'Food insecurity' rampant in West Bank, Gaza
Published: 22.02.07, 10:02
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1. They Chose Bullets And Bombs Over Bread And Butter
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (02.22.07)
Let them eat their bullets and bombs. They're like the guy who murders his parents and then cries for mercy from the court because after all, he's an orphan.
2. their leadership is more interested in jihad
aaron ,   ra'anana   (02.22.07)
3. Weapons or butter!
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (02.22.07)
If they would use the money they get to feed their people,,instead of buying weapons to destroy Israel,there would be no shortage of food. I live near Karni port,on the border of Gaza and see truck loads of food,going to Gaza every day,so tell me,where does all that food go to? They will say, Israel is at fault,for it is easier to blame Israel,then take responsibility.for their actions. I bet the leaders are not short of food and money.
4. embargo is aracist act
rami ,   palestine   (02.22.07)
the embargo was not imposed on the palestinians after forming the hamas governmentK but it was imposed after the signing of paris agreement 1995, so it is an israeli plan even when the so called peace process was acting. now the palestinian suffering is in its peak, the field needs only a spark, that will burn abbas, hamas, and israeli occupation, it will be asuden spontaious intifada.
rich ,   new york USA   (02.22.07)
So much money is given to the Palestinians by the US, the UN, The EU other arab countries, etc. What are they doing with it.????? Unfortunately it all goes to kill Israelis. Too bad that they dont have a normal system of who controls the funds. They have only themselves to blame because their leaders are naturally just out for themselves. The world should do a full accounting of all of the donations it has given & then cut the money off immediately..That money only goes to support terror and enrich the lives of their corrupt leaders.. EVEN BETTER they need to arrest Suha Arafat & take back the Billions $$$$$ that Arafat their great leader (the pedophile who everyone knows died of aids since he had sex with little boys as well as his bodyguards) stole from his "beloved" palestinian nation who he "played" untill his dying day. Let them get the billions from Suha out of her big fat bank account in Paris....Take all of her money from her that she didnt earn and ...Let her go work at mcdonalds or something & earn a living the normal way. No one should give these people a dime and once we shut off the money from Iran hopefully that should put a big dent in the support of terror. ...then the money from saudi arabia is next. But I agree with # 1...let them eat their bullets , bombs and suicide belts if they are hungry.
6. To number one. One thing people like you will never
Palestinian   (02.22.07)
understand is that we have chosen dignity. What this means in plain English is that we will not give up our stolen rights. We will not simply forget that you are invaders, and that we live poor with dignity in our lands is better than living rich smiling to faces like those of yours! Get it straight...... Thanks for your government because this will make the poor Palestinian population more determined than ever to support those you hate. It will just bring people more around those who will one day bring you down and return this land to its original owners!
7. Human life insecurity rampant in Israel!
8. Bombs and rockets rampat in PA!
9. Deluded
Number 1 said it perfectly. Number 6 is either deluded, or wrote on a full stomach about someone else's dignity.
10. Not true, the UN are a bunch of foreign national arab spy's.
Jeremiah ,   Israel, Jewish Land   (02.22.07)
Anyone who has actually spent any time in Yesha know's that this is a farce because they would have seen the palaces that the arabs live in and the Mercedes they drive. Even if all of this crap were true it's their own damn fault and anyone or any organization that gives them support supports terrorism and is an enemy of the Jewish people. The UN should go focus on the woes of the arabs in arab countries if they want something to cry about.
11. the Palestinians chosed Hamas, they have
Michael   (02.22.07)
to accept the consequences of their actions. When Hamas was elected,Palestinians interviewed were proud of their decisions to elect murderers. Now, once again, they want sympathy? "You can't have your cake and eat it too".
DOLLARS   (02.22.07)
13. Gee, Get Me Some Kleenex.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.22.07)
Sob, sob, sob. Oh how sad. No money for food because the price of bullets is so high. How will we buy more guns? We'll have to sucker the EU into giving us more money. You know the story of this kid who shot his parents & goes to court & says "have pity, I'm an orphan" -
14. To #6: One Thing People Like You Will Never Understand
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (02.22.07)
Is that you have chosen self-destruction. That's your choice. We will be here either way in OUR land. The land of Israel belongs to the nation of Israel, and you thieves trying to steal OUR land and murder the true owners only leads to your own suffering- and Allah's wrath.
16. Dignity? You're Kidding?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.22.07)
It's dignity to be so incompetant? To be international beggars? To have accomplished nothing in 60 yrs.? This is what you call dignity? Terrorism, corruption, religious fanaticism - this is dignity? Shame is what you should feel. Dignity, what a load of crap.
17. #6 There is no dignity in your situation
Tandy   (02.22.07)
The only people who can see dignity in your situation are brainwashed Islamists. There is no dignity in ending up with your organs splattered on restaurant walls or you’re your body exploded on a sidewalk while head is rolling down a street. There is no dignity in destruction. There is no dignity in squabbling hunger. If you want dignity, invest in creation and development and not in destruction. You have creative intelligent people. Let them use their talents for creating finding something useful for mankind. Instead of digging tunnels and building bombs and aiming rockets find a cure for something. In the meant time you are getting no respect from anyone, only pity.
18. Credibility of the sources
Xaxam ,   Rehovot   (02.22.07)
Credibility of the article in "The Independent" can be checked against a simple fact: they still refer to Gaza as "occupied territory". They invented "food insecure" term as inability to manage "healthy and active" life. Judging by the number of stone-throwing and gun-toting people in Gaza, the active lifestile is prevailing there. Palestinians must learn experimentally that those who sleep with dogs wake up with fleas. No surprise.
