Jesus’ burial site found - film claims
Ariella Ringel-Hoffman
Published: 23.02.07, 10:26
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61. Coffin of Jesus?
Thomas W. ,   Royal Oak, USA   (02.23.07)
Three questions: How many Jews were living in Jerusalem at the time of interment? How common were the names, Jesua, Mary and Joseph at that time? Isn't it a huge leap of "faith" to assume that these coffins contained the remains of the Jesus, Mary and Joseph of Christendom?
62. No coffin was used to burry Jesus...!!
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (02.23.07)
How come there is no mention of the exact location of the cave? Who are the people who reasearched this? What the catholic church involved? a lot of info is missing...
63. Hmm...interesting.
Antonio Grady ,   Leland, usa   (02.23.07)
Jesus died on the cross at Calvery, and was buried in a cave and after 3 days, he decended into Hades and released all that had died believers, then He arose from the dead and was in the flesh before assending into heaven so where was a need to rebury Him a second time with his relativies?
64. #15 interesting...
your post is very meaningful and touchy. from what I read and forgive me if I am wrong, as a Christian, you believe that Jesus was a propeht and a man, not son of God?
65. from reuters tv
mandeep ,   new york   (02.23.07)
Do you know where this press conference is on monday?
66. belief
t. gmyrek ,   USA   (02.23.07)
According to Scripture, Jesus was taken up to heaven, therefore there are no bones and/or body remaining.
67. #12 David, I didn't know Purim jokes
Hebrew Girl   (02.23.07)
could be played this early. Isn't it like 10 days until Purim? I do think it is a hoax but I think some people actually believe it.
68. You can accept that Jesus is the
Messianic   (02.23.07)
Messiah or not but you can't deny that he rose from the dead!
69. Jesus' Burial Site Found
James ,   Washington DC   (02.23.07)
That is impossible. Jesus has risen and is now sitting on the right hand of God the Father.
70. Jesus Coffin Found
GrimDude ,   Fort Myers, FL   (02.23.07)
Highly doubtful. Names then, like today, go through phases of popularity. I'm sure the names are coincidentally alike, but there is no way DNA evidence can prove this is THE holy family. Had the 'Jesua' in the coffin found been crucified? Do his bones show evidence of the brutal treatment and broken legs of our Jesus? What is the name of this film? I'm betting on computer generated tripe, myself.
71. Jesus Tomb Found
Frank ,   Atlanta, USA   (02.23.07)
"could shake up the Christian world as one of the most significant archeological finds in history"...and Piltdown man was a good hoax too....keep trying guys, God's waiting.....
72. Same old Jewish Lie
Patric Vanderbeck ,   Marietta GA USA   (02.23.07)
From the time of the Ministry of Jesus Christ there have been certain people of the Jewish Faith that have said the Resurrection of Jesus was a lie. Get over it. He is the Lord, the one spoken of by Isaiah the seer and by Moses and by all the prophets of old and the sweet Psalmist David. He is the Son of God. When your religious nuts in Israel wake up and see it , then will Jerusalem be all that it was to be. Look on Him whom ye pierced, as I have. Patric
73. Jesus' coffin and burial site found article
Michael Crase ,   Columbus, GA   (02.23.07)
Spin. Wishful thinking. No matter how the docu-spin film tries to take on the Scripture and the truth in it by depicting a false statement as true, it will, eventually, as does every other attempt of descrediting the truths of Scripture, fail and fall by the way side to obscurity. I know, I'm a religious wack-O! No, just a simple and real person confident and content based on sound and dependable truths taught in the Bible that there simply can't be any remains of Jesus body for one reason. The resurrection! He is not dead now but alive. It's ironic that this article is highlighted with a "Discovery" text box beside it. Someone's feeble attempt at "discovering" something is nothing more than a dredged up hope of descrediting a sound truth, i.e. the resurrection of Jesus, while all the time missing the real discovery of the truth of the Gospel. Jesus died, was buried, and ROSE again to walk around on this earth for a time in His resurrected body. No fantasy, just evidentially justified facts of history. Unlike trying to convice someone that by finding one little rock or bone fragment we can dogmatically state with unequivocal certainty what happened on earth 840 BILLION years ago. Come on! At least use some common sense! Well, that assumes common sense is a commodity of possession by these "documentaries." Anyway, thanks for the chance to respond, but sorry to have to hear these crazy weak attempts to disprove real truths. Kind Regards, Michael Crase
74. Jesus' Tomb Found -- With Him In It?
Keith Brumley ,   Milwaukee, USA   (02.23.07)
my thoughts =>
75. Time for a riot
Aaron ,   Erie, USA   (02.23.07)
This could be very offensive to believing Christians. But, do you think they will riot and kill people?
76. tomb
mark ,   delaware, usa   (02.23.07)
since when can a filmaker be the first to "establish" that a site is historically accurate?!?! How ludicrous; next we will have grocery clerks proposing new bills in congress or parliament.
