Tartman not to be appointed minister
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 01.03.07, 00:29
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1. not a bad looking gal at all
Cameron   (02.28.07)
Miss Tartman can bump me with her vehicle any time she wants.
2. congratulation Y net ! now, which of which is the worst
3. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (02.28.07)
Israeli media on a very sucsesfull witch hunt. Now if you could apply the same to all other lying ,cheating and stealing knesset members,that would be great. But knowing your double standard ,hypocrit attitude,that is not going to happen. I suggest you enjoy your power as long as it lasts. Because eventually people will see for what you realy are.
4. Shame!!!
I was rather enjoying our daily fix of Tartarina stories, she's damn hot!!!
HaDaR ,   Israel   (02.28.07)
THE LEFTIST AND ARAB LOVING MEDIA HAS WON AGAINST DEMOCRACY AND THE RULE OF LAW!! After two days of irresponsible pandering of slander, the truth came out: TArtman LEARNT at Bar Illan and HAS a B.A. from Touro Colege, and she ATTENDED AND PASSED MANY COURSES IN THE M.A. Program but did not graduate yet! For THAT she was hung?... NO, ONLY BECAUSE SHE WANTS A JEWISH STATE!
HaDaR ,   Israel   (02.28.07)
AN ORWELLIAN VICTORY FOR THE TRUE-SPEAK MEDIA! It is high time to have much tougher SLANDER LAWS and PUNISH those who destroy people's lifes' with their distorted reporting.
7. Good. Now shine the same bright light on the rest of them.
Shuki   (02.28.07)
8. And how many indictments does Olmert have ?
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (02.28.07)
A road accident. And how many indictments does Olmert have ?
9. If she doesnt get job, she can work under me anytime
Alan ,   SA   (02.28.07)
10. esterina:
i... forgot§§! ,   i... forgot also§§!   (02.28.07)
everybody says you' re a darn liar, a forger with a phd in hit-and-run cases. . MY BODY AND SOUL DON'T CARE BECAUSE U ARE VERY VERY B.U.T. ' ful.
11. The perfect tourism minister
George W ,   Chicago IL   (02.28.07)
Here's what we know for sure; Tartman lied about her Masters degree, lied about her Bachelors degree, works four hour days, gets bogus disability benefits for a disability that probably doesn't exist, is constantly running stop signs and speeding, has run over a pedestrian at least once, and attempted to flee the scene. That's a pretty impressive performance, even by Israeli standards. Lieberman says that he's sure she lives in Givon Hahadasha, that she's a major in the army, and that she's a woman. That's good! Although given her track record they might want to double check that stuff too. For all we know she might be a 40 year old man in drag who dropped out of high school, dodged IDF service, lives under a bridge in Haifa, runs a bunch of identity theft scams with the Russian mafia, and broke out of prison after being arrested for killing five people. If only all of Israel's racists were so comically inept. She's the one who's telling Arabs they aren't good enough to be Israeli citizens? Why, because they don't live up to her shining standards of good citizenship? Apparently the only good citizens are ones with extensive criminal records.
12. Esterina seems to be a pretty and very talented but also
Uzi ,   Haifa   (02.28.07)
hyperactive and unstable. She has caused a lot of damage, primarily to herself. It seems that she needs and deserves rest and should seek professional help.
13. HaDaR #6, just curious. Where do you draw the line?
Allen   (02.28.07)
How much lying do you tolerate in your household HaDar? Have you ever been married to a spouse that lied? Every had a dishonest friend? Did you trust him or her? Israel Beytenu joined this traitorous Kadima puppet government. Kadima is dedicated to expelling you from your home if you are a Jew that lives in Judea or Samaria, given the chance. Kadima is Mr. Bush's puppet government. Under Olmert, Israel is a vassal state. Mr. Olmert will do what Mr. Bush orders him to do, as did Sharon. These folks (Israel Our Home) joined Kadima. They are in bed with Kadima. Mr. Lieberman accepted cabinet position; Deputy Prime Minister. Do you trust your future to these Israel Beytenu folks? Are you certain dishonest people can be trusted with your fate even if they claim to be on the right?
14. simply put she is a racist, laying and dishonest tart
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (02.28.07)
15. Tartman... What an appropriate name
Ben Ami ,   Oxford,UK   (02.28.07)
For a tart as tarty as good old Esterina Tartman.
16. a hysterical and stupid woman...
Inyaki ,   Bilbao, Basque   (02.28.07)
...and come on, what on earth does it have to do with the loonie leftists? she did it 'erself. Inyaki, Bilbao, the eternal capital of basque jews.
17. #10, $700 in damages does not amount to a lot of 'hit&run'
AK   (02.28.07)
18. Good riddens!
Eric ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.28.07)
The last thing Israel needed right now wasa minister who is at the same time racist, reckless, and dishonest. Good riddens!
19. Politicians are economical with the truth
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.28.07)
However, MK Tartman seems to have taken this practice to the extreme. The question is whether she should be asked to relinquish her seat in the Knesset? Tatman's racist remarks about Minister Majale were, I suppose, not exactly tactful but the Israeli Arab community have certainly laid themselves open to criticism. I have yet to hear the Arabs condemn Sheik Raad Salah for his treasonable statements and incitement of hatred. I am surprised though that some of the more right wing MK's have not called on the public to think deep before supporting Arab businesses and professionals. The Arabs must make up their mind. Are they Israelis or the lost tribe of Palestine? My feeling is that it is the latter with a Jihadi-Hamas flavor.
20. Racist Jews are bad drivers too - and illeterate.
Persian CAT   (03.01.07)
21. I'm very right wing and a woman
Judy Y ,   Los Angeles   (03.01.07)
but I'm not impressed at all by Ms Tartman. C'mon Israel, you must have more talented, patriotic AND honest people suitable to serve as ministers. I'm not impressed either by supporters who dismiss a little lie here and there as insignificant. The issue is attitude and character. Why so consistently lower your standards?
22. Judy #21, exactly.
Allen   (03.01.07)
23. She is looking a nice fraudster
send her home quick ,   NYC USA   (03.01.07)
24. The most oustanding officer in IDF
Alex ,   LA, USA   (03.01.07)
There are not many oustanding women officers like her. Major in the IDF, most jumps from the airplanes in IDF among women, etc. Much better credentials than Olmert, Pers, Peretz, or Beilin who never saw combat in IDF (Peres never served at all).
25. Tartman's deception and lies
Milo Peres ,   Tijeras   (03.01.07)
Ms Tartman should be ashamed and hide herself in some dark closet for a week or two. Israel does not need another corrupt goverment official representing itself.
HaDaR ,   Israel   (03.01.07)
27. Academy Award for worst actress
Negru Voda ,   Transilvania   (03.01.07)
This Tartman is some hard act to follow! So she claimed that the victim of her hit-and-run was faking it in order to collect insurance? What? Collect insurance from an auto accident? Like maybe NIS 1 million-plus? Is that possible? Who would dream of such a thing?
28. it's pity
you are fabricating everything , the history , the land , the truth what's wrong if she fabricate her certifcate ... noone will feel it between all this fabrications .
29. You didn't just lie once,
vered ,   israel   (03.01.07)
But you lied twice, and no one made you do it. And despite your other credentials, you felt you had to do it? Why? No one hurt you but yourself.
30. Miss Tartan
Erik ,   Czech Repiblik   (03.01.07)
with her credentials she could be President of Israel
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