Japan to host 4-way summit
Iris Georlette
Published: 27.02.07, 17:35
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1. Summit Agenda
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (02.27.07)
will be : blah blah blah blah........
2. At last,a Sushi and Sashimi Shumit
Alan ,   SA   (02.27.07)
3. Another waste of time falilure in the making
marcel ,   Florida   (02.27.07)
4. Erev Rav Peres To Sell Out Jews Again!
Yonatan Koss ,   Chiloquin, Oregon   (02.27.07)
5. Why not, Hamas will be at home..
...they will like the Japanese notion of Seppuku. Well, maybe not. Seppuku is about retaining honor. To be a Shahid is to kill yourself and others because an ancient epileptic told them there be virgins thereafter
6. This is not needed
Brod ,   USA   (02.27.07)
This kind of meeting is meaningless. Until the savages learn to be peace loving people and become nation builders, there is no point having this kind of meeting.
7. BottomLine:: 4-way means 4 pulling from 4-directions?
KMR ,   Middle East   (02.27.07)
8. Anything that will bring adversaries to talk
Cy ,   Reading, Berks   (02.27.07)
The trouble is that all this cynicism shown albeit born out of years of failure and dissapointment is totally negative and does not serve to bring about a solution. Thats why we should welcome Japans contribution and any other country willing to serve as conduits and catalysts for negotiation. Thank you Japan
9. #6- true enough, mate
Cameron ,   USA   (02.27.07)
The whole affair will amount to nothing more than hot air being expelled between bomb blasts.
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