Murder of 18-year-old girl solved
Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Published: 21.02.07, 09:02
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1. God bless her soul...
john ,   south riding   (02.21.07)
we have many sick people around..may god bless her soul and comfort her family
3. was there EVER rape of beduin girl by jew?
Rehavam ,   Israel   (02.21.07)
I never heard of that.
4. He'll need lifetime incarceration.
Micha   (02.21.07)
I hope Maayan is resting now.
5. To #4 He needs to be publically executed
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.21.07)
let his execution serve as a warning to others!
6. Sad story
Jamal Aboud ,   Ramallah   (02.21.07)
This is a sad story.
7. no 3
oferdesade ,   israel   (02.21.07)
yes. so many it would make your head spin. try to get access to the government archives at the ginzach. it would make you sick to your stomach (or are you one of those sad people who believe there's a difference)?
8. No nationalistic motive?
Ilan ,   Ariel   (02.21.07)
The entire worldview that to kill Jews is the "right thing to do" as evidenced in the murder of that truck driver last week contributes to every murder of this type. BTW, will the TA hate the dossim club start blaming this victim too, because she also took a tramp? Time to look at the criminals and not at the victims.
9. #4 Yeah, agree
gabriela ben ari   (02.21.07)
10. nationality probably had nothing to do with it
Shir ,   Helsinki, Finland   (02.21.07)
"The entire worldview that to kill Jews is the "right thing to do" as evidenced in the murder of that truck driver last week contributes to every murder of this type." The death of the truck driver was very unfortunate, but the evidence pointed out to a work-related accident. It was believed to be a killing first. (I only read about it here, so I don´t know for sure) I believe this girl was attacked because she was pretty. I don´t think the rapists think what ethnicity or nationality their victims have. I agree with number 6 that this was a sad case. Forget the race issues.
11. Not surprising
Jew ,   Judea   (02.21.07)
Genesis 16:12 tells us about Ishmael; And he shall be a wild ass of a man: his hand shall be against every man, and every man's hand against him;
12. #6 Why is it sad because the Arab got arrested?
j ,   jerusalem, israel   (02.21.07)
It is an extremelly sad story. But do you think we believe a single ounce of pity for a Jewish death coming out of Ramallah? Nice PR move. But we aren't buying it.
13. To #5 You are perfectly right
Misgav Mourner   (02.21.07)
14. No waaaay
Ali ,   Lebanon   (02.21.07)
I thought that Hezbollah did it......looool
15. Shir from Finland - what would you know
Shmuel ,   Israel   (02.21.07)
Your so sure that their is no national motives - what would some European sitting in Finland know. Every non Jew in our state is waiting for the day to rise up because our stupid leaders refuse to wake up and kick our enemy out of our borders.
MOSHE ,   US   (02.21.07)
17. #14 What a foolish comment
Kidon ,   USA   (02.21.07)
I hope this never happens to someone you love.
18. probably more than you
Shir ,   Helsinki, Finland   (02.21.07)
I´m starting to get sick of you people thinking I know nothing about Israel because I live outside Israel. First of all I am jewish, my father is israeli and I visit the country every summer. I have the nationality of Israel and I was even born in Tel Aviv, Israel, but of cource, that doesn´t count either. And number 12, it is disrespectful to talk that way to somebody who expressed his sympathy towards the victim.
19. to #13
Nadav ,   Misgav   (02.21.07)
I live in Misgav and I am proud to tell your that the vast majority of "Misgavnikim" disagree completely with you, we do believe in Coexistence. I guess you live in Hebron or so.
20. Arab girl's are untouchable
Ilan ,   Ariel   (02.21.07)
An assault on an Arab girl (which for the record I would find equally abhorrent). would have resulted in this guy's entire family paying the price. Family honor is highly regarded among the Arabs and has both a positive and negative expression. It is precisely because Jews are not considered as having honor that he could consider raping a Jewish girl. In my book that is a nationalistic motive.
21. murder is murder
To #19   (02.21.07)
I too believe in coexistence - but murder is murder and he can send all the letters he wants to the heartbroken family of Maayan - but he should pay a heavy price for what he has done.
22. Ilan
Shir ,   Helsinki, Finland   (02.21.07)
In Iran a 17-year old girl was sentenced to death, after stabbing one one of three men attempting to rape her and her 15 year old cousin in a park in Karaj. So it is more like, the muslims don´t have high regard for women in general. Why not just show compassion to the victim instead of using an incident like this to make it a race-issue.
23. To #19
Misgav Mourner   (02.21.07)
Sorry not from hebron - from misgav -How old are u Nadav, you must still be young? Stop giving me that coexistence crap - it does not work?.
24. To #18
Citizen of Israel   (02.21.07)
How naive of you to think a letter of sympathy from "the animal" can get him off this terrible murder. You dont have to tell the world how israeli you are as nobody really cares.
25. to 21 and 23
Nadav ,   Misgav   (02.21.07)
21 - you are right...just by reading some of those comments here it looks that to some people in this forum a jewish murderer is better than a goy. 23 - I passed 40 not so long, just try it, you are not to old to chance *-). Rabin and Sharon did. By the way,were you the one guy with the orange ribbon?
26. Sad and terrible loss.
But with 100% DNA proof, the family now know which piece of local scum deliberately murdered their beautiful daughter. Unlike the Rada family, where the suspect's DNA is not 100%, and they therefore can have no closure. He surely knows who did it, but these scum bags have probably threatened him and warned him not to speak or else...his family...Shocking for all concerned.
27. Show Mercy: Kill Him Quickly
emanon ,   USA   (02.21.07)
28. #24
"How naive of you to think a letter of sympathy from "the animal" can get him off this terrible murder. " Where did I say anything pointing to that? I didn´t even say anything to his defence I referred to #12 comment. And i wasn´t talking to you anyway, moron.
29. To #25
Misgav Mourner   (02.21.07)
Why do you put words into peoples mouth - in not one conversation did anybody mention goy or jew. Any person who murders another person should get strung up by his toe nails and left to die. We here in Misgav are very upset that it happened to be one of "our neighbours" that killed Maayan. Yeah we should live together in peace and harmony - dream on ....
30. why world go so far
cali ahmed ,   kenya mombasa   (02.23.07)
in this world we live many think happens iam sick about poeple are killer murder someone they love could be mother papa or some you be share life i mean relationship most of murder please stop kill poeple because poeple had a dream when childern past a way they had hope god bless us
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