Settler found stabbed to death north of Hebron
Efrat Weiss
Published: 26.02.07, 07:10
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1. He was a JEW AND AN ISRAELI - Please say Kaddish
David ,   Holon, Springhill,IL   (02.26.07)
Prayer here
2. May the Almighty Avenge His Blood
Sasha ,   Haifa   (02.26.07)
3. again and again arab terror...fed up
4. Israel to stop the killing
Fadi ,   USA   (02.26.07)
anything outside the green line is illigal .PA goverment should recognize israel ...........under what border ???? what border we need to recognize ???? israel needs to declare itself at the 1967 then you can erect the highest wall ever ..we really do not want to see you faces. facts on the ground means nothing here is an eye for an eye kill our people ,..more headline like this to follow ..and that is sad when you don't learn ..
5. #4 Let Those That Curse Israel, Be Cursed and Destroyed.
David ,   Holon, Springhill,IL   (02.26.07)
May the Almighty have no mercy neither for man nor beast who curse the Children of Israel. Let their seed turn into dust and may they be speedily removed from the world. In the grave, you are forgotten, in the grave, you are naked, sealed and forever, locked and abandoned.
6. Fadi, but you don't recognize Israel, you moron
Jake   (02.26.07)
Not only Hamas. Fatah also. Remember the al Aksa Martyrs brigades, belonging to Fatah, that have made suicide bombings INSIDE THE GREEN LINE. Cut the crap, now, Fad. You are fighting Israel's existence.
7. fadi
sl ,   usa   (02.26.07)
I don't want to see your face in the USA; according to your logic, I have a right to kill you. The 67 lines didn't bring peace in 67 and Israel will never give up Jeruselem - the jews should wake up and realize there will never be peace with the arabs because no matter what you give them it will never be enough.
8. #4 - Blood thirsty murderes
Arthur ,   S Francisco   (02.26.07)
Just shut up wherever you're hiding in the US. You wouldn't be so brave standing in front of the IDF boys. Your only domain are women, chldren and elderly. As far as learning goes - check back to 1948, 56,67, 73 and on and on and on.. Keep your tail between your legs and pray that next "eye for an eye" is not yours...
9. Only YNET makes a distintion btw/n "settler" & "Israeli Jew"
jw ,   ny   (02.26.07)
Collective sorrow felt for a fellow Jew senselessly killed by evil incarnate. Condolences to the family.
10. You know what...
Michael Steiner   (02.26.07)
It's very sad whenever a soul is extinguished prematurely... - ANY soul, including that of a settler. I will say a Kadish for him, just as I do for thousands of people--on both sides--who have lost their lives in this conflict. At the same time though, my human sadness is mixed with a defiant equanimity. After all, he had chosen to live in the occupied territories, obtruding himself illegally on people who did not want him there, and whose presence there caused and is still causing us to do some despicable things (q.v.,7340,L-3369217,00.html ). Bottom line: if he had chosen to live in Tel Aviv, he'd still be alive.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (02.26.07)
So another live is lost ,a father of 4 children. But YNET has to write that it is a settler from the west bank. So i know that many of our selfrighteous socalled liberals will think he deserved it,he was living in the occupied west bank. The media and many appeasenicks have a lot of blood on their hands. The main reason for this to happen is selfhate nothing more. The state of israel is full of fear and weakness. But if any one would listen and pay attention, to the arabs,then all of you will be next. No matter left , right , hiloni ,religious,rich or poor,they want this land judenrein. And with all the injustice going on here,they have a good change of sucseeding. A police probe will do little,because they are more concerned with the arabs then with their own jewish citizens. Because if you like or not we pay taxes and carry israeli identity cards. With the help of the media we are be being made the bad guys,meanwhile this state can not even do what most countries in the world do and that is to protect their citizens. Believing me i feel no pride to be part of the state and what it stands for and the amazing amount of jerks it produces. In my eyes israelis are a bunch of lost loosers. So first you put us here and then you betray us. But it fits right in with the immoral fiber prevelent in this land.Once again i have a 50 50 change to pass our socalled free press.
12. May the proud Jews of Bat Ayin remain strong and steadfast!!
Mush DeLeon ,   Brooklyn, New York   (02.26.07)
We're praying for you all - you are an inspiration to us, and we mourn his loss together. She y'aleh et neshamo.
