Hebron settlers filmed throwing rocks at Palestinians
Ali Waked
Published: 08.03.07, 01:02
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31. too many to count...cough cough haters :P
Elokim ,   Israel   (03.08.07)
Again such hate from a people who regard them Selves as God loving people. #29 has it the jews who are stating "boohoo" :'( I think we need to call the waaaahhhmulance for people like Kyle, Linda, Avi, Daniel, Tracy, Sean, Ron, sl and "AMERICAN". We try and call Israel a democracy (thanks to the USA it is)...and you try to defend it by statements like "it allows terrorists, child murderers to study in its own institutions and have degrees".... how does this "make" it a democracy???????? NOT ALL ARABS ARE TERRORIST!!! Just like, NOT ALL JEWS ARE GOD LOVING!!!!!! BOTH ARE TRUE!!!!!! Linda cries "IDF who lost his eye from Rock Thrower" "Muslims repeatedly throw rocks at Jews from the Temple Mount - the HOLIEST place on earth which G-D designated for worship and prayer - not violence." Well Linda, they serve at their own risk and defend the country at all cost!!! Why doesn't our Army deal with these little brats the same way it deals with Palestinian kids throwing stones: rubber and live bullets? We all know why: it's racism and pursuit of myopic policies, both of which will lead to our downfall and possibly a third galut!!! Thanks Steiner!!! And for those still bathing in denial...get over it!! The settlers are breeding hate and Israel defends it!!! It's no wonder that the Palestinians do the same to defend the land they lost to big brother (US) and lil brother (Israel)!!! "I wanna see someone take your (any jew in Israel or for those dumb-asses in the US) house by force from you and then I wanna see what you do. If you're a real man you'd do whatever to get it back, but if you're a coward then you'd take it and smile." Correctly stated Mustafa!!! I could not agree more!!! Yes Hebron had a terrible past...that was the past and we are to learn from our past...RIGHT....can anyone say Nazi? For people who suffered through such "atrocity" would think that you would NOT have such hate for your fellow human!!!! I guess some jews just are not that enlightened!!! cough cough LINDA!!!! Like Rodney King said.... "can't we all just get along"? Quit acting like a bunch of kids and grow up YNET talkbackers!!! :'( :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
32. credence
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.08.07)
These disgusting acts lend credence to the findings of the World that Israel ranks first in nastiness
33. #3, 9, 20, 21, and Mahmood Steiner, of course: Read Arutz-7
David ,   Jerusalem   (03.08.07)
if you want to know the true facts of what's happening in this country. YNet is an Arab station in English.
34. Disgrace
Nadav ,   Misgav   (03.08.07)
These Extremist are a disgrace for Israel and the jewish people. So are some those commenting here. Hamas with a Skullcap.
35. Our Gang
mark ,   israel   (03.08.07)
The film clip reminds me of the 'Our Gang' movies of thr 1940's. Cute.
36. Left wing media.........
Daniel ,   Tekoa   (03.08.07)
What about all the rocks that are being thrown on the road to Tekoa? What about the cars who got their winshields smashed in a few days ago? Thats not news to you?
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (03.08.07)
For YNET. I already wrote that before but it got censored out. There are a lot off news media in the world with anti jewish incitement. To mind comes a infamous one in germany around WW2 that was a government controlled newspaper supporting some by now well known iedealogy. That way ,there not need be any confusion in the world about YNET . Hopefully a lot of readers around the world understand by now that YNET does not represent the jewish people of the land off ISRAEL.
Scott ,   LONDONISTAN-UK   (03.08.07)
As others have said - although this kind of behaviour is stupid. These incidents TOTALLY PALE INTO INSIGNIFICANCE when compared with the ongoing, imbecilic behaviour observed enmasse by the Pals. I mean, the Pals could give the settlers instruction in this kind of thing , being past masters. What a joke LOL
39. 31: Elokim
Sean   (03.08.07)
I suggest you watch the video before criticizing any more of our posts. With the exception of a few of the posters, we did not condone violence. In any case, none of that is relevant to this article. Let's look at the facts. The little boy's having a temper tantrum. He's throwing a really small rock, like a pebble, at a door and screaming obscenities. Absolutely no context is given. Was he provoked? A Jewish man then enters the scene and disciplines him. At the end of the clip a few little girls are presumably throwing eggs. Again, no context. Do you know if the guy recording this had provoked them? Kids behave badly all the time - everywhere. And you wonder why the army did not intervene, or if there's a double-standard? Do you really think that is their job? These kids weren't a threat to anyone. On the other hand, Palestinian "youths," often in their late teens/early twenties, throw LARGE ROCKS, which DO HURT PEOPLE. There's no comparison. "Well Linda, they serve at their own risk and defend the country at all cost!!! " you replied. How exactly does that make it OK to attack them? You ask that we all get along, yet condone violence against soldiers. Aren't they human too? You also wrote "#29 has it the jews who are stating "boohoo" :'( I think we need to call the waaaahhhmulance for people like Kyle, Linda, Avi, Daniel, Tracy, Sean, Ron, sl and "AMERICAN"." [btw, had you read these posts more carefully you would've realized AMERICAN agrees with you] and later concluded " I guess some jews just are not that enlightened!!! cough cough LINDA!!!! .... Quit acting like a bunch of kids and grow up YNET talkbackers!!! :'( " Dude, It's time to look in a mirror. Your talkback was the most virulent one yet.
