Jesus’ burial site found - film claims
Ariella Ringel-Hoffman
Published: 23.02.07, 10:26
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1. can they know from dna
salma ,   jerusalem   (02.23.07)
i think if they can do it .and if it is the ral family of jessus / the son the brother the mother will have the same but jessus will have another .this is related to our believe that the one was killed is not jessus but is another one ,god can replace the original with another one .. .this post is upon our believe only
2. coffins? did jews of the 1st century use coffins?
aaron ,   ra'anana   (02.23.07)
call me cynical, but this whole story strikes me as a bit of a reach... what's next - they find moses' 'coffin' ???
3. I didn't know anyone had Jesus's DNA.
Joan ,   Haifa   (02.23.07)
4. It also challenges what Quran says about Jesus
Palestinian   (02.23.07)
3:55 Behold! Allah said: "O Jesus! I will take thee and raise thee to Myself and clear thee (of the falsehoods) of those who blaspheme; I will make those who follow thee superior to those who reject faith, to the Day of Resurrection: Then shall ye all return unto me, and I will judge between you of the matters wherein ye dispute. 4:153 THE FOLLOWERS of the Old Testament [164] demand of thee [O Prophet] that thou cause a revelation to be sent down to them from heaven. [165] And an even greater thing than this did they demand of Moses when they said, "Make us see God face to face" - whereupon the thunderbolt of punishment overtook them for this their wickedness. [166] After that, they took to worshipping the [golden] calf - and this after all evidence of the truth had come unto them! None the less, We effaced this [sin of theirs], and vouchsafed unto Moses a clear proof [of the truth], 4:154 raising Mount Sinai high above them in witness of their solemn pledge. And We said unto them, “Enter the gate humbly”; [16] [7] and We told them, "Do not break the Sabbath-law"; and We accepted from them a most solemn pledge. 4:155 And so, [We punished them [168] ] for the break­ing of their pledge, and their refusal to acknowledge God's messages, and their slaying of prophets against all right, and their boast, "Our hearts are already full of knowledge"- nay, but God has sealed their hearts in result of their denial of the truth, and [now] they believe in but few things - ; [169] 4:156 and for their refusal to acknowledge the truth, and the awesome calumny which they utter against Mary, [170] 4:157 That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah.;- but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not:-
5. Yeah, and the Hobbits are real *snort*
Michael Steiner   (02.23.07)
6. @4 well, he must have died some time then :P
Suzanne   (02.23.07)
7. @2
Suzanne   (02.23.07)
Coffins were used. Don't know about the exact period you are asking, but check Gen. 50.26
8. More Details Would Have Been Appreciated.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.23.07)
Pretty interesting nonetheless. But I don't understand how they can know it's really Jesus & family and not some other family with similar names. Other than a perhaps remarkable coincidence of names, what other proof could exist? DNA would establish that the people are related, possibly a vague ethnic identification, but not anything else.
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.23.07)
10. Biased
Marcel Abel ,   France   (02.23.07)
article and prejudiced "researchers". Next article of a too clear agenda (after scandalous Da Vinci swindle). Next time they will shout from the rooftops: we have discovered GOD's "coffin" (sic) and analysed his DNA (sic) ! My Lord, please let them be so emboldened as to think they are new gods with their DNA. Only YOU know what is to come and who is your Jesus.
11. I dont think this proven true will alter my belief
elijah ,   Beirut   (02.23.07)
I really dont care if Jesus is immortal, can fly, walk on water or not, did he marry and have kids or not, it is either am convinced with what he has spoken or not. because the story would change but the teachings remain.
12. Purim Joke!
David M ,   London, UK   (02.23.07)
Before all Christians out there take offence and question their faith.... this is a Purim joke. Purim is a happy joyful festival when we can play 'April Fool' type jokes on each other. Very good piece though. Took me a while to realise myself. Maximum respect to Ynet! Shabbat Shalom and Happy Purim to all!
13. Resurrected
John ,   USA   (02.23.07)
Its never been about a flesh body resurrection (Pauline Christian), its about a spiritual body resurrection. When we physically die our spirtual body form goes to G-d. The flesh and bones return to the ground (dust). In every man the spirit breath (Gen. 2:7), is our ability to have consciencousness (do or not do G-ds will) in time in our living bodies, while on earth.
14. Continuing;
John ,   USA   (02.23.07)
The Apostles SAW Yeshua by how they last remembered him (crucified). Salvation is all about a WAY of LIFE. People will REMEMBER us but what we DO and DID. Please have faith.. Just because the resurrection is not how you might think, does not mean it is not real. Inside us all, is our spirit breathed by G-d, that is longing to be resurrected and freed from the flesh body of sin (Rom. 6) like those whom are already perfected (letter of Hebrews 12:23). Be born anew, like Abraham and David.
