Just like the Saudis
Gal Mor
Published: 01.03.07, 20:54
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1. You support Internet porn for kids!
Don Johnson ,   Jacksonville, FL USA   (03.01.07)
If you enjoy spending most of your time looking at pornographic website, that is one story. Advocating for making pornography more accessible to others, especially minors, is morally repugnant, and is symptomatic of the level to which Israeli society has sank in recent years. What can you expect from the President or Justice Minister if our journalists are fighting for Children's pornography rights.
HaDaR ,   Israel   (03.01.07)
SINCE WHEN RUINING CHILDREN WITH PORNOGRAPHY IS FREEDOM? You have lost of sense not only of morals but also of appropriateness! Free is a place where victims and not criminals have a priority, where children and elderly are taken care of and protected.
3. Most Israeli parents are all for it. Go!!!
ben Avraham ,   tel Aviv, Israel   (03.01.07)
4. 25 Knesset members who are in favour...
Barry   (03.01.07)
that means 95 members are not
5. We should also the hara-dim schools,yeshivas
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.01.07)
6. We should also ban hara-dim schools,yeshivas
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.01.07)
and "rabbis" from our children.Let them cease to poison the minds of our young with their twisted version of our Jewish religion. Let us teach our youth that porn is bad and so is draft dodging,taking money to do nothing instead of working and to treat women as equals.
7. Internet law
Gilad ,   London UK   (03.01.07)
While I support trying to tackle this explosion of pornography on younger children this law is simply stupid. We need to teach our society better, not try to enforce crude laws that will only get us more negative headlines or backwardness on freedoms! It's known the government of Iran has failed to ban pornographic sat channels. If those tyrants can't ban that then this will fail 10x as much. It's a waste of money that could go towards hospitals and schools. Not to mention it will waste police manpower during a time of rising crime!
8. If What the author says is "freedom", then Leonard Cohen
HaDaR ,   Israel   (03.01.07)
If What the author says is "freedom", then Leonard Cohen was right when he sang in his GREAT SONG "The Future" , "...give me Stalin and Saint Paul..." Freedom and laissez faire are OPPOSITES! Laxism and absence of rules lead only to tyranny!!
9. to all
mark ,   ca   (03.01.07)
There is more important things.Why Ynet not posting Hebrew version of the news in English? In my opinion top story is about 100 soldiers from the Golani left the training base.
10. #6 What happened Jason White unless that isnt really you
David ,   Holon,Springhill,IL   (03.02.07)
You were doing such an amazing strand of posts, most were incredibly pro Jewish and pro Israeli. What happened? Unless, it is an impostor! And you should know as an Israeli, not all religious Jews are draft dodgers as well as not all seculars go to the army. What happened? Truly an impostor. I have read how you write, and you are not a bad writer.
11. Learn from the Saudis
borhan saif ,   saudi arabia   (03.02.07)
I think limiting the freedom a bit, is the cost of a better internet for children and maybe even for adults. This should have been done earlier.
12. Instead of blocking porn...
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.02.07)
This law will be used to block websites and blogs that express opinions the government does not agree with. There are filters that you can buy or download to block porn. THIS IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S BUSINESS.
13. Jason White, retard
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (03.02.07)
Jason White, you did not comment on the Hassidei Gur wedding thread. Does it just chap your butt that there are Hassidim WHO DO ARMY SERVICE?? You never complain about the leftist traitors and draft dodgers LIKE OLMERT'S KIDS.
14. how it is diffecult
samia ,   jerusalem   (03.02.07)
before the internett their is the satallite ,the tv ,the radio ,and at first i think the book // in eache age there was controle may be political or social .but not econimical .. if you want to speake about the control for social benifet the roll of goverment is easy to controle the books but the most diffecult is the internett .. and also the role of family is easy to controle the books ,the must diffecult is the internett .. .but sure inall cases the role of the family is more important to guide the kids fore the right and the wrong in evry thing also in the internett using // and i think the family in suodi arabia and in iran knows their role the same as in israil ,and may be more
15. kyle you are an anus!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.02.07)
Apparently you do not read everything I write. I think that olmert's "sons" are filth. I always ask how he feels sending the children of others into combat? How does he feel knowing his own spawn ran away? How did he feel pushing a pencil in the army instead of serving as a soldier? How many hara-dim do not serve? Male and female? How many leftists refuse to serve or refuse to serve in the territories? They all should be jailed for ten years with hard labor! Then expelled from Israel forever! How about you? Did you serve in the I.D.F. in Co? I never met a kyle in the twenty three years I served in the I.D.F. By the way,I served under a religious officer for eleven years and all our battery would follow him to hell and back.But he wore a knitted kippa!
16. Blocking porn, violence, and gambling
CS ,   USA   (03.02.07)
This writer is so uninformed, so irresponsible, and so off-base in his extremism, it reflects on the judgment- once again- of Ynetnews editors and its publisher in posting this 'opinion.' Further ,what does it say about the credibility of the rest of Ynet's coverage and contributors? What an abuse of freedom of expression.With every freedom comes responsibility. There can be no question but if the Internet is being used to collude ,and/ or, perpetrate, a crime, those responsible must be held accountable.There is also such a thing as common sense. Children MUST be safeguarded.Freedom of speech does have limits, and safeguarding children in this world of worldwide pornographers and rings, especially child pron perpetrators, is an imperative.To question it, is to cast a light on the questioner and his interests., though posing as a free speech advocate. Sir, there is something very wrong with you.Do you have children? I doubt it, and if yes, I think, social services should do an investigation of their environment and treatment.
