58 percent of public don’t believe Olmert, poll says
Published: 07.03.07, 21:10
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1. Lindenstrauss you are my Hero! Stay Strong!
Michael ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.07.07)
Lindenstrauss please stay strong against the onslaught of demagoguery that flows from the Prime Minister's Office. You remind me of Leon Jaworski and Archibald Cox, who both stood up to the intimidations of a powerful but corrupt President Richard Nixon. They single handily bestowed integrity on the American political system. I hope that you can do the same here in Israel.
2. So less than 10% of Israel is stupid
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.07.07)
to believe olmert is right and the situation improved. Improved for ham-ass and hizbollah!
3. Careless mistake: You mean 98% don't believe Olmert.
David ,   Jerusalem   (03.07.07)
4. So when will Lindenstrauss replace Olmert???????????????????
David ,   Jerusalem   (03.07.07)
5. Israel needs a new approach
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (03.07.07)
Since 1967, Israel has tried just one approach, albeit calling it different names, while trying to secure peace with the Arabs: Land for Peace. Land for Peace did not work when it called the Camp David I (1978), Madrid proposal (1990), the Oslo Accords (1993), Wye River (1998), Camp David II (2000), Taba (2001), Shahrm (2000), Aqaba (2002), Disengagement (2005) (and all those I missed)... The time has come for Israel to try something else.... Its not only Olmert that must go, its Land for Peace that Must go with it...
6. We need a new P.M.
israeli   (03.08.07)
Wanted : a new leadership and hopefully a much better one than the present lousy " leaders".
7. Olmert / Lindenstrauss
Joe ,   Israel   (03.08.07)
How can you tell that Olmert is lying? His lips are moving.
8. Has anyone found the Smith Institute on Google?
Jason ,   Canada   (03.08.07)
I can't find the right Smith Institute that conducted this poll. There are other organizations by this name, but nothing about polls. Does anyone know it?
9. olmert
ely ,   usa   (03.08.07)
only 58 ??????????
10. A WHOPPING 36% STILL want Olmert
malcolm   (03.08.07)
That's more shocking than anything!
11. I'm sick of Olmert's unfocused expressions!
REUVEN ,   USA   (03.08.07)
Scott ,   LONDONISTAN-UK   (03.08.07)
Agree #12!!! Olmert and fools OUT
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