15. Jesus' burial site
Christian ,   Sweden   (02.23.07)
There are two ways to try to dispose of Christianity. One is to say that Jesus of Nazareth never existed. He does not belong to history. He is merely a fiction. Could that be proven Christianity would of cause be nullified. The other way is to try to prove that Jesus never was bodily resurrected by finding his earthly remains in some grave. This is a more difficult way as archeology surely can prove that these are the earthly remains of a Jesus buried in Jerusalem during the first centuary of our CE. But to prove that this Jesus is the prophet Jesus of Nazareth of the Christian scriptures, crucified by the Romans, is quite another thing. Could it be done with any certainty it would of cause change a lot for us Christians. And still, in the end, our belief in the resurrection is a belief in a bodily resurrection of the same kind that God one day will give to all rightous. For us Jesus is just the first of many which will follow him on the day decided by God. When God resurrected him, he gave his approvance of Jesus as a holy and rightous person, the Messiah of his people. That changed what first seemed to be a complete disaster to a victory for God and his people. Now, when it comes to the resurrection of Jesus nothing can be proved or disproved by archeology or history after 2000 years. This will turn out to be the truth also in this case. But what remains is that after 2000 years millions still listen to the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and acknowlege him to be their master, benefactor and saviour and why not, their beloved rebbe. The chair is empty since 2000 years , but his presence is still felt and so more the impact of his person and teachings all over the world. What more proof is needed that he was and is a very special person?
16. Hoax
Arul ,   Malaysia   (02.23.07)
It is a complete hoax that they found a cave with Jesus's body. Jesus rose from dead and his tomb is empty. After resurrection he appeared to many for 40 days ( to 500 at one time).
17. NOT WISE AT ALL !!!!
AMIR   (02.23.07)
Dear khaverim I think in these horrible days in Yisrael's history I think that the Jewish people need EVERY friend especially the Chrisitian friends, by the way, there're no other friends left to the Jewish people except the Christians. The question why begin to create problems with our christian friends, WAKE UP Israel, the Moslem Ayatollahs aim to wipe us and we are stirring conflict with the christian believers who defend us. Figure it out it's not the secular chrisitans who defend us but the believers! BE WISE ISRAEL and close this case KOL TOV Khaverim
18. Discovered coffins.
J.J.Hall ,   Canterbury, England   (02.23.07)
C,mon guys, give us a break...``according to the film-makers..??? Jesus death and Resurrection ( and it was him, not a substitute ) is one of the most strongly attested and established facts of history. The supporting evidence, which I have researchedis conclusive. This is a money-making exercise and is not the first. Surely it will be well received because it is a message many want to hear. Sadly, if it was true then the Resurrection didn't happen and we all die.....I believe it did and there is hope for all of us of a future... Why not try checking out for yourself to see if I'm right. Joe.
19. Marcel in France - Reality Check
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (02.23.07)
Perhaps you shuld take a look at the cover and by-lines of the Da Vinci Code - the authors repeatedly stte it was a book of FICTION. That the Church blew it out of all proportion - which gave it the publicity it received-is why it is such a "mystical" and controversial publication. religion is a leap of faith - either you believe or you don't. It has nothing to do at times with proveable facts.
20. Coffins (Aaron #2) and such
Paqid 16, Netzarim ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (02.23.07)
Consulting an article co-written by Amos Kloner and Gabriel Barkay in 1986 in the Biblical Archeology Review, they referred to the sarcophagi chambers hewn into the rock as "coffins." So "coffins" doesn't rule anything out. However, Kloner and Barkay dated these burial caves (in the St. Etienne Cave Complex) to the Beit ha-Miqdash ha-Rishon era. I think I remember reading something about this set of ossuaries (or sarcophagi or whatever) engraved with these names along with a statistical argument that, although none of the names are unusual, according to the article (or whatever it was, I can't find it) the probability of finding these particular names together makes it very likely that of the famous family. So you might expect to see this argument in the documentary -- and either a counter-argument concerning the dating or different caves. I'll wait to see the evidence and how the archeologists, scientists, statisticians, etc. weigh in. The rest of you can keep right on blowin' smoke. It's very entertaining. For those Christians who are already scurrying around for evading the implications, the NT absolutely teaches that the BODY was gone from the tomb when the women went to check the tomb. Thus, finding the bones would be yet another self-contradiction for Christianity to deal with. Christians already ignore so many historical contradictions, though, how will one more make much difference? But the fact remains that Christian authority is the NT -- back to the beginning of this paragraph. Paqid Yirmeyahu Israeli Orthodox Jew Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming Jews & non-Jews
21. Thank you AMIR
Marcel Abel ,   France   (02.23.07)
and the One bless you and Israel.
