Raed Salah to be investigated
Aviram Zino
Published: 22.02.07, 14:11
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1. Israel arrests Jews ,investigates arab inciters
Marcel ,   Florida   (02.22.07)
The spineless cowards who rule Israel arrest and detain Jewish children for incitement ,but Saleh will be 'investigated'. Who will arrest the criminal cowards who rule israel and reward Islamic terrorists with Jewish land as they destroy Israel by way of the Road Map lie ?
2. Apologists and "Justice" Language
Bruce ,   Kentucky, USA   (02.22.07)
It's amazing how successful Jihadists have been at adopting and implementing the language of the peace-and-justice crowd, even when their words and actions simultaneously betray the doublespeak. I've been trying to imagine what level of violence Islamists will have to perpetrate before action is taken against the clerics of hate. Sad to say, I can't.
3. photos
I just want to know why Ynet puts good photos of people that incite violence and preach hatred against the Jews. When an article about Bibi is featured, it's always accompanied by a photo of him squinting, pointing, yelling, etc. Why is this?
4. What a joke
Chatich   (02.22.07)
Salah to be investigated for incitement. Next on the attorney general's schedule: investigate the desert for evidence of sand.
5. don't make a hero out of him..
Rami ,   Nazareth   (02.22.07)
When invistigating him, we need to keep in mind that he is a radical leader and Israel should be careful not to make a hero out of him
6. to # 1: terrorist settlers are running free
Many cases has been reported where innocent palestinians where killed in cold blood by settlers. These jewish terrorist are running free not even invistigated
7. Try him according to Sarhia principles
Peter ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.22.07)
They should try him using the principles of Sharia. In order that he feels like he is getting a fair trial I believe we should use the principles established in Sharia, but applying them to protection of Judaism as faith rather than Islam. He should be tried as a heretic and inciter would be tried in Taliban led afghanistan, or Iran or saudi Arabia. It is a code of law he understands well, he will not be surprised to find himself locked up forever or put to death.
8. Throw him in with the rest of them
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (02.22.07)
Well selfhate makes one blind. If any of the rightwing extremists (that is how YNET labels people living in Judea and Shomron) would talk this way,they would end up in solitary confinement for at least 6 months without a trial. Because lets face it our appeaseniks are scared of their own shadow and the investigation will lead to nothing. If you did not know it by now this country is mostly in the hands of the islamfacists .Because off the need off polical correctness off the media and other socalled selfhating peaceniks,who are obsessed with beautifying their soul. To make up for all the B.S. they do to each other and everyone.
10. #1 Marcel
Ronnie ,   Israel   (02.22.07)
You talk about "spineless cowards" here in Israel, but at least they're HERE, not sitting in Florida where it's safe. Who's the spineless coward?
11. Probe him like a proctologist would
Dirk   (02.22.07)
but without the Vaseline.
12. Here's a solution
Jan ,   usa   (02.22.07)
Why wast time into an investigation of this guy? He did it, he said it, we all heard it, and that should be the end of it. Proceed on to the next step. Better yet, why not just give him his wish of (his words)"The most beautiful moment in our lives will be when we meet god as martyrs in the al-aqsa mosque". I'm sure there would be no shortage of people who would be wiiling to grant him his wish.
13. #11- a worthy fate for such a poisonous character
Cameron   (02.22.07)
14. Let hogs eat him!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (02.22.07)
15. #14
connie ,   usa-texas   (02.22.07)
That was a good comment. Lets give the hogs a treat and douse the guy in bar-b-que sauce first!!
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