Israel can deal with Iran alone, Lieberman says
Amnon Meranda
Published: 28.02.07, 17:03
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bentham   (02.28.07)
2. Lieberman
Brod ,   USA   (02.28.07)
Lieberman knows what he is talking about. He is right on target.
3. Lieberman is a fool.
AR ,   USA   (02.28.07)
First of all Israel couldnt take on Irans toenail in Hezbullah so how are they gonna take on Iran. Second he is being disengenous when he says alone. He knows full well america will for sure give Israel all the weapons it will need in case of war. And its almost certain america would get involved. What is more likely to happen if war was to break out with Iran that Israel would be fighting for her life against Syria and Hez and America would be taking care of business (from the air) against Iran. Lieberman is just talking tough to impress Israelis. Americans (just like the british before them) will eventually realize that our empire is just not worth dying for and we would be better off staying in our hemisphere. Maybe im wishful thinking without war americas economey would be in the gutter.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (02.28.07)
I find the article interesting.Handling alone?Very less chances,knowing what happened with the Hizbullahs.
5. This idiot joined the right gov't...another loser!
Al   (02.28.07)
Kadima Labor Shas etc including this this JOBnick from Mother Russia are all the same dreck.... Pointing Israel to a disaster. There is no leadership. The rats are leaving a sinking ship. Its plainly obvious Israel is in deep doo doo. Oh G-d what to do? Its time we pray doubly hard...for all the notions of strength independance and a post Holocaust "NEW JEW" is a myth. We are facing a death blow and no one is willing, able and determined to face it head on. We spend enoormous amounts of time worrying wether a Skank lied on her CV. Here's a wake up call...You entire G-d society is based on lies and a false sense of bravado. When a society forgets the only one who has given it cause for being namely G-D, do you not think that he will in due time tell you, you're on your own? Return to G-D and pass the bullets!
6. Bentham #1
Brod ,   USA   (02.28.07)
Your question should be addressed to Peretz. Peretz should be focussing on such an issue instead of attempting to dismantle the homes of Jews living in Israel's biblical and historic homeland of Judea and Samaria.
7. Time is Running Out for Tehran
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. US   (02.28.07)
To the poster about the sniper: it's one thing to hunt for a kidnapped IDF soldier in occupied Israel (by the so-called Palestinians-Jordan is the real Palestine), and another to send a few nukes by cruise type missiles on 5 Dolphin Class subs, on Jericho Missiles, or into Tehran by hundreds of F15s, F16s and Phantom 2,000 fighter bombers. If Israel decides to take out Iran's nuclear manufacturing plants, and its military installations, the entire world will rejoice. However, I agree with Avi, better a coaltion of the brave, than brave Israel alone. Maybe we should pity the Iranians who will suffer the result of their mad mullahs and fanatic President. To Iran: time is running out, stop the enrichment NOW.
8. #4
Jane   (02.28.07)
Very different tactics can and will be used. You're really foolish to think it is the same thing. But judging from your past talkbacks, you have always been foolish.
9. Lieberman is...
Greg ,   New York City   (02.28.07)
..the lone voice of reason in that entire gov't...on any issue. not just Iran.
10. # 6 /Brod
ben   (02.28.07)
I have given up on Peretz long ago, I thought Lieber could be the better get the soldiers back ,i dont know if there is a piece of land for me there... i think i rather stay in singapore for ever so we will tell the rest. This Mr. Lieberman as I have seen so far means business. I suppose his should take the chair from Olmert. Peretz beyond resonable doubt a bad minister of defense. So the new Chief of Staff,- Aska what is he doing ? Has he forgotten the abducted soldiers too ?
11. AR #3 They know what they are doing.
Brod ,   USA   (02.28.07)
They know what they are doing. If you are old enough to remember and know the Six Day War of 1967, you will know that Iran is not an unsurmountable challenge. The problem that is threatening the world is nukes in the hands of fanatics. Hence, there is no choice for the world but to remove that menace before the world conflagrates into a fireball. Despite the big bulls of the fanatics, when the crunch comes tumbling down, they will be competing for their virgins in their dark world.
12. the other problem
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.28.07)
Can Israel deal with the problem of the Russian hooligan, Liebernan ?
