Towards a democratic Syria
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 24.02.07, 14:36
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1. I hope for peace
ZD ,   USA   (02.24.07)
peace will come when Israel leaves the Golan and the Palestinians have their own state and freedom,for now this guy is just a traitor .
2. he is syrian?????
Mohammed ,   Egypt   (02.24.07)
3. Incorrect
Micha   (02.24.07)
Peace comes when moslem mothers love their children more than they hate the Jews. end of story.
4. correct
jerry ,   madison, usa   (02.24.07)
#3 is right, i've talked to a number of muslim mothers who all agree that they hate jews more than they love their own children. it's a strange phenomenon that may only have some sort of genetic explanation.
5. Hope for peace after Israel gives back Golan?
B'Galil ,   Israel   (02.24.07)
Was there even the slightest HINT of peace after Israel GAVE BACK Gaza? Anyone who knows this region knows that weakness and gestures of peace are answered with bombs and rockets. Does anyone expect peace to come with Syria if Israel simply left the Golan Heights tomorrow??? Don't be a fool.
6. The moment Syria gets democracy
Antonio ,   Haifa   (02.24.07)
they'll vote in Muslim Brotherhood. We need to be wary of them and just KEEP AWAY.
7. What we need to warry about is....
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (02.24.07)
Who will replace the current regime? if it is the Islamic fundamintalists then, we are better of with the current secular regime. We will be better off only if a secular democratic regime takes control.
8. #3 & #4
jan ,   usa   (02.24.07)
You both are correct. The unfortunate thing is that there are at least 2 generations that have been taught hate at home, school, and at the mosque since they were able to understand words. And we know that a generation is at the very least, 40 years. No one realizes when they sow seeds of hate how long lasting the harvest of those seeds sown lasts. And hate knows no difference from one muslim to the next. This is why muslims groups war against each other. Hate is no-respector of persons. It is a equal opportunity employer.
9.  Muslim brother hood dose not accept his ideology at all
e.m ,   s.f   (02.25.07)
Muslim brother hood is the must fanatic’s organization in Syria and Egypt and Jordan which they never will accept the existence of Jewish State they are much worst then Alawit regime in Syria Do not compromise the Golan high never ever
10. democracy in Syria = bad news for Israel
zionist forever   (02.25.07)
If Syria got democracy it would only be bad news for Israel. In an attempt to show the rest of the arab wold how great democracy is they will put preasure on Israel to agree to Syrian demands no matter what the democratic regimes policies are. Hamas were ellected democractily now they are respectble and the Europeans are desperate to find an excuse to start giving them money . Give democracy to Syria all the preasure is going to be on Israel. Democratic government doesnt mean good government .. as far as arab states go Jordan is a pretty reasonble but its a dictaitorship but hamas has been ellected democraticly and they are still a terror organistion but using democracy as an excuse to gain respectbility and international support. Hitler was ellected democraticly and look how democracy .... Israel does not need a democratic government in Syria it only needs a government that is interested in real peace not land for promises of peace which lasts only as long as it suits Syrian insterests.
11. What a traitor
Ali ,   Lebanon   (02.25.07)
12. Ammar Abdulhamid
EDJ ,   USA   (02.26.07)
Most Syrians, like it or not, would like to see a genuine and true peace between Israel & Syria. However, this peace is conditional on two basic assumptions: 1- The return of the entire Golan heights to Syria, which is a very simple operation if a genuine and true peace is advanced forward and acheived. 2- Israel should make peace with a democratic, free, and freely elected Syrian government. Not the regime of the organized crime family of Assad and company that is currently ruling Syria. Only a representative government of the Syrian people can make peace with Israel and any other country in the world. 3- To all these people who called Mr. Abdulhamid a "traitor", I believe that you are not Syrians!? Stay away from Syria and its people. Only Syrians decide what is good or bad for Syria. Just get lost, and leave Syria alone...
13. Ammar is a great guy!!
Nasser ,   USA   (03.04.07)
I know Ammar personally, he is a brilliant and sincere fellow, those who call him a traitor should know the guy before slandering him. He wants a free and a democratic Syria, he's entitled and justified and looking to realize this dream. Ney, right.
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