Poll: World sees Israel, Iran most negatively
Published: 05.03.07, 21:02
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31. And the point of this poll?
Ram ,   London   (03.06.07)
Was this a test by the BBC to prove how dumb its viewers are?
32. goes to show (56%)
jerome ,   basalt, co   (03.06.07)
are very ignorant people with a strong opinion! But on the other hand 54% have a strong and intelligent opinion!!!
DAVID ,   USA   (03.06.07)
34. #29
Ram ,   london   (03.06.07)
Bla, bla, bla. Go back to sleep!
35. #12- I am in complete agreement
Cameron ,   USA   (03.06.07)
36. No surprises except
Happy in ,   Canada   (03.06.07)
that there weren't more who saw Israel and the USA negatively... REALISTICALLY. Hopefully fewer people are falling for their propaganda than before. But it's not happening fast enough as far as I'm concerned! WAKE UP WORLD!
37. #30, the font of wisdom.
Ram ,   London   (03.06.07)
You seem to know it all! America is actually doing its best to improve this world. Whether they attacked Afghanistan and Iraq or not, don't kid yourself, sooner or later the state of affairs would have reached a worse scenario. The cause of most of the world's problems can be understood by reading "The rage and the fury" by Oriana Fallaci, "Londonistan" by Melanie Phillips" and watchind "Obsession" the movie on DVD. Make an effort; read and watch and be informed. Say what you like about Israel and ignore at your peril its efforts in trying to make peace with ALL its enemies. Its enemies simply do not want it to exist! In the absence of peace and continuous attacks from those who wish to destroy it there is no law that forbids Israel to do what it wishes with land it legitimately won in a war with Jordan and for which its citizens paid for heavily in lives lost.
38. popular
isiaiah   (03.06.07)
before the six day war israel was immensely popular especially in the soviet union and arab world where the islamic people rioted in the streets for giving the jews a break and taking in their arab islamic families from palestine .
39. most people in the world....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.06.07)
are under-educated, biased and brainwshed. The US will never be liked and Israel will always be hated as long as there are arabs in this world...we can live with it...really!!!
40. dummy in Canada #36
jerome ,   basalt, co   (03.06.07)
your the one falling for the propaganda. You fall under the IGNORANT with a strong opinion category!
41. So I guess that clairifies it!
Bryan ,   Minnapolis, MN   (03.06.07)
So if you do evil or fight evil, it's the same. I guess we're clear on not worrying about what people in the world think.
42. What questions were asked and to whom
A. de Metz ,   Haifa   (03.06.07)
The anti-Israel bias of the BBC is too well-known to require mention. In order to assess the relevance of this poll, one would need to know how the questions were formulated and which countries made up the 27 polled. (Were 22 of these Islamic countries?) It would also be important to know whether those questioned constituted a statistical cross-section of the populations of these countries, how this was determined and who conducted the surveys in the field. Unfortunately, the publication of such biased and unprofessional polls often achieve their objective which is to smear those the pollsters do not like.
43. China viewed positively, not US and Israel? Figures.
AK   (03.06.07)
I think opinions and articles in this papers helped.
44. This is why Israel has to start the PR offensive now!!
Y ,   N   (03.06.07)
45. WHO GIVES A DAMN!!!!!!!!!!
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (03.06.07)
If the israelis would wake up one day and take care of business the way they should,there would not be any iran to worry about. Besides that the bbc and our loved european borthers should know that their opinions are totaly unimportant. They are a bunch off decadent floosies on their way out,overrun by their best buddies the arabs. All i know is that i wake up in our land promised to us for over 3000 years ,so all your negative opinions mean dideley squat. I hope next time around the USA is not going to save your sorry @sses.
46. Which "Crapistan" countries were polled?
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (03.06.07)
47. #30 AR - in the USA? Why?
Mike ,   USA   (03.06.07)
AR, have you considered leaving a country with such "colonial empirical ways". It must be tough living in that country, with all the hardships and no opportunities, no freedom, no culture whatsoever. Have you considered moving to a more suitable country?
48. #41. Refrase yourself 'cause your not making sense!
Ram ,   london   (03.06.07)
49. Well, baruch hashem...
Uriel ,   Israel   (03.06.07)
At least we have SOMETHING in common... If only that would be a base for peace and negotiations...
AVRAHAM ,   JERUSALEM   (03.06.07)
