Terror group says has improved rockets
Aaron Klein, WND
Published: 08.03.07, 18:24
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31. IL gave Pipes, Gaza Launch Sites,Easy Targets+ No responses
Alan ,   SA   (03.08.07)
What more could a Terrorist ask for?
32. More "Fruits of Disengagement", Thanks Kadima/Labor Voters!
Jerry ,   NYC, USA   (03.08.07)
You will soon be disengaged from your entire country.
33. #8- Steiner
LEE ,   NY, USA   (03.08.07)
WND is one of the most respected news sources in the region. Its Chief Editor Aaron Klein is probably the best report in the Middle East today. Besides, this news was also reported in Debkafile a few days ago. There is no reason not to assume that this information is correct. It's logical that the missile range will increase. Being in a state of denial doesn't help any.
34. Gov't 1st responsibility is to protect its citizens
Security 101 ,   USA   (03.08.07)
If the gov't ignores the safety of its citizens and leaves them to endure terror, then chaos will reign. Israelis should demand that their gov't do everything in its power to provide safety and security. If the gov't fails to provide this, the people should demand the resignation of its leaders.
35. micheal steiner just shut up. go take a walk with your gay
dog in the park. ,   avraham jerusalem   (03.08.07)
36. to # 30
sj   (03.08.07)
The operative words of your statement being "They are forever doomed to live a shitty life". Truth in those words for sure. It's the life they choose, it's the life they will have. It's the life they must be satiisfied with. "Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and they that eat of it must be satisfied with the results of those words. Whether it produces good things, or bad things".
37. #29 Convince Your Rep. to Leave Govt.
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (03.08.07)
Olmert is not doing this by himself. He incompetence has been sustained by fat-cat ministers and knesset members who do not believe there are any political consequences to supporting this failed govt. You and your fellow voters must convince them otherwise. Tell them to leave the government or else...
38. Who elected Islamic Jihad?
ZS ,   USA   (03.08.07)
Wasn't it Hamas that was elected by the Palestinians? How can Islamic Jihad say they will use military force against Israel? If the world is to recognize Hamas as the democratically elected government of the Palestinians, shouldn't Hamas be the ones that control military force coming from their territory? Can you imagine if the Likud voters took it upon themselves to use military force against the Palestinians, even if the IDF had not been commanded to do so? Who would be the ones to stop them? The Israeli government would, as would any democratically-elected government, which does not allow non-governmental military force to be used. What does Hamas have to say about this?
39. Why doesn't the Israeli government do anything about this?
Jeff ,   Seattle   (03.08.07)
40. # 8 Steiner
Baruch ,   Philadelphia   (03.08.07)
WND's reporter Aaron Klein is extremely well-respected in the news industry; his articles are published in multiple newspapers, including the NY Sun and he is known to be 1-3 months ahead of the media. What Klein puts out today will become top news in a few weeks.
41. We all know NOTHING will be done UNTILL
Rehavam ,   Israel   (03.08.07)
some seriose jewish blood spill. Only then gov will show some "activity". Untill "international pressure". Usual danse.
42. de nial is a river in egypt...
johanna ,   tsfat   (03.08.07)
43. We need a tough and fearless leader...
Dov ,   canada   (03.08.07)
.. who will be guided by the will of God. A leader who will prove that God protects the Jews. A leader who will take the actions already commanded by God. There are no 2 ways about it, and no possible loophole.
44. what if.....
it's high time we should do what president bush did in iraq...shock and awe the gaza strip. here is their addmission of terror that they'll continue their "resistance to the occupation" what occupation???? we left gaza already. what occupation are they talking about???? the "occupation" of idf stoping the terrorists from entering to bomb civilians in israel? is this the occupation they are refering to? the "occupation" after we already left the strip and they had a chance to build an economy and proper infrastructures? that "occupation"? let's face the truth and call a spade a spade. the occupation is in their heads only. they want to exterminate the existance of israel and jews in their midst. there was no occupation during 1048 and there was no occupation prior to 1967. and.....they still attacked, bombed and killed jews in their settlements. if there was no israeli occupation then, why terrorize the jews during 1948 and prior to 1967? the only occupation they are suffering from is the occupation of their mental sets and emotions by terrorist leaders who ared fighting for powert and money and not land. who don't give a hoot about the palestinians and what they wish, but fight amongst themselves for power, control and stealing the palestinian aid money from europe and the usa. it's convenient for them to blame israel and the occupation. what tghey are in fact doing very skillfully is riling up the masses with a common enemy (jews and israel) while stealing them blind and shifting the focus from their severe inability to deliver the goods to the palestinian public. this is the way of arab leaders all over the globe. find a common enemy, rile the masses, god forbid they blame the leaders and dictators for their major hardships and dissapointments. a generation of hate education, a generation of tight islamic control, a generation of no freedom of speech and press, a generation of keeping the public in the dark and feeding them bullshit each and every day, a generation of imams and clerics doing their political/hate speeches all over the globe and mid east.... what can one expect? peace with these people? never. they were never, are not and will never be ready for peace. they'll only be ready to cut the throat of every israeli and jew living near to them. can anyone tell me......what if israel didn't exist. do you really think that the palestinians will fare better? do you really think their so called "liberation" will produce a society capable of progress, research, strong economy and infrastructure? or do you think they'll find someone else to hate and bomb? someone else to blame for everything they imagine afflicts them from without? i can tell you the truth....they won't change. they'll still turn west with a hanging palm for aid money and once they get it, they won't know what to do with it except use it for stealing, bombing, and terror. yes, they may have their freedom, but they'll be incapable of developing and building anything resembling a great economy and a civilized society. it's not their fault really. they are b eing held hostage by leaders who are also using them as pawns in all their imagined "struggles".