19. Why are Haniyeh and Abbas so fat???
Michael B   (02.22.07)
20. Stolen Rights
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (02.22.07)
Whose rights are not stolen by others ? Show me a single nation or a single men that have his/her rights all ? Maybe our rights are stolen by The God ? What do you think ? Is my point too stupid ? I never liked this world. We are okey with life. But many lives are too poor in life, too poor in brain, too poor in soul. Look at The God's system !!! it doesnt work !!! I dont care how much you are good religious guys !!! The God's system is DOWN. So, what to do ? Lets kill the idea of The God ! You will see no one will need to stole. I hate thieves !!! I do hate. specially the normal looking ones. in daily life, they got important places, important lookings.... Why they stole ? BECAUSE THERE ARE TOO MANY CHICKENS IN WORLD. what can the little Lion ones do ? sure, Nothing. AS LONG AS THE CHICKENS ARE CHICKENS IN WORLD, THE THIEVES WILL BE THIEVES. So, who we are ? the Chicken ones ? or the Thieves ones ? STUPIDDDD WORLDDDDD. Lets kill the idea of The God !
PEACE DREAMS   (02.22.07)
22. I wouldn't use the Independent or Guardian in my toilet ..
redmike ,   tel aviv and london   (02.22.07)
these two rags like the BBC are endemically anti-semitic and anti-Israel and other things too. Their articles are not even worth reading because they don't provide two sides to any of their stories including the non-Jewish/Israeli ones. They simply ram their biased agenda down their readers' throats and the only people that read them are those who want their own biases confirmed and therefore won't be choked by the force feeding.
23. reading post 6 suggests the war will be long
I'm not sure the wealthy israeli people will accept to pay the price for the oppression of an entire people very long. Continuing the war is not in the interest of Israel. Yesterday we lern 17% of sraeli youth woul go living in the UE if they hcould afford to leave. If you add the 600.000 isralis living in the US, only extremist religious zionists will stay to fight Amaleck.
24. You Zionists must understand ONE THING
Hani ,   Palestine   (02.22.07)
OK so let's leave the "pride/dignity/occupation/zionism" mumbo jumbo aside. We Palestinians have no problem with hunger. We've been starving since 1948, and will continue to live on a loaf of bread and some olives until we have ALL out rights in our homeland. NB. We've lived on olives, oragnes, and bread for centuries. Ningun problema mis amigos.
25. millions of dollars on rockets or millions of dollar on food
zionist forever   (02.22.07)
If the hamas government spent the kind of money on rockets on food instead there would be no food shortages. The terrorists spend millions of dollars on weapons but they leave the ordinary people either unemployed, with jobs but unpaid, a tiny sallery and alot of them short on food. When are the palestians going to get it into their heads the intefada hasnt brought them a state its only brought them sufferfing. If the inteafda never began they could be well on the way to statehood by now. Time for either a politcal change of tactic or a diatry change of taactis ( starve to death ) its their choice and they have to pay the consequenses of the decision they choose nobody else if they are ever going to have a state they must accept responsibility to make tough decisions and take the good with the bad.
26. RE:6 -- do you prefer dignty or starvation?
zionist forever   (02.22.07)
Whats more important to you .. your dignaty so you can stand up high and say we dont accept hand outs we will fight or do you prefer to eat. Who needs to worry about terrorists soon they are all going to be so weak because of the food they are not getting. You will only get a state if certain international conditions will be mett but will they give you the dignaty you want so badly 1) Your country will probably be the only country in the world not allowed a proper army. 2) Your refugee fantasy is never going to happen, your state gets them all thrown in free of charge. 3) Some of the settlement blocks are allways going to be here. 4) The security barrier is going to stay so your state is going to look more like a gheto. Time for your people to thing about realistic compromises instead of holding out so you can have your dignaty face it your on the loosing side Israel holds all the cards because without conditions it lays down you dont get even 1 centimetre to call a state.
27. Well they shouldnt of destroyed those green houses
Freejay ,   Israel   (02.22.07)
28. rocket science
israeli ,   israel   (02.22.07)
apparently rocket science is not such a lucrative business as the palis had anticipated. Perhaps they should go back to agriculture, sheep herding, etc. That is try to make a honest living before they beg for more money. And oh, where were Al-Guardian and Al-Independent when Fatah and Hamas were butchering each other and each other's children a few weeks ago in Gaza? I understand the hospital in Gaza was the scene of some fierce gun battle:
29. #24
israeli ,   israel   (02.22.07)
You people don't really think that we built this country from scratch just to hand it to you on a silver platter (not that you wouldn't rush to devastate and destroy it as you did with everything left in Gaza, or in Joseph's tomb), or do you? I mean with all your intifadah's and suicide bombings and the wars you impose on us, we are only going forward, while you are only going backwards despite all the fuss the international community is making ver your so-called plight. It's a good thing you admit that you have lived on bread and olive oil for centuries (and a bit of za'atar as well)- is that what you call your flourishing economy prior to the "Zionist invasion"? I saw a documentary on TV, about the German Templars who came to Israel in the 1860's. They saw you were practicing agriculture as they did 1500 years previously. Sad to see you are still there. And by the way, I did some research on the Templars (not the Templar knights, mind you). When they arrived in 1866, the population of Haifa was 4,000 (four thousand people). I rest my case.
30. #6 Come get your fresh hot dignity
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (02.22.07)
Taste great--less filling. You want chocolate syrup and a cherry on your dignity? How about colored candy sprinkles and whipped cream?
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