have your best interests at heart and need to be REPLACED!!
DAVID ,   USA   (02.19.07)
We don't talk about military options and not follow through with them, its obvious to everyone in the world Iran has NO INTENTION of halting its nuclear arms production less it be totally obliterated by a massive bombing campaign designed to reduce Iran militarily to where Japan ended up after World War II, defenseless and broken.
18. Fact is.........
Ram ,   london   (02.20.07)
however spineless the west and the Israeli leaders are, sooner or later they will have to confront what essentially is a radical muslim threat. The sad fact is, the longer they take to act the bigger the ensuing catstrophe will become. Lets face facts; Iran will not be allowed to go nuclear and the west will not succumb to Islam. Work out the conclusion!
19. Middle East Nuke disarmament must include IslamicPakistan !!
KMR ,   Middle East   (02.20.07)
20. #19 whar about ISRAEL oop they r not
1.5 billion Muslims   (02.20.07)
u know who : keep dreaming. Reality check, world
21. Iran, nukes, & policy
Doubtom ,   California   (02.20.07)
If I were Ahmadinejad I would immediately set out a new policy that would state Iran will immedi -ately and unconditionally give up its nuclear program when Israel does the same and then sit back and watch the world's reactions.
22. Its simple. Iran must never be allowed nuclear weapons
Cy ,   Reading, Berks   (02.19.07)
We have almost reached the point of no return unless Iran changes direction in the next few weeks. The US, Israel, Western Europe, Australia, S Arabia, Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrein, Dubai have all in one way or the other been threatened militarily. Worse still Iran has recently even promised to export nuclear technology and maybe nuclear weapons to S America, Southern ex Soviet States and who knows any country who will buy and pay. Worse a nuclear first strike by Iran will cause a meltdown of the global economy from which humanity might never recover. Worse still Iran who have shown no morals or ethics in their political judgements may even arm their terrorist brothers in Iraq, Hezbollah and Hamas or even Al Qauida with dirty bombs. Worse still an Iran with nuclear weapons might try to hold the world to ransom. Of course countries of the world are united in the conviction that the risks of not doing anything now to destroy Irans nuclear ambitions are just too high to contemplate. However reluctant, a concerted 'saturation superstrike' on Iran is inevitable. May Allah protect Iran but bring wrath upon those leaders who put the Iranian people in such mortal danger.
23. Being realistic on Iran
Steve ,   USA   (02.20.07)
B"H Iran is already behind some of the violence in Iraq. Iran already has a military solution in place. In terms of Lebanon, we can assume that Iran also has a desire to see Hisbullah strong there too. Weapons are put in place there for war and it is just a matter of timing. So on the question of is there a military option on the table, it is really on the ground already and active. It is just a question of degree of response and degree of commitment. Israel needs to prepare seriously for the next round. But a fundamental question needs to be asked: what is the solution expected to look like? That is the key. If the solution is a new regime in Iran, then taking half-measures is not going to get there. It is a matter of timing, evidence, and understanding. Right now I do not see Israel wanting to rule Iran so why advance prematurely before Israel has the level of commitment it takes to get this ultimately resolved? The US is busy in Iraq which is an important military position, and commitment is the main question there. Can the US stay the course? The question of commitment is what keeps Iran secure in the knowledge it can make its "stabalizing" moves of arming various states in the region.