77. Jesus burial site....
les ,   NJ USA   (02.23.07)
Must be wishful thinking!! They didn't use coffins back then.
78. The name
David ,   New York, NY   (02.23.07)
I hate to say this, but it certainly sounds like a few archeologists are attempting to jump on the "Davinci Code" bandwagon. Yeshua (Joshua) was one of the most common names of that time. Secondly, something which many don't think of, is that having sex within marriage is not a sin. If Jesus had a son he would still be perfect but there would surely have been a historical account of this. The last thing to consider is that he rose again from dead, the coffin would need to have no traces of decomposed body parts, bones, etc. We've had enough hoaxes.
79. Jesus can finally come home
Dov ,   canada   (02.23.07)
Time has come for jews to welcome and embrace their younger Christian Brothers back to synagogues, where God is the One and Only. It would surely help the eco system a great deal as well.
80. Religion is dumb
Josh ,   St Paul, MN   (02.23.07)
and it sucks
81. Jesus’ burial site found
Steve Holloway ,   Arkansas, usa   (02.23.07)
satan lost after Jesus rose from the dead. The sinless savior Jesus, saved us by paying with his life for our sins because he loved us even as big time sinners and gives us a way out of hell that was made for satan. This could be one of many ways satan is trying to under mine what is prove, that Jesus rose from the dead with his body and went to heaven.
82. Jesus's burial site?
Avraham ,   New York, New York   (02.23.07)
Every year as Easter approaches another miraculous discovery about Jesus becomes international news. As I read your report I asked myself what are the odds that so many family members would be buried together given their tumultuous lives. Of course other questions have also come to mind. If such a family plot existed why is there no mention in the New Testament of the existence of such a place? I would guess if it existed they could not keep it secret nor stop people from visiting it. But what is most striking about this story is that one of the filmmakers (James Cameron) has the same name as a filmmaker who made millions producing nonsensical horror films. Is this the same guy?
83. Burial site - Casket????
Glenn Roseberry, Jr ,   Memphis, TN   (02.23.07)
This is actually hilarious. I am a history buff. I have NEVER heard of a single mention of "caskets" during this time in history. Tombs yes, caskets, no. This is like finding Henry Fords body in a Hummer and stating it as proof that he liked GM's better in spite of all the other evedence he invented Fords. What a goofy spuf. Not to mention the claim of carving names into coffins. His whole thing is beyond even being considered a bad hoax. What I am curious about is who attended the "press conference" where the details were made public. What archeologist and statisticians were involved in this reaseach? Basically, we could get a great list of persons to put an a do not call list for future references.
84. purim
Glenn Roseberry, Jr ,   Memphs, TN   (02.23.07)
What is a purim festival
85. Yeah, right.
Yosef ,   Los Angeles, CA, USA   (02.23.07)
I remember a few years ago someone "found" a casket of Jesus's brother that turned out to be a fake. Every archeological find turns out to be "one of the most significant archeological finds in history", even if it isn't. People need grants.
86. to Paqid
David ,   Boston, US   (02.23.07)
Padiq, You mention that Christians ignore many historical contradictions in order to sustain their belief. What you ultimately fail to mention is that Orthodox Jews, like yourself, do the same. I have studied the Torah in both English and Hebrew. It is riddled with self-contradictions and gaps in logic. Rabbinical midrash has struggled to explain both, with varying degrees of success. If either the Torah or New Testament is scrutinized as modern Western-style historiography or as a scientific treatise, it fails. If either is approached in the tradition of ancient histories (e.g., Josephus, Tacitus, or Herodotus), then it holds its own quite well. You, sir, as an Orthodox Jew, should realize this better than just about anyone. For such is the understanding of the greatest ancient and medieval rabbis.
87. hmmmm.......
bruce ,   Albuquerque, NM-USA   (02.23.07)
hahahaha what a laugh, Jesus is not here....He's in Heaven The Tomb was is and will be empty for a long time...... filmmakers man!
88. Anyone think OneWorldReligion?
hischild ,   usa   (02.23.07)
So where are the remains? This will help start the One World religion that's coming soon. Any way to refute Christ resurection would help the athiestic nations and world leaders to come together to shut up Christians and claim us as NUTS, that is what they are trying to do now and it will get worse before it gets better \o/ I'm going home, how bout you?
89. Jesus’ burial site found - film claims
Bud ,   Fredericksburg, VA   (02.23.07)
I can't believe the Pharisees and Romans were so dumb 2000 years ago that they couldn't find the tomb on their own. And the Apostles died for a lie? I don't think so!
90. Casket 'remains'....
Jack Rolllins ,   Halifax Canada   (02.23.07)
I can help the research team if they are having any trouble figuring out which casket is which? The EMPTY one with NO remains is the casket Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords was placed in, was raised up from by the Power of the Holy Ghost, and ascended unto God the Father. Don't believe it? No worries, He'll be returning before you know it, and you can ask Him yourself! God Bless His Nation Israel and keep them in His Holy Hands.
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