40. 100% right David from Judea.
Yisraeli   (03.08.07)
42. violence??
shmuel ,   jerusalem   (03.08.07)
does ynet think we are all iddiots? setteler violence????? one boy of about 10, who was clearly drunk, shouting and throwing pebbles and this is called setteler violence. what about the violent setteler that picked him up and carried him away? if we apply the same insaine spin to the palastinians then they are all suicide bombers.
43. Hebron settler violence
Rachel ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.08.07)
Clearly, the parents should be charged by the authorities with poisoning their children with hatred against their neighbors in Hebron and for being physically abusive. Violence by children is all learned behavior. How can we expect anyone to believe we are justified in protecting our borders when violent settlers act like animals?
44. What makes this news?
Jackie Kunitz ,   USA   (03.08.07)
Kids throw stones, but you do not see at what they are throwing. And the story identifies them as girls, from what I could see they were little boys. I have several grandsons and they are always throwing stones at something, into my fish pond, into the ocean, at trees...This is news!! Not to me, a retired reporter and editor. But to those who are against Jews, oh yes it is news, like "Man bites dog is news. We no longer hear about Arabs throwing stones, not even about the Kassams or Molotov cocktails,,,One sided reporting to my mind
45. to #3 The JEWS are the natives and the arabs
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.08.07)
are the TRESPASSERS! Hebron is one of four Holy Jewish cities that the moslems took over.They trespass on the holy sites of other religions and then they claim them for their own. It is mentioned in OUR Bible long before anyone ever thought up islam!
46. Basically, all the fascists on here...
Michael Steiner   (03.08.07)
...are saying that either two wrongs make a right or that this type of outrage on the part of "Jews" should not be reported. I take it that means even the heartless monsters who comment here realize that the type of behavior exposed in the article is UNACCEPTABLE. It's a start, I suppose.
47. #46 Mahmood Steiner: No. These talkbacks are
David ,   Jerusalem   (03.08.07)
showing what a wonderful nation the Jews are. Baruch Hashem YNet and Betzelem only found 1 instance of a little 7 year old Jewish boy doing some childish mischief and all Leftists are up with it. How much more should you Leftist scream and yell when you hear what the Arabs are doing??? UNFORTUNATELY, YNet will not report it. Go to Arutz-7 and you'll know who the real "fascists" are. But, of course, you wouldn't read their news. They reveal too much of the truth disproving what all you self-hating Jews and Liberal Leftists stand for.
48. ynet please report real news not propaganda
Michael   (03.08.07)
There either settlers in Tel aviv,bet shemesh and hebron.Or there are no settlers in Tel aviv, Bet shemesh and Hebron. itts sad when Jews take ideas from Joseph Goebbals and use it against their brothers. I never knew the Arabs loved the Jews of Hebron so much. It seems from the article, there is no reason or provacation that the arabs commit. is this news or free anti-Jewish propoganda
49. #27 & #46 - Steiner you are out of control....
Andy   (03.08.07)
hoping Palestinians kick Jews out of the territories. Now THAT is a new low. You can call people who disagree with you fascists if you like - but at least the settlers in the territories are here. You're not. When people abuse other people they should be punished. But even you have to admit that this video is pretty lame. The cursing shrew video was much worse, because it depicted a grown woman, purportedly a religious Jew, demonstrating profoundly unjewish values. Even though I think a major withdrawal from the territories aside from major Jewish population centers is inevitable one day in the future, we need to address settlers for who they are: fellow Jews. And in return they need to address residents of Tel Aviv and the Sharon with the same respect.
50. Fact:had he been a palestinian, he would have been shot dead
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (03.08.07)
51. This is wrong
Margaret   (03.08.07)
I am in no way defending this it is clearly wrong for the Jewish kids to stone Arab houses. My complaint is that this coverage is so totally biased. No one in the media shows video of Jewish cars being stoned or countless photos of Arab kids throwing stones and firebombs yelling death to the Jews. But there are many incidents like this. Maybe the Jews need to have a special interest group like the ISM and TIPH in Hebron to carry around cameras and film violents actions against them to show the violence is not onesided.
52. Why aren't these violent incidents reported too?
Margaret   (03.08.07)
1.Two Arab youth armed with knives arreasted in Jerusalem, after their would be Jewish victim escaped injury. 2.Soldiers arrested another Arab after he was discovered carrying a knife and a pipebomb sappers defused. 3.Rock attacks on Israeli cars continued Wednsday with a car sustaining damage no injuries reported. Near the Jewish residential area of Hebron soldiers arrested an Arab carrying a knife. 4.Arab attackers hurled stones at Lion's gate in the old city injuring a tourist. In Atarot,north of the capital 2 soldiers were injured in a rock throwing attack. No one was injured in several molotov cocktail attacks thrown at Israeli cars near Kfar Saba and Karnei Shmron. A gang of Arabs attacked an ambulance south of Hebron the side window was broke.The driver was not injured.