24. *** To All Geopolitical Simpletons ***
vit ,   usa   (02.19.07)
To all Progressive Leftists and other Geopolitical Simpletons: THE EVENTS THAT WILL FOLLOW IN 10 SMALL STEPS 1)Israel strikes Iranian nuke sites. Although it could just as likely be the US. 2) Iran will respond by launching Shahabs at Israel and medium range missiles at US targets in the Mideast. Their attempt to block the Persian Gulf is a non-starter due the the presence of two American Carrier Groups in the gulf. (A third Carrier Group is also near by .) 4) Iran will also activate Hizzballah and will most likely goad the Syrians into making a move. 5) Infiltration across the border into Iraq by Iranian funded insurgents will increase. 6) US responds with a 30-90 day aerial and naval campaign the sight and magnitude of which has never been seen. The campaign will obliterate the Iranian navy and 90 % of the Iranian military targets that are worth hitting including all nuke facilities that Israel did not get in the initial strike. THERE WILL BE NO GROUND INVASION. THERE WILL NOT BE A NEED FOR A GROUND INVASION. 7) The Muslim Street will do something original. They will go out into the streets and riot . ( Wow ! We've never seen that before. ) 8) Sunni Arab Nations like the Saudis will express their regret but will privately laud the action. I guess it has something to do with the rightful succession of the prophet Mohamed or their interpretation of it. You know...It's that Sunni - Shia thing! 9) Meanwhile the Israeli Arrow anti missile system will take care of 98% of the Shahabs that Iran will launch and the new advanced Patriot system in the hands of the Americans (and Israelis) will take care of the rest. 10) Israel responds even more aggressively against both Hizzballah and the Syrians since they will shoot rockets at Tel Aviv. This time Israel does not hold back like they did last summer. LET ME REPEAT: This time Israel does not hold back like they did last summer ! THE RESULT: The Syrian Army is demolished. Damascus is in ruins. Lebanon suffers even worse damage this time around. Iran will be devastated from the air by the Americans as their civilization is pounded into 'year zero' until they sue for peace on American terms. Meanwhile Israel suffers moderate but acceptable damage. OH...AND ONE MORE THING: When this happens the Democrats will support the effort since Iran will be firing missiles at Israel ! (Remember the bipartisan resolutions in the Senate and House supporting Israel in it's war against Hizzballah this past summer.) After all, what will the Dems do, support Iran & Ahmadinijad ?!? Only the Progressive Leftists (AKA The New Jew Haters) & their Islamist allies will be up in arms with insane Bush / Israel hatred. Although David Duke (the new hero of the Progressives) will be with you. Wow ! That's some nice company you keep ! We shall soon see who is more important politically: Israel or the Progressives and their Islamic allies. For years the Progressives have masqueraded their Jew Hatred by cloaking it in the 'World Peace Movement' . This war will expose you like no other. ...and these are the facts Jack ! HAVE A NICE DAY. Now start the seething ! I wanna hear it ! Please don't let me down. It took 15 minutes to write this.
25. send Peretz back to the Union
alan ,   frisco   (02.20.07)
and make Steinitz Defense Minister
26. responds to # 24
jan ,   usa   (02.20.07)
Actually that's not bad my friend. Great scenarios there. Not so sure that the Israelis will be up to the task though. At least not with this current band of cowards as leaders. If they get someone in the with some chuptzah though, it just might work. Great analogy.
27. #24. you can never really predict how the middle east wars..
just a man   (02.20.07)
will end up like. during the last war with Labonan nobody would have expected the big screw up we witnesses. what makes this much more complicated case any different? what about the long term re precautions? can you deal with a new generation of terrorists (80. mil strong) bound to destroy Israel although this time for real not just rhetoric? the question is can you deal with the unknown aftermath? short term and long term aftermath? can you gamble the very existence of Israel? and don`t tell me you can predict the outcome like in a computer simulator!
28. No need for war
Victor ,   UK   (02.20.07)
if you could recall the recent suicide bombing that killed those elite Revolutionary Guards. The dissidents are already in there. Maybe the Mossad and the CIA agents could join hands with them. A covert opertion is enough to destory their nuclear arsenal without having to send in the troop. This way you can help their citizen to get rid of their fanatical leaders without destroying their country which I believe will be very much appreciated by them.
29. We already know the outcome
R. Alkalai ,   USA   (02.20.07)
Actually, it has already been predicted for us- Ezekiel 38 & 39, Joel 4, The Zohar Va'era 32a, Obidiah, Zechariah, Psalms 83, and many others.
30. To all who support Iran's regime....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.20.07)
you are denying several facts about this regime which make it very hard for anyone to let them have nukes. 1. The average Iranian has little rights and is opressed. This is not what the world wants to promote. This regime needs to go asap!!! 2. Iran funds and trains terror groups which then kill civilians (not just in Irsael). 3. Iran has openly stated that they want to remove Israel from the middle east and wipe her off the map. This has been translated over and over so stop trying to dis-prove it. 4. Iran has enough oil to light up the sun, but yet they want nuclear energy??? What? 5. Radical, extremist muslims who believe that death is a good thing should not be allowed to have any weapons, let alone nukes. It's pretty tough to argue with these facts, isn't it?
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