17. There is already software available
Tracy W   (03.02.07)
that parents can use to block unsuitable websites. I agree that this law is dangerous and a threat to individual liberties.
18. fools
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (03.02.07)
i'm amazed anyone thinks this is a good idea. it's a gross violation of freedom of speech. freedom of speech does have limits some say, but of course that isn't true. otherwise it wouldn't be called FREEDOM. that some countries restrict it anyway means they do not have freedom of speech, even though they still keep calling it just that. of course they point to the protection of children, it's really convenient in propaganda purposes since they can then call anyone who oppose heartless. it's up to the parents to control their own children and protect them. this is only the beginning, once censorship has started it goes out of control immediatly. one example is Norway and Denmark where the ISPs now have to filter child pornography sites. of course that was easy to get through, who supports child pornography, right? well, not long after they started blocking other inconvenient sites. allofmp3 is blocked in Denmark, Norways parliament are about to vote on if they should block all gambling, filesharing, pornography, sites that contain criticism of the government etc. be warned israel, as soon as you censor a single website it will continue at an amazing speed until you have a crippled internet like China.
19. Another Bad Idea From The Knesset.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (03.02.07)
The Internet should not be censored. The responsibility for what children watch on the Internet rests with their parents. It is not the job of gov't. to act as "Big Brother". You would think that we have no other problems for the Knesset to work on. How about working on electoral reform?
20. Laws for internet should be similar to that for cable TV
Ilan ,   Ariel   (03.02.07)
In the Web 2.0 age it is time to realize that ""content is content"" and that it doesn't matter if content is coming from a cable box or as a digital signal. To the extent that providers have to get a public license they are liable to regulation. I'm not sure that I'd sign on to too heavy a hand. Government censors are almost always guided by hidden motives and readily take advantage of using censorship on political content (and you don't have to be a fan of Kahane to note that they have been shut down repeatedly). Violent porn should be regulated at the point of creation and it's transport regulated like it were blood diamonds or ivory, but if it is made by consenting individuals then it is up to the consumer to regulate what is seen in the house. I'm the parent of my children, not the government.
21. Its a Mitzvah to make healthy choices
David ,   Israel   (03.02.07)
It is incumbent on the individual to realize the unwholesome nature of pornography and gratuitous violence and to avoid it for the health of their psyche and soul. There is no merit in a choice that is made for you. I think having an opt-in system for those who want it, or want more control over what their children are exposed to, is an excellent idea. That is a personal choice. I think imposing that decision without considering the individuals choice is a very bad thing. So set up a filter I can choose to use, but don't filter without my choice.
22. David, well-said
Michael ,   Seattle, Wa   (03.03.07)
"There is no merit in a choice that is made for you." If we do not learn from this, someone will choose. Perhaps Orwell saw more than we estimate. Headline - "Researchers have developed thought-reading device" Urbana-Dec 21, 2041 Reasearchers here say they have developed and tested successfully a device that can monitor thoughts of humans and display and record them as text. The device can effectively be pointed at individuals, even at some distance, and read back even the most intimate thoughts of the subjects... Headline "Congress passes bill to create 'Thought Police' force" Washington-Sept 9, 2042 The Democrat-controlled US Senate has passed a bill creating a national police force with the sole propose of monitoring our thoughts. To be used as an effective weapon to combat socially-deviant behavior, the new police force is said to be enlisting the use of a new device recently developed at UC Urbana... SCARED YET?
23. #22 - Michael - Not scary enough
Kevin G ,   Oregon   (03.03.07)
Think of the voting machines that are vulnerable to programming that can alter results. All those voting machines that leave no paper trail are the perfect device for the end of democracy in America. I don't know how many States already have them, but unless the people demand going back to paper ballots, we can kiss what's left of democracy good bye.
24. #19 Terry
Renee, NYC   (03.03.07)
While I agree with you in theory, the sad reality is that there are a lot of kids with shitty, irresponsible parents, and so the question becomes whether society has an obligation to protect them inasmuch as there isn't any way to prevent dysfunctional people from having children?
25. Renee NYC
charles ,   petach tikva   (03.03.07)
Don't you think that a majority of parents are responsible ? For this little minority do we need to impose such rules on the whole community ? . Do you have such rules in other democratic countries ? Don't they have also "disturbed" parents ? If Israel was the last country in the developped world to impose this , i could eventually agree . And remember one thing , today's children are very smart , in many cases they know much more about internet than their parents . And if they want , they can see what they like , even with external "filters" .
26. Sensor ship is useless
Free Palestinian   (03.04.07)
It seems that the world is going back to the dark ages again. When will people understand that sensor ship is useless. Free your mind
27. Control the porn at the computer
Steve ,   USA   (03.14.07)
B"H Like television needs to be turned off to prevent offensive programming from reaching kids, various computers have the ability for parents to determine what their kids are watching and limit it to preapproved content. The valve should not be with the ISP but with the cafe. What should be required for cafe's is identification cards for the children stating their age and permitting them specific access. The children should have accounts established on the cafe's computers specific to them and the parents should determine what their children can see. The ISP is not the right place where the controlls should be enforced. It needs to happen in the home or at the internet cafe where the parent determines what is seen, and the child has to bring his photo ID to get access to the parent-approved content.
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