13. #8 Jane
can you illuminate us with these very different tactics since you sound like a military expert?
14. # 4 Jane , you are absolutely right!!
Val Cogan ,   israel   (02.28.07)
Looking into recent war results, some people make wrong conclusions while stating badly : "Israel is weak country (gov-t)with already weak military". But, I am sure, this situation is absolutely different!!! It is very important thing: enemy underestimated your capabilities and ,in turn, you will take your enemy seriously. I feel it happens now . Next round of war will bury all arabs hopes finally!!! God with us
15. "...We're on the same side".
Damir ,   Russia   (02.28.07)
16. to #12
N   (02.28.07)
Can Israel deal with racists like you?
17. What more can be done beyond Russia's moves?
Steve ,   USA   (02.28.07)
B"H I have seen reports that the Russian government is doing quite a bit on the Iranian issue such as supplying a nuclear reactor and backing Hamas for diplomacy with Iran, to facilitate conversation with Iran. What more can Israel do for the issue beyond what Russia has done? Quote: The Israeli government "is doing more than any other government to deal with the Iranian nuclear issue. If we will need to deal with the Iranian threat alone, we'll be able to," Minister for Strategic Affairs Avigdor Lieberman told the Knesset's Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee Wednesday.
18. Lets put this into perspective--He's right
Jan ,   usa   (02.28.07)
Lieberman states that it would be better for the rest of the world if Israel didn't have to do this alone. He's right. And he's right in stating that if Israel has to, they can do it alone. What amazes me though, is that this whole thing of the midget and his antics if really about having the 100 million or so shia muslims gain the ascendency over the 1.2 billion sunni muslims. Only 5 countries are really shia. Azebijan, Bahrain, Iran, most of Iraq, and Lebanon(while predominately Christian, they have very little say), hizbullah controls that government. And then there's the pals which hamas is supported by iran and mostly shia. So the rest of the ME sees what the midgets intentions are, and now they want nuke weapons to fend off threats of the midget to control the whole middle east. And if all of these countries get nukes with some of their leaders being like the midget of persia, well either Israel wil have help in destroying the nuke facilities, or they will have to do it themselves. The sunni muslims in the region have neither the guts, or the nuke weapons to take care of the radical shia. That's why 7 sunni countries have formed a group to go behind the scenes and work out a plan to try to strong arm the midget. So all of this is very interesting to watch and see how all of this shapes up. And of course, there's alot more to it, but this is the jist of it.
19. Time will tell. But I think AR, USA
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (02.28.07)
is deluding himself. Israel and or the US won't have any trouble dealing with what ever the Arabs or Persians throw at them. The US and Israel stand, and I believe always will stand shoulder to shoulder, That is something to be feared. The Muslims will learn just like the Japs and Germans. I doubt they'll learn as fast or as well, but what the heck, their bleached bones in the desert won't bother me. Personally I believe they got it coming to them.
20. #13
Jane   (02.28.07)
Sarcasm is so unattractive. At any rate, the reference was to the taking off of gloves forced upon us by people like you.
21. Brod
AR ,   USA   (02.28.07)
So what who cares abou the Six Day war that was 40 years ago. Iran is a growing power in the mideast. America and Israel feel that Iran (and before it Iraq) are the only two countries in the region that pose a threat to their power. Israel is would not be able to fight Iran and win (without their nukes) just like America wouldnt be able to fight China (with or without nukes) You cant defeat every country in the world. The problem is that the whole nuclear issue is just hog wash. America and Israel are opposed to Iranians having power in the ME you dont believe me Iran has offered to end its nuclear program but bush wouldnt except it so what dose that tell you. Maybe it tells you bush dosnt care so much about a nuclear Iran rather he wants to make sure Iran goes back to the way it was under the Shah a "ally" and source of energy that america could control. Israel is just an excuse for america to go to war. Cheney and Bush dont care about Israel they use Israel as a second army and an excuse to go to war with oil rich nations. Plus if Israel or America attack Iran then Syria will have to get in the war. Im not saying Syria is a major military power but that would for sure bring Hez and Southern Lebonan into the battle next you would see groups in the PA attack Israel. Shia's around the ME in Saudi arabia, Yemen, Bahrain attack american interest in those nations. And the chinease and russian wont get directly involved but their weapons and support will find a way to the iranians and syrians. This is bye far no cake walk and it is for sure not about nuclear weapons or terrorism. Just look at history all of our "allies" have become our "enemies" Saddam, Osama? Funny cause now with the saudis we are helping the real terrorist Al Qaeda over in Iraq so we can fight Iran the same country that helped us in Afghanistan and offered the same help in post war Iraq. Read your history dont listen to it.
