Lebanon acquits Israel of using radioactive materials
Roee Nahmias
Published: 28.02.07, 18:32
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1. Nice to see a positive vindication by lebanon
Roy Galut ,   Selah Washington USA   (02.28.07)
now if someone would own up to placing missle launchers near places that shelter women and that they can gain international outrage when women and children are killed by israeli strikes against the missle launchers...
2. Allegations
Dave ,   Toronto   (02.28.07)
You should have named the sources of these false accusations so these lying scum are publically identified.
3. The UN will disassociate itself from the report quickly
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (02.28.07)
can't let the truth out!
4. This time Iran is assured to get ONE from Israel and
ben   (02.28.07)
no aquital, please !
5. Let's see if Robert Fisk apologizes...
Michael Steiner   (02.28.07)
...he failed to do it once (when he screamed about a wholesale "massacre" of "thousands" in Jenin a few years ago)...
6. Arab lies as usual.
7. Bet you won't see this make front page headlines.
Shuki   (02.28.07)
To whom does Israel see to get her reputation back? Probably the same place she went after the "Jenin Massacre" -- nowhere.
8. Israel actually NOT blamed for something? Astounding!
NY ,   USA   (02.28.07)
9. For BBC/AlJazeera, this news a "Hard Pill to Swallow" !!
KMR ,   Middle East   (02.28.07)
10. The lebanese know NOTHING
James Carter ,   Atlanta, GA   (02.28.07)
I AM THE WORLD'S PREMIER NUCLEAR SCIENTIST, not to mention peace maker and all around lovin kind of guy. i am sure you all remember me walking through the radioactive waters of 3-mile island letting everyone know ALL IS WELL! Well, I am here to tell you the Lebanese know noting about nuclear tipped weapons and residue. I DO KNOW IT ALL. And as THE expert i can tell you - from everything hezbullah and Bin laden have told me - that the Jew mercenaries did in fact use nuclear waste matter on my peoples with the yellow flags. i will personally be flying to meet with Nasrallah in a move to bring the truth to the surface.
11. We all knew it without Lebanon's investigation.
AK   (02.28.07)
12. Thats a good one no 10. Made me laugh
Y ,   N   (02.28.07)
13. The Palestinian PR would have never admitted their mistake
Kevin G ,   Oregon   (02.28.07)
14. This is good news for Israel
Y ,   N   (03.01.07)
The arabs and their supporters have done a good jobb of portraying Israel as the liar through the past 20-30 years. But this has changed during the past few years. The jenin massacre claim, the muhammed al durra case, the massacre claims in the last war in lebanon and the claim that Israel used unlawful weapons. Slowly but surely the world discovers that it is the arabs who are lying and Israel is telling the thruth. This is good news for Israel and will give the state and the israelis more support the world over. Show the world who the real criminals are and i assure you Israel will be recognised as the good guy and the arabs as the ones who start all the trouble in the middle east.
15. #9 The BBC and alJ will never air this news
Zvi ,   USA   (03.01.07)
Anyone want to make a bet?
16. UN conceals Lebonon contamination
Dai ,   UK   (03.01.07)
Sorry guys. Check facts before accepting anyone's propaganda - even mine. Start with the UNEP Weapons Team environmental test results at and then compare these with their official report and press statements. If you understand uranium read the numbers - the UN numbers. Learn about "secular equilibrium" and low residual radiation uranium explosives. If you don't then try for analyses of the Lebanomn sites. If you can check uranium contamination in soil and water the Golan Heights - downwind of Khiam - and all northern Israel. Try Syria too - the winds mostly blew east from Lebanon during the war, just sometimes from the north. And check the air for uranium dust when the summer comes. Uranium oxide dust re-suspends in sunlight and hot weather. Check birth defects and cancer rates 9 months to 5 years after July 2006. Don't judge. Just observe. Question - everything. Think forward to the IDF using the same weapons in Iran (EGBU 28, 37, 24, 118 etc) - soon. Learn about them from . How many kgs of secret, high density, pyrophoric reactive metals do they contain? Google these phrases to learn more. Israel should be OK. The radiation will cover cover Iran and the Gulf in 48 hours, Afghanistan and Pakistan in 72 hours. Winds usually blow west to east in the Middle East. Pray they don't change during the Iran attack. But NEVER ignore a warning. NEVER believe politicians and always check scientists! - even (especially) in the UN. Do your own research. Use your own minds. Think about your own children - and grandchildren. How many heads do you want them to have? Uranium weapons are too sick to joke about. This is beyond race hate or religious prejudices. Wake up guys. This is radiological warfare in the 21st century. Rarely sudden death - usually just toast at 5000C - or sufocated by the vacumm wave from thermobaric weapons using reactive metal explosives. How do I know? I stood in the crater to photograph the radiation readings in Khiam - 725 nSv/hr in September. I took the samples in September and again in November - with the UN team. I got them tested in the top UK nuclear laboratory. UNEP lied. They must not disclose the new generation of uranium weapons used since the Balkans War. The US and Nato would pull their UN funding. So UNEP obeys. So does WHO and IAEA. For me the facts are grim enough. We do not need to exagerate. I expected undepleted uranium as we found in Afghanistan. Enriched was a surprise. But these new explosives are very special and very powerful. I try to understand your fear, your hate, your prejudice and your pride as a great civilisation. Some of you are my closest friends. THank you reading this far. Now your turn again for free thinking & free speech. If you doubt my concerns please just ask yourself this: What the fuck was in those bombs? - not HE. Learn about thermobaric. Learn about reactive metal explosives. Celebrate their power. Then pray your family don't live within 100 km of their target zones. But in Lebanon and nearby places this warning comes too late. Uranium dust turned up in the UK Atomic weapons establishment (AWE) within 2 weeks of the start of Gulf War 2. Must have been more near the targets. Can we share ideas - not hate? The world arms industry is accountable to no-one. If we are brave enough to make war with weapons, through computer screens and UAV's - are we brave enough to make peace - armed only with a plastic bag, and the best laboratory in the world? I like the energy on this site. I look forward to comments with new facts. Dai
17. The damage is already done.
Micha   (03.01.07)
The accusations were already made. This is how the moslem world operates. Despicable.
18. Bet that really hurt to admit it, but well done Lebanon!!!
19. to # 16
Adi   (03.01.07)
have you been talking to Sooha Arafat lately............???
20. Lebanon truth
Jan Botha ,   R/bay, RSA   (03.02.07)
Mr Robert Fisk - it is true that even journalists can partake in freedom of speech, but unbiased news is best. Now when you are caught out, freedom of speech allows you to retract and apologise. JB
21. No toxic weapons used by IDF
Peter Silver ,   London England   (03.02.07)
Certainly not findings sponsored or endorsed by Hammas, merely played down or supressed.
22. Toxic or not, kids are dead
Ziad Ghusayni ,   Beirut   (03.03.07)
Ya, believe or not Hizballah is stronger than ever and the only ones who suffered from your "Hizballah will be destroyed" war are us, the Lebanese. We are stuck with Hizballah, Syria, and Israel, just like one nasty gangbang. Cluster bombs are exploding every other day till now, with chemically toxic ballons being found as well. Thank you for making Nasrallah seem like a demi-god, when in fact he's almost as pitiful as Olmert.
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