53. What a funny video
BUSH ,   USA   (03.08.07)
I was expecting to see something like in Amona, some blood or a knock in the head. But this video doesn't even show a papercut. On the contrary it shows how wonderful Religious Jews are. All they found was a 7 yr old and on top of it his father raising him. So sweet. The real fascists are not the settlers or the arabs, rather the govt and police brutality, our leaders in this painful exile. They kill palestinian children women and of course beat the daylights out of religious Jews and settlers. The world calls out to Israel they are not humanistic enough. Countries are waiting to swallow them up. Anti semitism is on the rise like it has not been since WWII and those lefty seculars still don't get it. It is not the Jewish settler boy the reason why Iran wants you dead or the UN wants to slander to the world about you and that anti semitism is on the rise, It's the idiotic secular govt that they hate. Return to G-d of your fathers and you will find peace but please oh please don't blame anti semitism or the sort on some boy settler or Sderot for trying to support a family or orthodox Jews learning in the Mir Yeshiva.
54. You guy's are all idiots
Ron ,   Los Angeles   (03.08.07)
This is an on-going situation that has taken place before.... I'll tell you if this was happening to me, I'll kick the S**T out of that settler girl. I don't care if you're Arab or Jew; no one deserves this kind of abuse from both sides.
55. #51 Margaret - You're quite naiive
David ,   Jerusalem   (03.08.07)
That little boy was indeed throwing some small pebbles but YNet and Betzelem did not report that the father stopped him. And besides which, this little kid could have been a "special" kid too. (That's the way he appeared on the video.) Even if not, it was only one little Jewish boy that YNet found important to write about. Actually, this story is a good sign. It shows clearly what a good nation the Jews are. "No one in the media shows video of Jewish cars being stoned or countless photos of Arab kids throwing stones and firebombs yelling death to the Jews." It's about time you noticed that YNet is not the media of truth. It's for guys like Steiner , Rami, Mustafa and other Arabs or self-hating Jews. For real news go to Arutz-7.
56. are settlers ordinary Israelis? are they ordinary Jews?
57. Ive always said israelis should come to US.
AR ,   USA   (03.08.07)
But if their kids used this type of behavior in my neighborhood. The girls would beat their asses. Spoled little kids starting mess. I bet their mommy told them they couldnt get a happy meal so they went crazy. Little punks. Aww what do i care with their funny little hair cuts.
58. #55, #51, Margaret & David
Michelle T ,   San Diego   (03.09.07)
Margaret: It's thanks to talkbackers like you that readers who don't read Hebrew find out about those news. They are not often reported here or in the other major Israeli English newswewbsites (except on Arutz Sheva, but they have limited resources). I would like to encourage you and others to mention those unreported incidents, whenever possible. David, you're right. There is an unintended result in reports such as this. People must shake their heads in amazement to read that a very small kid throwing pebbles is the best representative of Israeli violence they could find. I also wonder at the word "shocking" used on the initial paragraph of this report to refer to the women's squabble. Shocking? In the bloody Middle East a woman's cursing is shocking? I hope they were being sarcastic, I don't know.
59. Hebron Protestors Demand STOLEN JEWISH Property
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (03.09.07)
Hebron protestors demand property taken in '29 By Nadav Shragai Haaretz 4 March 2007 About 1,000 people attended a demonstration in Hebron yesterday to demand that stolen Jewish property be returned. The property was stolen by Arabs in 1929, following an Arab pogrom that killed 67 Jews and drove the rest of the Jewish community out of the city. Two speakers at the rally were survivors of that pogrom:. The demonstrators also urged that Jews be allowed to return to the city's wholesale market. Settlers evacuated the market voluntarily last year in exchange for a promise that they could return later, but Attorney General Menachem Mazuz subsequently vetoed their return.
60. How ignorant are you people.
AR ,   USA   (03.09.07)
"the media is so biased" "jews throw a couple rocks palestinians throw thousands" ONE ISRAEL BOMB EQUALS ALL THE PALESTINIAN ROCKS IF THEY WERE DRIPPING WITH ACID. OMG. I thought jews were smart. You people sound like idiots. "Arabs throw rock at jewish cars" well first of all dont park your car on Arab land if you are occupying them. Who cares your in the middle of a warzone and your complaining about bias in rock throwers. Ynet purposefully shows this tape so when people complain about palestinians getting being wronged by jews then Israel supporters can say the worst thing we did was have some little kid throw rocks. ISRAEL KILLS DOZENS OF PALESTINIANS EVERY WEEK. WITH 2 Ton bombs. OMG what is wrong with the critical thinking part of your brains people.
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