22. Carved name in a coffin
Freddy Basurco ,   Lima, Peru   (02.23.07)
Some months ago this same newspaper broadcasted a similar article of a coffin with the engraved name of Yeshua´s brother. It was immediately rejected by top israeli archaeologists as a hoax. Engraved names in coffins are proof of anything, The bodies inside those coffins could have belonged to anyone. After 2,000 years it´s nearly impossible to identify those obscure and anonimous people. On the other hand, there are plenty of OTHER historical sources which attest the real and salvific BODILY resurrection of Yeshua. I challenge you all jewish friends, go get a Brit Hadasha and read it through and judge by yourselves.
23. Interesting rewrite of history
Brett ,   Raleigh, NC   (02.23.07)
Of course the Jews want to prove the Jesus story is false... they denied him, they killed him... this is just another attempt to deny the truth. If the Jews can prove this then they will think they are off the hook for sending him to the cross 2000+ years ago. I agree that we all should wait for the evidence to be presented.... however there is no way to prove bones are that of the NT Jesus. Of course we all know how "Hollywood" likes to twist reality of fact.. and try to create its of version of history for the purposes of making money.
24. Coffins Find
john cullen ,   USA, Michigan   (02.23.07)
What a bunch of crow. The media and certain factions continue to try to alter the belief that Christ raised from the dead and was never physically left here. He never had a brother, nor did the Blessed Mother's body ever get left here. God the Father did not want his Son's Mother to be desicrated, touched or have any kind of remains. She too went to heaven via the assumption. Read the Bible.
25. Don't Open It!
SeaLawyer ,   Severna Park, MD USA   (02.23.07)
If opening Jesus' coffin isn't enough, think of it as a Pandora's box we're about to open!
26. Yeah, Right, Here we go again
Stephen ,   Boston, MA, USA   (02.23.07)
Another attempt to debunk Christianity. Just like the bone box that claimed to show Jesus had "brothers" and therefore his Blessed Mother was not a virgin. Well, that claimed failed to mention that in the language Jesus spoke, there is no work for cousin, so they called cousins and other relatives "brothers". Gee, that's an important fact left out. I suspect this "discovery" will have similar holes in it. It's been 2,000 years and people keep trying. The Christian Faith is a gift, but it's not built on a house of cards or lies. It's built on hard historical facts. It's take faith to accept, but it's a not a shell game.
27. Blasphemy!
Sean ,   United States   (02.23.07)
Blasphemy! These people will do anything to undermine God's word and the deity of Jesus. Once more, Jesus did not have any children and He is not in any grave, for HE IS RISEN!!!
28. Jesus's Coffin
Dr. Deborah Harris ,   Toled US   (02.23.07)
Just another attempt to demean Jesus Christ. Pitiful.
29. Noah's ARK-aeologist
Ima Bleever ,   Anytown USA   (02.23.07)
According to the six men who FOUNDED the science of Archaeology, it was created for the express purpose of discrediting and disproving the Christian Bible. Guess which branch of science has done the most to prove the Bible? This guy who found a coffin has forgotten that Jesus was wrapped in a cloth. This man HATES Christianity. I have seen him before. But he does not matter. >> Christianity stands or falls on the resurrection of Jesus. If He faked his death, it's all crap. Thus, it imperative to prove He faked it. But if Jesus faked his death, his followers had to help him, and they knew. So why did they each die the most horrible deaths AFTER Jesus died when they could have just disbanded and gone off to have a beer and a prostitute? As #4 wisely points out, the timing of this "find" perfectly coincides with the time when causing a fight between Christians and Jews would cause the most damage. Thus, it is a satanic attack on Israel, to try to weaken our alliance. For many years, Christians have been funding excursions to Mount Ararat in hopes of finding the Ark of the Flood. Islam teaches that Moses built the Ark. Christianity and Judaism say it was Noah. Finding the Ark would go a LONG way towards disproving an old enemy. Does the inside of the Ark have Islamic or Jewish architecture, especially for prayer? Are the exact dimensions of the Ark as mentioned in the Bible/Torah, or in the Koran? Does the Koran or Hadiths even mention the dimensions of the Ark? Our writings are VERY specific. Why aren't yours? The Bible/Torah record Noah as having built an alter and a vineyard upon exiting the Ark. Is that alter as prescribed in Judaism or Islam? Is there a vineyard nearby under all that ice? Did someone scratch, "Noah was here" inside the Ark? Was the door indeed sealed from the OUTSIDE with pitch/tar? A million more questions exist. Why does the Turkish government always hinder us from our search? What are they afraid we will find? We are not afraid. We welcome the findings. Will this archaeologist join our noble search on Ararat? Or is he just another Christian hater who will fade into obscurity like all the others?
30. Hard to Believe
Jimmy ,   Conway - USA   (02.23.07)
I am very skeptical of this so-called discovery. The Bible is very clear on what happened to Jesus Christ and his tomb was empty.
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