22. #3 - there wil be no land battle with Iran so please explain
redmike ,   tel aviv and london   (02.28.07)
you're quick to call others 'fools' but you don't seem to have thought this through at all. What kind of battle do you see between Israel and Iran? Not a ground one for sure unless you mean Hezbulla alone and they are in no shape to fight a war right now. Israel has air superiority and any missiles fired at Israel from Iran would have to pass over Iraq where the the US has control of the skies and also over Jordan who wouldn't like it one bit. And Israel has the arrow and other systems .. So please explain how you see this unfolding ?
23. Just big mouth .
24. #3 I disagree
jan ,   usa   (03.01.07)
Israel's military is far superior than it displayed last summer. It was the leadership that performed bad. Never discount the superiority of the Israeli airforce, or army. Hizbullah would not win in a war with Israel. They can taunt their hatred and bravado towards Israel all they want, but in the end, Israel would hand them their bravado and their words back to them on a silver platter.
Scott   (03.01.07)
Scott   (03.01.07)
Well , you dont need to be an expert to know that next time its going to be different.
27. To #3
Saar ,   USA   (03.01.07)
For a long time the Arab world has hid behind the human and civil rights sensitivities of the western world. The same values Arabs and other muslims treat with disdain. But if Iran even dares to look in Israel's direction, you muslims will know the true meaning of shock and awe.
28. P.S very simple question
DeAnna ,   USA   (03.01.07)
DO you want us the United states to win this war?? Do you want Israel to come under nuclear attack? Is that why you so belittle the situation both are facing?
29. People like AR divide america
DeAnna ,   USA   (03.01.07)
It seems Ar's main objective is to trash the United States government and find as many possible reasons why the U.S.A. is in the wrong. The problem is he doesnt seem to point out the real problems coming out of Iran except to say that Ahmadinejad and the current regime is "nuts". It never seizes to amaze me how much bush bashing I hear from him. The problem is we are in this war whether we like it or not..the other problem is we HAVE to win...and people and politicians like AR are the exact reason we cant. Too much.......hmmm i dont know.....and pointing fingers instead of getting down to business. It is seriously time americans came together and support the tough desicions the president has had to make (mistakes or not) and support bush and our troops to see it through to win this war against terrorism.....and if Iran is not the true definition of terrorism........i dont know what is. I have never heard someone support and not support something quite like AR.....let alone someone living on U.S soil that has more hateful things to say about that same safe place they are living in VS a crazy regimes like Irans. You cant have it both ways man...if there is a nut job leading Iran...after "nuclear power" i dont see where you can get so must trust and faith that is not what they are after- and in the same breath talk about bush's alterior motives. JUST SAYING.
30. To Deanna to answer your Question #28.
AR ,   USA   (03.01.07)
NO. OF COURSE NOT. God what stupid questions. Look what war are you talking about Deanna serously. Are we talking about a war on terror or the war in Iraq or the War in Afghanistan? No matter what Cheney and Bush tell you they are all different wars. Did you forget why we went to war in the first place. We went to get the people who attacked us on 9/11 (allegedly a lot of people dont believe the governments story but this is not the point) Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 Iraq was a war of choice its not part of "war on terror" On the topic of "war on terror" this isthe stupedist idea ever. Its an oxymoran. WAR (terror) on Terror. Dosnt anyone else see the stupidity in this. Terrorism is a tactic. All you need to do is to look at the arab Israeli conflict to realize that you cant kill people and expect their family not to fight back. Terrorism is a crime we should deal with terrorist through Police (some specialized units would be the best choice) armies wont work look at Iraq and Afghanistan. People like you deserve to be belittled. I personally dont care about israel but I can assure you that Israel will never in its life get hit bye a nuclear weapon. (Why? Because Al Aqsa would be destroyed DuRRR)
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