Israeli Embassy vs. 'Forgiveness'
Merav Yudilovitch
Published: 28.02.07, 18:41
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1. The Foreign Office
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.28.07)
The Foreign Office is now in the business of handing out kashrut certificates.
2. where is palestine?
ambrosine shitrit ,   uk   (02.28.07)
Just looking on Google earth, cant seem to find it ....only the one in America...hmmm very strange that ...
3. Sounds Like a Stinker
Erik   (02.28.07)
Sounds like more of the usual convoluted crap passing for Israeli cinema today. How about a simpler plot? Like about a self-loathing woman who does everything to try and destroy her own people, but ends up being hated even by those who share her twisted beliefs? We can entitle it "The Shulamit Aloni Story".
Andrew ,   miami,fl   (02.28.07)
5. ruins of the Palestinian village of Dir Yassin???
Rehavam ,   Israel   (02.28.07)
Where is it? on the moon? milking tears by fiction is NOT art. Udi same drek as his mom.
6. One of the best films I have seen at Jerusalem's Cinematech
Sally Forth ,   Jerusalem of course   (02.28.07)
This movie deals with difficult issues but does so in a sensitive forthright and non-judgmental manner. A pity that the cultural attache at the Israeli Embassy in Paris was unable to understand this. Perhaps if someone mentioned to her that the film was screened for a month at Israeli's various cinematechs and that it was well received here in Israel she might consider the possibility of changing her position.
7. Where can I get the dvd or watch the movie in europe
Abdullah ,   EuMe   (02.28.07)
8. Shulamit and Udi Aloni are traitors to this country
Antonio ,   Haifa   (02.28.07)
People like that ought to be rotting in jail alone with the Arabs that they like so much. Or just to be tossed out of this country. They can settle in Cairo or Amman or Damascus. Where does trash like this, that hate their country and their people so much, come from anyway?
9. One more anti-Israel movie for my personal boycott list.
M├írcia ,   Brazil   (02.28.07)
10. Did ghosts speak of massacre that Dir Yassin Arabs committed
context ,   USA   (02.28.07)
Yes, the battle in Dir Yassin did become a massacre (this, by the way, was condemned for disproportionate violence by most other Jews and Jewish groups), in which innocent civilians were killed. However, people conveniently forget that the men of that village had carried out a massacre of Jews only a few weeks prior, in which they set shelters on fire and shot people coming out. Not all Dir Yassin residents were innocents. Just a thought.
11. one of the best israelis i ever seen
yoni ,   Woodstock   (02.28.07)
12. progressive cinema
Jerry ,   Tel Aviv   (02.28.07)
Here's what I'd do with this film: roll it up in a ball, flush it down the toilet, and when it comes out in the sewage, kick it and spit at it.
13. Dir Yassin = Har Nof and Herzog Mental Hospital area
Sally Forth ,   Jerusalem of course!   (02.28.07)
that's your simple and honest geography lesson for today Rehavam
14. Deir Yassin was near today's Yad-Va-Shem Holocaust museum !
:o   (03.01.07)
Ironic, isn't it
15. This movie is incredible
gavi ,   florida   (03.01.07)
...and perhaps a few of the above writers should learn that its criiques of Israel come out of respect and love!
16. "Forgiveness"
NYC Girl   (03.02.07)
What do you think would happen if a Muslim had the temerity to make a film that portrayed the Arab world in a negative light? Somehow I have the feeling those same supporters of Aloni's film would be scared shitless to screen it.
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