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'Israelites didn't build the pyramids'
Smadar Perry
Published: 27.02.07, 09:32
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1. Indeed
ajax ,   TA, Israel   (02.27.07)
the Jews didn't build the pyramids. The Hebrews did.
2. He's right
Jonathan ,   London   (02.27.07)
As I recall we built Pithom and Ramses, treasure cities of the pharaohs, not the pyramids
3. This is ridiculous
Reuven Carmel ,   Jerusalem   (02.27.07)
The Haggada says no such thing, and it is well-known that the pyramids were built long before the Jews were in Egypt. There is no cause for controversy here.
4. More Gypt fame the better
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (02.27.07)
May it only justify the enforcement of the right of return of the colonizing homicidal Hamites to their peninsular homeland of their own name.
5. It is true
Rachel ,   Birmingham   (02.27.07)
What is interesting is that the current people that live in Egypt and call themselves Egyptians are not the original people of the pharoes, they don't look like them they don't talk like them they have nothing to do with the great civilization of old. The current Egyptian people are islamic invaders desert dwellers usurpers of that land. The current people of Egypt could not build nothing to save thier lives. Actually, like the current islamic palistinians in the holyland.
6. Renovating ancient Jewish sites in muslim countries
Abdullah ,   EuMe   (02.27.07)
"The Egyptian Antiquities Authority, headed by Minister of Culture Farouk Hosny, announced on Monday that they objected to a proposal by a group of American Rabbis to establish an international committee to see into renovating Jewish sites in Egypt, including synagogues and cemeteries. " Kol hakavod to the american rabbis. It is a good idea that should be repeated all over the arab and muslim world. I don't see why the egyptian "antiquities dept." should object. It is a part of their history.
7. freemasons built piramids as alien landing strips
Benjamin ,   TA ISrael   (02.27.07)
8. everything is built by jews
Tarek ,   Damascus, Syria   (02.27.07)
indeed they did, Jews also built the Mayan pyramids, they also cracked the Grand canyon , and they funded the construction of China wall. they also seperated Australia from Asia back in history. for #5 - mmmm let me see, no they are not the same people, back in history, the pharos all died and the land was deserted for thousands of years, then Arabs came along and settled!! COME ON!! could you be a little bit more rational, just because their language changed over the years doesnt make them different people, and who told you they dont look the same? what, you think Jews back then had blue eyes and blonde hair and egyptians "what you so called arab invaders" now have dark hair and black eyes? you guys need to get a grip on yourself, you are so taken with this "jews" thing, get over it! ... its been almost 60 years now, its time to start feeling confident about yourselves.
9. Jews did not build pyramids
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (02.27.07)
The pyramids were tombs for the Pharoahs. The Hebrew slaves built "Pithom" and "Ramses," which according to the Torah were grain storage facilities.
10. It is correct, and stop licking your wounds
Alissa ,   Tel Aviv   (02.27.07)
11. Egyptians built the pyramids
Mick ,   Warrington   (02.27.07)
Who cares!!!Ive been there and theyre crap! There isnt even a Macdonalds on site.
12. what are we arguing about, it was ALIENS that built them lol
m   (02.27.07)
13. Who built the pyrmids?
Amihai Mazar ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.27.07)
Dr. Hawaas is correct. The pyrmaids were built more than 1000 years before the earliest mentioning of Israel. PM Begin made a mistake.
14. PM Netaniahu actually said that Jews built the pyramids
But no one believes him :( hehe
15. I know who built the pyramids.
Rich ,   California   (02.27.07)
They are called mexicans.
16. Palestinian Arabs built the pyramids
Abu Humus   (02.27.07)
The Jews were overseers of course. LOL
17. No. 8
Clara ,   Italy   (02.27.07)
Yes and the Jew took the Golan Heights from Syria
18. Weren't Egyptians Greeks back then?
Ora ,   Canada   (02.27.07)
The people of Egypt back then were not Arabs and not the ancestors of those of today. Can somene put a historic description please?
19. Most Pyramids weren't built with bricks
Rem Krumer ,   Memphis, USA   (02.27.07)
And out of those that were (the so called "mud-brick " pyramids) none are standing today. In fact, by the time of the Egyptian sojourn, not to mention the Exodus itself (circa 1312 B.C.E.), pyramids weren't being built at all. In order to protect themselves from post-burial depredations, the Egyptians (at least those who could afford to be buried in one) began to use rock-cut tombs, such as Tutankhamon's tomb :)
Geneology tests had been carried out in the Middle East which proved that the majority of today's people in Egypt are descendent of the old Egyptians regardless of religion. Simillar study was carried out in Lebanon that showed the majority of Lebanese regardless of religion are decsendent of the Phenicians. Todays Arabs are not a pure blood race. They are a mix of many Semitic races that are the decendants of the old Middle east. Today's arab culture is the mix of the old eastern cultures. This also include the jews who converted to christianity & islam.
21. Not the Pyramids
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (02.27.07)
I have never seen a Jewish source which says that our Israelite ancestors built the pyramids. In fact, and to me quite oddly, there seems to be no reference to them in the Torah or any other early source. Maybe someone knows better? Nevertheless, I read somewhere where Jewish slaves were used to build the Collesium in Rome.
22. Egyptian Antisemitism
semsem ,   new york USA   (02.27.07)
As an Egyptian Jew I am outraged that Egyptian scholars do not want Jewish religious sites renovated. The Jewish cemetry in Cairo has been plundered of its tombstones and the Maimonides synagogue where Jews, Moslems and Copts used to pray for miracles is in ruins. This is an example of antisemitism.
23. Good for you
Ali ,   Lebanon   (02.27.07)
Okay, so ur sayiing that the Jews built thr ur homeland or holy land extends to Egypt...Okay, why don't u go steal it.....This is what Israel is good in doing...Btw, the Jews also built the Kaaba and the Pyramids in Mexico...I think u should take over the Arabian Gulf and Mexico
24. It's stated nowhere in the Torah
Richard ,   Paris   (02.27.07)
that the israelites built the pyramids. Beguin was just chauvinistic and ignored our scriptures.
25. hebrews were not in egypt à l'époque!!
jasmin   (02.27.07)
at the time pyramids were built, hebrews were not yet in egypt. pyramids were buit à l'époque de 4th family, while hebrues existed in egypt after the 7the. and even if they were there, it is true that they were slaves for the ferons, so maybe forced to carry stones. it doesn't mean they planed whole thing!
26. who built the pyramids? Definately not the Muslims !
Freejay ,   Israel   (02.27.07)
The muslims definately did not, thats a fact, but we all know jews lived there in that time.
27. To no. 11: Actually there is a Burker King there
Efi ,   TA, Israel   (02.27.07)
You can enjoy a chicken royale meal while overlooking the pyramids. Pretty wierd experience.
28. Pyramids were built by Egytian slaves.
Yaakov ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.27.07)
But they were designed by Joseph who was second to the Pharoh. There he stored food for the seven years of famine. Where else could have enough food to feed the entire Egypt along with many neighboring countries been stored for seven years and where else could have food been preserved during this time.
29. Just a cover for Egyptian anti-semites
Ilan ,   Ariel   (02.27.07)
I don't think any scholar has evidence on Jews building the pyramids and this fuss is just a cover for the anti-semitic regime there to vent against the renovation of known Jewish sites (like synagogues). In any case modern Egyptians are not descended from the people of that time and have only stolen reflected glory in the ancient tombs.
30. 'Israelites didn't build the pyramids'
Alef   (02.27.07)
Yeah, just like the arabs weren't building Israeli roads, as our national project :)
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