Ahmadinejad blames enemies for tomato prices
Published: 26.02.07, 16:54
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1. Tomatos being used in Iranian centrifuges to enrich Uranium
KMR ,   Middle East   (02.26.07)
2. Iran anounces it mistook a tomato for Ahmed.'s brain
Izzy ,   persia   (02.26.07)
3. To #1, they use apples
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (02.26.07)
John Hodgeman pointed that out months ago on The Daily Show.
4. Now this is really funny
Ali ,   GB   (02.26.07)
5. How about growing atomatoes? (atomic tomatoes)
Ron ,   LA   (02.26.07)
6. He's right
Member ,   Flat Earth Society   (02.26.07)
And the Mossad has also caused the tsunami that ravaged true believers.
7. He May Have A Point; There IS A Precedent
David ,   Marietta USA   (02.26.07)
Ronald Reagan, bless his memory, brought down the iron curtain in Europe by engaging in an arms race that he knew the Soviet Union could neither afford nor compete with. The wall cracked in Czechoslovakia first, then Hungary, then Poland, and ultimately the Soviet Union itself. I am sure the price of tomatoes (if there were any to be bought) went sky high, along with the price of plutonium. So this cretin may have a point. Israel should start hoarding its tomatoes, in an attempt to corner the market. There is a precedent for that sort of economic behavior also.
8. The Tomatoe Conspiracy
Lina ,   USA   (02.26.07)
Ahmadinejad is losing it. First his quest for nuclear power was compared to train with no brakes. Today it's a bulldozer in a tomatoe field. Tomorrow, a stubborn donkey will be sitting alone, refusing to budge, even when the train with no brakes is heading straight at him.
9. ahmadjnejad-a bancrupt gambler
jacob ,   munich   (02.26.07)
Iran sells "bad" quality of oil a a lower price than the world market price. The fundsare being used to import... gaz for car consumption (bevcause they lack cracking capacities). They spend on arms, in exporting and subsidizing terror. The people in the country know exactly what´s going on. You will see a breakdown of this regime in due time. The government "needs" the sanctions in order to either cut supplies or increase prices, and ... blame it to the satans of the world.. We all have to stay intelligent versus this regime!!!!
10. God works in mysterious ways..
Johnson ,   USA   (02.26.07)
And to think all this time I was blaming it on the water. lol
11. Now Tomatos Are A "Plot"
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.26.07)
Holy Conspiracy Theories. We may all get a laugh about the Iranian leaders seeming irrational speeches but don't laugh too hard because this madman may soon have his finger on the nuclear trigger. This only proves how dangerous he really is.
12. The tomato conspiracy
Poitcha ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (02.26.07)
AHA....if it's not the good 'ole tomato conspiracy.....oh please....give us all a break and go play with the traffic once and for all..............................
13. Plant Tomato instead of N.W!!!
Ali ,   mmallah- Palestine   (02.26.07)
This regime in Iran is very starnge!!! Instead of spending money on farmas and hospitals and resaerch to develop there people's lives, they spend money on N. weapons!!! Like the rest of the Islamic and Arabic crazy leaders, this one does not deserve to lead nations. You know what, Iran is of the biggest supporters to the American policy in the M.East. Who brought the Us tropps to Iraq? Iran! Who is killing the civilains in Baghdad? Iran! Who is supporting Hamas and Hizbullah? Iran! I am not satisfied that Iran is an enemy to Us or even to Israel! This regime is one of their best friends.
14. Ahmadinejad and tomatoes
Daniel ,   Israel   (02.26.07)
Wonderful! He can't afford tomato prices? Why is he persuading nuclear tomatoes? Ahmadinejad; you better buy tomatoes from Israel and supply them to your people; instead of that rotten stuff.
15. I hate tomatoes that are grainy, i love kugel though
Ahmed Bornstein ,   ny, ny   (02.26.07)
i think that ahmadinjad hasn't eaten enough humus and jahnun lately, if he had he would feel a bit more grounded
16. He's As Unstable as Critical Nuclear Mass
emanon ,   USA   (02.26.07)
17. The bulldozer is not capable of...
Persian CAT   (02.26.07)
producing enough of anything to feed, house and employ the people. The bulldozer has no brain. It's big and loud, but no brain. Now, those Israelis who believe Ahmadinejad's brainfarts must realize what fools they are. Ahmadinejad can't find his own arse with both hands, let alone "destroying Israel".
18. What a douch.
AR ,   USA   (02.26.07)
He is so annoying. He is just like bush. Nethier of them can take responsibility for their actions. This guys looks like a damn monkey. Sorry im ranting but still he really needs to get impeached he can be the mayor but he is no president. Pebbles is he freakin serious pebbles. He calls sanctions that every one in Iran knows to be bad for teh country pebbles he is dumber than bush. At least we know bush is lying to our faces when he talks this guy believes his own crap. "dont bye from expensive places" why dont you stop wasting the countries money on lebonan and palestine they all hate Iran anyway douch. Why dont you make your government more efficent and stop wasting billions on Bushear just finish it and get it over with so we can all stop talking about your stupid tomatos and nuclear POWER.
19. Somebody Help Me
Tom ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.26.07)
I do not understand how "enemies" could change the price of anything inside Iran. Please comment.
Yonatan Koss ,   Chi Town, OR. USA   (02.26.07)
Every flea residing on a camel inside Iran will be blamed on foreign intervention. The paranoid delusional Yabadabado “monkey man” loves to blame anything but his inept skills! When his only claim to greatness is ransacking a US embassy and holding it’s residents hostage his portfolio is lacking in a wide range of leadership skills, ergo the blame game.
21. Ahmadinejad to enrich the Tomato Greenhouses
Gary   (02.26.07)
I think an investment of £1.4 Billion would be better spent on Tomato Greenhouses. Put your money wher it is most needed.
22. stolen land
Mina ,   Iran   (02.26.07)
Israel possesses nukes,occupies other countries lands,building settlements and an illegal apartheid wall on a stolen Palestinian land, all that is OK! but when another country in the Middle East wants to balance the Israeli military power,the world wants to decimate it.In fact,the so-called international community is the US
23. How can he still be alive???
DR ,   Florida, USA   (02.26.07)
How has no one taken this freak out? Maybe we should bomb his house with tomatoes, just to prove a point.
sugar ,   france   (02.26.07)
iranians: try tenderness for once!
25. It's all Jews
Inyaki ,   Bilbao, Basque   (02.26.07)
isn't it obvious, Jews with their supersecret arms are cooling the Iranian weather, thus spoiling the tomato production and consequently making life of ordinary Iranians miserable. But the jews- No pasaran! ( with Allah's help)
26. Mahmood, you should send them tomatoes.
Oleg ,   USA   (02.26.07)
27. Go go gadget Zionist Tomato Price-Fixing Plot(TM) !
Inspector Gadget   (02.26.07)
28. go will strangle with your own rope...
Harissa ,   Israel   (02.26.07)
29. BottomLine::It's unlikely Ahmadinejad complete full term!
KMR ,   Middle East   (02.26.07)
30. Where's Mahmood??!!
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (02.26.07)
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