Iran says atomic work has 'no reverse gear'
Published: 25.02.07, 13:56
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1. A-MAN
1.5 billion Muslims   (02.25.07)
Reality Check, world
2. remember ISLAM is the religion of peace
3. 1.5 billion Muslims
the ONLY thing you are capable of, is massacring yourselves watch Iraq, Algeria, Indonesia..... what a sad religion
BOB ,   USA   (02.25.07)
6. And you just keep on and on printing this nonsense
When will the media learn that when they stop printing his verbal diarrhea he will keep quiet. No other newspapers outside Israel print every word he says.
Scott   (02.25.07)
No reverse gear ,no brains and no future - just hate - and a desire to meet the Devil which will be granted very soon..
al mann ,   Jerusalem, israel   (02.25.07)
Ancient mentalities are being resurrected through progress of modern times. Many ancient empires have been reborn with different names in the same geographical areas for the most part. Each generation breeds new problems with no solutions. Each generation breeds new enemies, new wars, new potentials for the destruction of civilization. It seems that there is no control and that there is always some kingdom who wishes to dominate by destruction and murder. Killing people in uniform has become legitimate. while those out of uniform are not considered fair game, even though they might have had their own arms and weapons. The struggle for domination continues and will always until we destroy each other. Will modern Persia continue its threats of domination? Will modern Rome continue to threaten modern Persia? How will it all end?
9. Its Them or US
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. USA   (02.25.07)
Prior to our incursion into Iraq to free 25m Muslims from 35 years of Saddam's rule, most of the Arab-Muslim world and their Western supporters had massive demonstrations, threatening US will all kinds of retaliation. At the end of the day, they did nothing, but rant and rave, usually orchestrated by their mullah leaders. Now, we hear that 1.4b Muslims will retaliate against our (US/Israel) interests worldwide should we destroy Iran's nukes.Just a lot more hot air I'd say. In fact, most countries will silently applaud our efforts to defang Iran. Frankly, I am encouraging the US to hit Iran ASAP, before they go "hot". That would mean more Iranian deaths. But on second thought, they should only blame themselves, and the Russian interference (providing them with gd to air missiles, etc.). The time is drawing near folks, for our B1 to start. It's their facilities or our cities.
10. He is not even Iranian or Moslem
mickey ,   San Diego ,USA   (02.25.07)
He is not Perisan. He is not moslem. He is a Disturbsoul .I hope one day true iranian people get rude of this evil people.
11. When Fanatics rule
Brod ,   USA   (02.25.07)
With Fanatics there will be no reverse gear. The world needs to understand that there is no rationality in fanaticism. This makes it all the more dangerous for the whole world when fanatics get their hands on nukes. Those who think they can talk with fanatics are either idiots or nuts.
12. To Ahmadinejad:
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (02.25.07)
Download "Locomotive Breath" by Jethro Tull. That will be your new theme song.
13. Runaway Train
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington, D.C.   (02.25.07)
is an excellent way to describe Islamofascism. Sorry Achmyas- but we're going to take out the tracks and derail your obscene naziesque plans.
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLHAHA ,   ..............DACON9   (02.25.07)
15. A train with no brakes is bound to derail.
Johnson ,   USA   (02.25.07)
rich ,   New York USA   (02.25.07)
Mahmoud "Eichman-dinejad" is engineering the Final Solution of his own people and will be causing the death of many thousands more - worldwide - through his estimated planned global suicide bombings, regional war with Israel and the US as well as missile attacks with chemical weapons on the US, Israel, Western europe, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabaia and the rest of the gulf states. Some brave Iranian citizen should try to assassinate him or overthrow him before its too late. Nuclear enrichment and weapons building isnt simply a backyard game of kickball, this is poker played on a whole other level and the loser of this end-game could see a mushroom cloud for their own people. KILL this Insane leader NOW !!!!!! who is brainwashing his people before it too late. He is insane..he is not psychologically stable enough to be a leader with his finger on the nuclear button.
17. good historical lessons for my country and fellow Iranians.
Iranian   (02.25.07)
unfortunately, we were bound to end up here since the birth of the Islamic Revolution in 1979. we have been on a collision course with the civilized world for a long time. this nuclear issue is the conclusion and a matter of life and death for the Ayatollahs. we will get hit, and will get hit hard! this is our own fault. we did the revolution, we took the Americans hostage, we declared US and Israel and UK and EU the "enemy" , we supported Hezbollah and Hamas, we isolated ourselves from the international community, WE CHOSE THIS GOVERNMENT IN 1979. we wanted to "follow the path of Islam" and brought devastation to our country. no government lasts for ever. even the Nazis with their might were wiped off the map, let alone IRI. the Ayatollahs will be taken care of, and then we can learn from our mistakes and build a better future, just like the Germans did.