13. @4 You cant even stand your own faces in 'freed of Jews'Gaza
Suzanne   (02.26.07)
14. @10 Explain me something
Suzanne   (02.26.07)
Why is an Arab allowed to live in Um al Fahm, but a Jew not in Bat Ayin? I dont get it. Why is no-one crying about Arabs having illegal houses in Israel but do people cry till the moon about Jews having illegal houses? I dont get it. Please explain
15. #10: Your next. You and your Tel Aviv.
Harry ,   Jeru   (02.26.07)
This is not a war between the west bank territories and the arabs, it's between Israel and the palestinians. Tel Aviv is part of Israel - even if you are embarrassed to say that. (Believe me, we are embarrassed to call you Israeli as well. For you it makes no difference that he was a Jew or Israeli. He was a victim of war right. A bad one - he's a settler. But EVEN settlers should not be killed so right? For you the decision to say Kadesh on an Arab comes before the decision to say Kadesh on a JEWISH ISRAELI settler. Your a crying shame mate) Lets follow your ridiculous logic for a moment. We give all of the 'occupied' territories to the sworn enemies that wish us dead (both Hamas and Fatah have been quite clear on their stance). So, back to 67 borders. Give up Jerusalem of course (occupied territory), because after all who really cares about the 'Jewish' capitol. Tel Aviv is alot more fun anyway, right? What's the next step? Well why don't you ask our brothers down there is Gaza why exactly they started firing Kassams on Sderot from Gaza LESS THAN ONE WEEK after we painfully pulled out of Gaza. Kassams are fairly primative. Sooner or later they will be replaced with something slightly more powerful, with a longer range. All of a sudden it's not Sderot and Ashkelon, but it's Ashdod and BeerSheva as well. But you go on happily living in your sin city, claiming that it's those who live on the Israeli outskirts who are provoking our peacefull brothers. 67 borders are much better. Then we can fight another 67 war. We would suffer mass military losses (of course most not from TA, as TA has a very low conscription rate atm), but that's ok right?, because at least the TA people can live their lives with a clear conscience. Bottom line: if you ever lost your job, you'd be able to find a new one farely quick with UN. They love self haters like you. Or you could go start a new country in Uganda. Like a really huge Tel Aviv. Wouldn't that be grand. and we wouldn't have to worry anymore about this ridiculous battle for peace and our G-d given land.
16. #10: You might not know it, but what you say is RACIST
HaDaR ,   israel   (02.26.07)
#10: You might not know it, but what you say is RACIST. You internalized the antisemite's feeling that JEWS SHOULD NOT LIVE OUTSIDE OF THEIR GHETTOS. You seem to prefer THE CREATION OF JUDENREIN AREAS.
17. #s 14 + 16: (O.K. #15, too)
Michael Steiner   (02.26.07)
#14+16: I just love it how all of a sudden the settlement issue is one of a poor, innocent Jewish boy or gal merely wanting to build a dream house with a white picket fence in an Arab neighborhood. Don't play stupid--you know perfectly well this is not about members of all ethnicities having the freedom to live wherever they choose. By the way, what did you think of the kooks in Bnei Brak or wherever that was who forbade an Israeli Arab family to move into their town or the freaks in a similar place who circulated leaflets exhorting the locals not to let their property to non-Jews? I'm sure you whitewashed such overtly racist acts. #15: You've churned out so much nonsense, non-sequitur and straw man that I won't even bother. Again, bottom line: if choose to live in the occupied territories don't be prepared if you lose your life.
18. #10 Michael: No need to say Kaddish for "Both Sides"
David ,   Jerusalem   (02.26.07)
You'd be better off keeping Shabbat and putting on teffilin daily than for saying Kaddish (which I don't believe you do) for Arabs and Arab terrorists. It's time you repent and see the beauty of religious Jews living IN ISRAEL - that includes the areas which the Arabs reside today - and worldwide.
19. Fadi
Josef ,   Finland   (02.26.07)
You are wrong, totally wrong. Green line was a mere armistice line, thanks for this goes solely to the Arab states which didn't accept Israel in any form. Judea and Samaria are Israeli soil as they have always been. Arabs are newcomers (the first ones after Muhammad as intruders, and most of the Arabs during early 1900's) who don't have any claim on Israel. Check, by the way, your Quran, no mention about Jerusalem, and further, in your Quran sura 5:19-22 it's written: Israel belongs to the Israelis.
