Poll: World sees Israel, Iran most negatively
Published: 05.03.07, 21:02
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1. When did the world EVER look positvly at Jews?
David ,   Holon,Springhill,IL   (03.05.07)
Did it ever stop us from doing what we needed to be done? NEVER, Dont look for salivation in the nonJews, only through yourself and through the Almighty. Unity is the key, brother and brother together and we will quickly win the day. AM YISRAEL CHAI
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (03.05.07)
Although the article discusses more than Iran,why has the Iranian missile launches have been reflected in the article.I find it strange.
3. Since most of the world....
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (03.05.07)
Is oppressed and ruled by tyrants, I would say it's a good thing. US/Israel are the exception to the rule.
stude ham   (03.05.07)
The farshtinkenen antisemiten who conducted this poll can burn by night and hang by day!!!
5. The world is sick
6. With the British media as it is, no wonder.
Tahl ,   Israel   (03.05.07)
It seems that the BBC, the Al-Guardian, the Independent, and the Sunday times, are competing as to who would do the worst virile Israel-bashing. Thus these findings are hardly surprising.
7. IDF doesnt give Israel military image. Arabs who attack do!
RA   (03.05.07)
What crazy world do we live in when a country attempting to defend itself is characterized as militaristic for it. Just because the IDF happens to be good at its job.
8. No surprises
Palestinian ,   Haifa, Palestine   (03.05.07)
Did anyone really need a poll to tell them this?
9. What is positive in Pakistan or racist Saudi Arabia?
KMR ,   Middle East   (03.05.07)
10. BBC is the source-no surprise
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.05.07)
Any poll can create any result - simply utilizing a differnet manner in asking or presenting an issue. The BBC has spent decades attacking Israel and Jews in general while going out of its way to protect its own domestic Muslim terrorists. We take the poll from whence it came. i am confident that a 'new' media under the Nazi rule in German would have placed the Jews in the bottom tier as well.
11. Buy a glasses #2
PLoto ,   France   (03.05.07)
It seems ur hatred and racism blinds u cant u see under it the pic of an IDF soldier?!!! God i cant believe the stupidity of these people!!! Amazing how much Strange and stupidity are alike!!
12. who gives a sh*t...
Greg ,   New York City   (03.05.07)
i mean seriously. who gives a sh*t what the EU thinks... how irrelevant are those people.
13. Thanks BBC
Ryan ,   Calgary, Canada   (03.05.07)
If we see a rise in illegal immigration maybe a class action lawsuit will follow. Stop encouraging people.
14. as long as were together with the us.....
tzioni ,   ny   (03.05.07)
.....and not with china
15. Israel perceived worse than Sudan? Congo? Somalia? WTF?!
16. "soft power" for soft people (irresponsible cowards)
USA   (03.05.07)
17. Guess BBC mostly polled Muslim countries--what do u expect?
This is useless ,   USA   (03.05.07)
18. To # 8
Joe ,   USA   (03.05.07)
If you're so knowkedgeable, and you knew this all along - leave and go live in a positive country, such as Syria. You will be happier, and so would we.
19. The power of the media
Kevin G ,   Oregon   (03.05.07)
The media have been brainwashing the public for so long that now there are several generations that have grown up reading and hearing nothing but Israel bashing. No wonder Israel ranks lower in public esteem than countries with absolutely abismal human rights records. Of course, if Israel were a perfectly peaceful little enclave on some far-away planet, they would still find some reason to hate it, as long as there were Jews in it. Let's see. They would blame it for climate change, for asteroids passing near Earth, for crop circles, for UFO abductions.... But seriously, what the media does is give the public pretexts to justify their hatred, pretexts quite often based on pure falsehoods.
20. stupid ignorants !!!
stephane ,   france   (03.05.07)
this is so compare israel to iran.iran to have the most negative influence of the world,it's not surprising at all with such a president and human rights,but israel!? the country where were born judaïsm and christianity!such a beutiful contry,such a democracy? i think that the ignorants must do a confusion between us and our nazislamists pals neighboors.i'm sure that the people who told that israel have a negative influence never been in israel!if they only kew israel! bande de cons!!!!
21. lolololololol
Shelly   (03.05.07)
We will be the ones laughing when the EU and Europe are taken over by Islamofascists.
22. #18 regarding #8
Jane   (03.05.07)
He's confused anyway. I doesn't even know that Haifa is in Israel!
23. Shelly
Jane   (03.05.07)
I'm laughing right now, Shelly. It's really gorgeous that the only way they feel comfortable criticizing Iran is to throw the Jews into the mix. Or, as Borat would say, throw the Jews down the well. The Brits well deserve the climate at Finsbury Park.
24. Soft power-Hard power
Mr. X   (03.05.07)
Prof. Kull makes a very interesting point.
25. BBC Poll crap
Brod ,   USA   (03.05.07)
The BBC poll crap is as good as trash that should be discarded.
26. Re: #22 - I meant "he" doesn't know
Jane   (03.05.07)
27. Shows how mainstream media distortions brainwash people
Zvi   (03.05.07)
Repeated hammering on on Israeli reactions without similarly discussing the specific provocations that caused them leads to Israel's reputation as a warmonger. The media also repeatedly trashes the US - an open democratic society, even with that irritating Bush in charge - while treating Russia - which assassinates political opponents and *facilitates* Iran's actions on the nuclear front - with kid gloves, causes people to have a completely distorted view of where the danger comes from in this world of ours. Regarding the France, etc.: left to their own devices, they'd go right back to their 18th century policy of bribing jihadi terrorists to leave them alone. Oh, I forgot. That's their policy today. Witness their pay-offs to terrorist Hamas.
28. BBC is a "dhimmi" paper
ygalg   (03.05.07)
29. Lest we forget........
Johnson ,   USA   (03.06.07)
American's may just decide sit back, and let you all suffer enslavement this next time, and deal with who ever is left standing after the dust settles.
30. To all jews.
AR ,   USA   (03.06.07)
You would be better off if you would stop considering the world racist and antisemetic and look at your actions. Because the world has changed but you and america are still stuck in your old colonial empirical ways. You guys just cannot take critisism even when it is deserved. Its a shame that such a people with such a long history think they are immune to evil within their own ranks. Bye the way the fact that the world considers Israel Iran America and North Korea in the same boat really dose say something. Ive read polls were people consider America and Israel to be a greater threat to peace than Russia,Iran,China, NK added up now that is sad. Seriously tho i believe North Korea and Israel are tied for most negative countries. America then Iran. Take the critisism it might help you guys make better decisions in the future. PS stop expanding settlements in Palestinian lands. No one is stupid we see what you are doing.
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