51. JA!
JOHN ,   DC,USA   (03.06.07)
Right. Because England are doing just fine as well as US in the whole world... due to a FALSE LED WAR! I agree you must arrest or kill terrorist like Bin Laden and so on.. but the pretext of war in Iraq WAS AND IS FALSE, ALL WORLD KNOWS IT. Critic against Israel...? ja! bloody ignorants
52. #30
jason ,   usa   (03.06.07)
" You would be better off if you would stop considering the world racist and antisemetic and look at your actions. " So it's not consider to be racists/anti-semitic for Jews to be killed? " Because the world has changed but you and america are still stuck in your old colonial empirical ways. " Umm.. okay. So.. are you blamming the Zionists or the Jews? " You guys just cannot take critisism even when it is deserved. Its a shame that such a people with such a long history think they are immune to evil within their own ranks. " Is this politics or religon?? " Bye the way the fact that the world considers Israel Iran America and North Korea in the same boat really dose say something. Ive read polls were people consider America and Israel to be a greater threat to peace than Russia,Iran,China, NK added up now that is sad. " Surveys somethinges are not as right unless you got like a whole lot of people Lets say 3 out of 4 people say sharks could be tame but then.. 3 out of 10 people say sharks could be tame its nice to see more poeple (thousands or millions help) " Take the critisism it might help you guys make better decisions in the future. PS stop expanding settlements in Palestinian lands. No one is stupid we see what you are doing. " some Critics of Israel wants "The Jews" to be destroyed and masssive genocide, should they honestly want THAT?(you tell me) PS: How are you Bias? You'er not talking about Israel for what they do.(your title suggest THAT) you ARE talking about "the Jews" You honestly don't care WHAT happens to "the Jews" You'er an arrogent fool
53. #39 (under-educated, biased and brainwshed)
Jack ,   Melbourne, Australia   (03.06.07)
You perfectly described an average American
54. Woow Israel = Iran Not Bad BUT
1.5 billion Muslims   (03.06.07)
waite couple years , kids wil run if they hear name of Israel. Reality Check, world
55. Ram. Jason #52 Mike.
AR ,   USA   (03.06.07)
Ive seen obsession long before fools like you saw it on Fox. Crappy movie. Made by a jew so i dont think im gonna use that as an islamic encyclopedia. Also what has israel done to make peace with its neighbors. What Israel continues to build settlements and occupy their neighbors land come on. I cant always root for the underdog especially when i disagree with it. Please dont ask me to be informed. You said "no law that forbids Israel to do what it wishes with land it legitimately won in a war with Jordan " actually according to the UN it is illegal to obtain land through war. OOOH Snap you look and are a complete idiot my friend go watch your obsession and be under the illusion of understand the issues of the middleeast. If you want an unbiased film about this conflict you should start with the film Deadly Currents. Jason. im sorry i should have been more clear with my opening statement. I wrote jews because i noticed many jews and israelis who said that this poll was stupid and that the world is anti semetic and what not thats why i was talking to them. Obviously this is a jewish website that is the reason why im not attacking others in the list. Saying that killing jews is anti semetic is an assumption. You assume they are being killed because they are jews. When others assume that they are being killed because they are occupiers. Im not saying their isnt anti semetism but i think the state of Israel is destroying jews all over the world. It is giving jews a bad name as evident in this poll because no matter what jews believe in the real world they will be grouped with Israelis. Just like muslims are grouped with terrorist and africans with crime etc etc. Some critics of Iran want Iran to get nuked and bombed into smitherines is that right. Look of course killing anyone for any reason except for self defence is wrong. (israelis will say they are defending themselve but they are foreign in an arab land they are seen to the arabs as a new crusade) That is how they see it and historically they are not wrong. Jews do have connections to Israel but its not their land and they know this that is why they get so angry when people critisize israel especially westerners whome they need. I wasnt trying to make the case against Israel in my first comment i was making my case against jews aka Israelis who cry antisemetism every time they are critisized. Im sorry you think im an arrogant fool. But i think its because you had a preconcived idea of what i was talking about. I dont want any jews to die. I just had my cousin over last week for dinner and she is jewish Iranian i dont want either half of her people to get killed sorry but im kinda immune to all this negative critisism of me. I have connections to all sides of these issues which allows me to have a uniqley unbiased view of the situation. Mike what you think im gonna leave this country with all its nuclear weapons and massive army in the hands of morons like yourself please. We need to act more responsibly. Telling people who think america is going in the crapper to leave just shows how little you actually care about where your nation is really going. And what it has done in the past.
56. Stupid Poll
abe ,   manchester   (03.06.07)
I think only way we are going to be looked on favorably by the world, is if we as Jews cease to exist. As long as we are a people living on this planet, the non-jews will have a problem with us. It is a fact that we have face, which we cant run away from. As to the world, when Francestan and Britainstan, find themselves under the governance of the Mulahs etc... we will see who will be laughing.
57. #53 Jack
jerome ,   basalt, co   (03.06.07)
it also describes an above average Aussie, not really just descibes you!
58. Ram it up your arse #55
jerome ,   basalt, co   (03.06.07)
you wrote one of the longest bullsh%t talkbacks just showing how ignorant, stupid and racist you really are!
59. AR, non American
SAM ,   USA   (03.06.07)
You really need to read a book, boy. You are so bigoted you could never honestly look at the other side of the story. You could never be fair and even handed. But that is what bigots like you do. Boy, stereotyping and rationalizing about a race (in this case Jews) is a symptom of stupidity. READ A BOOK!!! at least try to make some rational observations, not racist ones. You are a good indication that black poeple are not wrong that racism still exists in the USA. More so, ignorance is still a problem in this country. Satan doesen't win, boy. You will never be a winner as long as you subscribe to Satan. Read the book. God wins in the end. make sure you know what side you are on. re-evaluate, boy. If you have to lie, re-evaluate why you are doing it.
60. im ein ani le, me le??? that's the question that every jew m
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