20. What was he doing there?
Daniel van Dalen ,   Jerusalem   (02.26.07)
The Satmar Rov forbade anyone from entering the Occupied Territories, because of the danger of Arab murderers.
21. #17, You are a wicked person
Ilan ,   Ariel   (02.26.07)
bottom line. If you justify murder you are a murderer in potential. And who is to say that evil and violence only happens beyond the green line? It didn't fall from the sky you know and only last week they arrested a beduin who murdered a young women in the Galilee.
22. Proof?
Colibri ,   Umea   (02.26.07)
First of all: this murder is disgusting whoever comitted it. I Im how ever surprised that the palestinians are getting the blam this easily. "...Last Wednesday 16-year-old Palestinian was caught carrying a butcher’s knife and a screwdriver in Jerusalem’s Gilo neighborhood..." ?????? "..., and a few weeks ... a Palestinian youngster who was also in possession of a knife."??? THAT IS THE EVIDENCE? Is it smart to start hating the paletsinians a few seconds later efter reading the article?
23. @17
Suzanne   (02.26.07)
You're not giving an answer to my question. I understand that settling illegally on the west bank is wrong. Legally should be ok in peace time - but that it is not. Yet, why don't I hear any international outrage about illegal "settlements" in Israel by Arabs? Why don't I hear any international outrage about the fact that Jews obviously cannot live without fear in the "territories" while Arabs can live freely in (the rest of (depends how you see it)) Israel?
24. Michael Steiner
Enemy of State ,   Judea   (02.26.07)
Interesting "bottom line", Mikey. You say "if he'd chosen to live in Tel Aviv, he's still be alive?" How do you explain all those missile attacks in Sderot and Ashkelon, terror attacks in places like Beit Shemesh, Afula, Netanya- and yes, Tel Aviv - not to mention Hizbullah's 2006 war on northern Israel - all well inside the green line. I'd say the bottom line is this: It's either Ashkelon or Auschwitz, Chevron or Chelmno, Beit El or Birkenau. I hate to tell you this, my friend, but you and I are in this boat together. If you legitimate the murder of us pesky "settlers," you legitimate suicide attacks on your buses, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants, etc. It may be convenient for you to pass me and my family off as "illegal occupiers," but in the eyes of Hamas, Abu Mazen and the rest of "mainstream Palestine," you are just as much as an occupier as I am. You may make a distinction between "kosher" Israelis who live in Tel Aviv (and who have a right to life) and non-kosher "setlers" who live in Judea and Samaria, but you and your Peace Now friends are the only ones who make such a distinction. That, my brother, is the bottom line.
25. Michael steiner you coward son of a bitch!!!
Gedaliah ,   Eretz Yisrael, GUSH   (02.26.07)
Who the hell do you think you are? What a persons live whio chooses to live in Biblical Israel is less important that a person in Tel aviv? you shoud be cut off from the Jewish People. I am sick and tired of your lefty antics and political jargon. Its a mantra with you and all the arabs. Same old shit all the time. Go do this world a favor and kill yourself. By the way, Steiner is an arab...
26. #21: Don't make me laugh!!
Michael Steiner   (02.26.07)
"If you justify murder you are a murderer in potential." This coming from someone who doesn't even hide his glee when a Palestinian gets killed, regardless of the way in which the killing happened. And you call ME wicked!
27. Free the Bat Ayin Guys
David Jacobs ,   Hasmonaim   (02.26.07)
The Israelie courts who framed the so called Bat Ayin underground and impriosoned them is responsible for the murder of Erez Levanon. The Jewish heroes should be released immediately. .
28. Condolences to his family
Abdullah ,   EuMe   (02.26.07)
This is especially sad. May it be the G-d's Will to speedily stop this river of blood at its source.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (02.26.07)
You come over as a socalled humanistic person,but you are heartless and lack jewish soul. Even whena father of 3 childeren is murdered you will give him alitle setz into the grave. Your intelect is only used to humiliate and to course pain. And there many like you out there that think the same. I can not write feel because you lack that capability. You talk peace and equality but in essence you are more hating then most, you actually do not even deserve a reply. You reperesent the israeli that cause jew hatred around the world. underneath your socalled civility you nothing but poiseness snake!!!!
30. #10 michael steiner lives in europe
debra ,   usa   (02.26.07)
in one of the hellhole countries there.
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