45. Please, what will happen when(not if) Ashkelon Power is hit?
Alan ,   SA   (03.09.07)
46. #44 What if - BRAVO Well said
Bob B. ,   Canada   (03.09.07)
I so so agree with what you have said. It is sad but it is oh so true Peace & Understanding Bob B
47. to:11. I have heard that one before...
Morris ,   America   (03.09.07)
From your mouth to God's ears but can you really compare Arab determination in '67 to that in '07? In '67 did we have an advanced weapons state like Iran? Do NOT underestimate the crazies like Olmert is doing proven by his doing nothing. Leadership in Israel is very very poor and with jugheads leading the government, Israel is seriously menaced now as it never was before.
48. to 14 .
and you are a big zionist mouth , more than 50 years and the Palistinians still fighting and they never cared how many fall from them ... you think there is something can surprise them anymore .... Israel is the one who get stunished day after day and weaker and weaker and they get smaler and smaler , why don't you come and live in Israel and fight with them insted of shouting from the balconies like the old Italian women .
49. to 44
50. Aaron Klein
Jack ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.09.07)
Aaron klein is the best damn reporter in the middle east.
51. Iran passes Nukes to Gaza to launch to Israel THE END
Dave Ben ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.09.07)
52. "Israel Will Be Astonished" What Nonsense
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (03.09.07)
Israel will not be half as astonished as these moronic Palestinians who should lose ten hectares of Gaza to Israeli reoccupation or demolition for every Quassam that lands in Israel. Of course that makes the naiive assumption that Israel has the correct leadership to act accordingly and the jury is still out on that one.
53. no!
not the occupation of palestine, but the occupation of the small incompetent simple arab palestinian mind who has no clue how to survive and build even if billions of dollars hit them in the face. sorry, buddy. your war is not for land and is not political. it is a war of pure hate and jealousy, looking at one of the most advanced nation in the world, israel. bet it is painful for you.
54. #49
my answer to you is in #53
55. To #45 Alan
Marcell ,   Israel   (03.09.07)
I think you know the answer: no electricity in the Gaza Strip . . . . . What do the Islamic Jihad care? That's what they want: to further incite and inflame the local population, so that they will keep on hating Israel, and keep on giving these terrorist groups sanctuary amongst them, and keep on educating their children in the language of hatred . . . .
56. it's like arguing with someone who has...
Micha   (03.09.07)
antisocial personality disorder. No point. you'll yell until you're blue in the face. and they'll still want you dead.
57. Islamic Jihad's rockets can tratravel deeper
Arthur ,   Israel   (03.09.07)
Congratuletions, go ahead we are fast a sleep!
58. Islamic Jihad, you will be astonished when Israel and...
j ,   jerusalem, israel   (03.09.07)
...the Tribes rain down upon Gaza like Horses in battle and drive you from our inheritence. Your weapons shall come down upon your own heads and you will flee in terror as Gaza again becomes ours forever.
59. to 53
Be realistic body , people fighting more than 50 years , get killed , axepted to live in poverty and they didn't care ... all of this because of jealousy ?? you are trying to convience your self with such imaginations not to face the reality like you all do , because the reality is for all of you like nightmare , the facts is that the Palistinians are much stronger than all of you with your huge war machines you have and even with the support of the super power in the world , still you couldn't force them to stop struggling , shall i tell you the nightmare which you try to escape from it all the time , since you came to this land and all your goals and your dreams are falling one after one , you came with the big dream , the great Israel from the Nile till El Forat and you could'nt and you will never .... your dream became smaller , the safty Israel ... even this you couldn't ... you are living in panic day and night ... the Palistinians are driving you crazy and still more to come ... your next dream and maybe the last ... you will beg them to leave you in peace , you will give them BACK alot , the Arabs will increase more and more till the will become more than the Jews inside Israel , most of the Jews will leave each back to his home land which is not Israel , the rest will leave not comfotable between all the Arabs . i bet now that this is more painful for you and you didn't cause any pain for me but i found it funy but it was good try from you ... but you know .... we read all of you now like an open book and even we know what you will think about later before you start thinking about it .... calm your self ... high blood presure is not healthy
60. #58
i suggest you not covet gaza too much. there are decades of arab stench in its soil; a wasted land, a land which knows only misery and terrorism, a land of small minded uneducated people who never saw a future, never self actualized, never gave peace a chance so that they can change their lot in life. i have been to gaza. a pile of crap!
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