18. We're better than you
Death ,   Earth   (02.25.07)
I find it amusing. We have no plans to bomb Iran, but a new panel has been setup to decide the details of that very event. While I hold no hate for Islam, Judaism, Christianity or any other religion it's great to see how my fellow Americans which used to be a country of tolerance and freedom are turning into hateful hypocritical people. We can bomb anyone we want, but you can't do the same. Why? because we are bigger than you. forget the "war is all over oil" talks, whatever. We Americans act as it we are better than the rest of the world. Our daddy just has more money, so the rest of the world is a sub-class of humans. We have nukes, Israel has nuke, which we probably gave them, and if they bombed anyone, the US will probably claim justification. Just like bush says "yellowcake in Iraq", says its a bad thing, then authorizes the development of nuclear bunker busting bombs and preemptive strikes using such things. I'm against nuclear bombs anywhere, we live on the same earth and if one goes off, I'll feel it somehow someway wherever I am, as will everybody else. But now these days the world might be better off with a few launched nukes. maybe just apathy, but who cares, not you. Just remember that the giant doesn't notice the ants he steps on until the entire population is crawling up its leg. sure the giant may kill them all, but not without them leaving some permanent scars.
19. IRANIAN...........................................#17
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.25.07)
Iranian..................take good care of yourself if you are not in Iran.They dont need people like you............a liability,I am afraid. We have isolated orselves.......we have distanced ourselves form the 'civilized' world.........and the rest of the crap is a usual thing for us and we have got used to it.
20. #8 has a point.
Abdullah ,   EuMe   (02.25.07)
Yep. It seems the Romans/Hellenists and Persians are back. The Persians at least are able to produce a Korush (Cyrus) though sometimes a Hamman too. But the Romans/hellenists are good for nothing except dividing the Jewish people, desecrating true religion and causing cruel destruction and pain, in the name of "civilisation".
21. What if he will declare he owns Moon?
Damir ,   Russia   (02.25.07)
Will all the world discuss it?
22. #19 - Mahmood,
Iranian   (02.25.07)
can you offer anything intelligent? can you make a sensible argument? can you challenge the truth? history speaks for itself.
23. Iran
Leah ,   Netanya Israel   (02.25.07)
The leadership in Iran is hell bent on building a bomb to get rid of the Jewish people that they have forgotten that nasty accidents happen and they will no doubt have one 50 times more devastating than Chernobal. The Russians are not good at building nuclear power plants.
24. this man is insane, i still don't get it
Mike ,   Orlando, Florida   (02.25.07)
why the hell they let him lead the country ? he leads his country to a total destruction !
25. Ahmadinejad Is Probably Right.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.25.07)
The only thing that will stop this "train with no brakes" is a preemptive military strike. Otherwise, it will build up speed & strength & eventually crash into us.
26. It Ends when Ahmadinejad's train hits a brick wall
malcolm   (02.25.07)
27. Remove this menace from the train
Kidon ,   USA   (02.25.07)
The world watches while Ahmadinejad and his fellow mullahs race to obtain nuclear power. He could care less about Iran or the Iranian people. It's about empowering the Islamic Regime, spreading terror and making the world an even more dangerous place. Take action to stop the train (military action, sanctions, financial institution boycotts, watchlist etc.) When the train is disengaged, Ahmadinejad will be put trial for crimes against humanity to include incitement of genocide.
28. What he might hit
Damir ,   Russia   (02.25.07)
There is a Turkmenistan. There was a head of them, who built a golden statues of himself all over the capital. Got his money from gas exports. Even Putin looked torch of democracy as compared to him. Heart attack this year.
29. There Are Breaks. And They Are Floating In The Persian Gulf
David ,   Marietta USA   (02.25.07)
And if we are going to mix our our metaphors, the train may have no breaks, but trains running at high speed can be derailed. The question is whether or not the paper tiger US is willing to open its claws.
30. Irainian Train Wreck
Neal ,   NJ,USA   (02.25.07)
It is coming soon. The bombing/dismantling of the Iranian military industrial infrastructure will be unrelenting. Much karma is owed this terroristic regime starting with the Embassy take-over. All the talk, blah blah blah and Saddam was defeated in record time and found hiding in a hole. Monkey Boy and his Mullahs are next.
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