Defector spied on Iran for years - report
Published: 11.03.07, 10:34
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1. Defection
BJ ,   Basel, Switzerland   (03.11.07)
All this is a high level speculation : we will never learn the truth !
2. There is always a hope..
Arthur ,   S Francisco   (03.11.07)
Reasonable man... Not an angel - but being so closely involved in the inner circle of a suicial dgenerate Ahma-whateverhisnameis - he opted out... I hope there is enough people in Iran who have courage to stand up against that suicidal monkey and do away with him.
3. "Alarm In The Iranian Regime"
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (03.11.07)
I bet that's a true statement. Alarm may be an under-statement. You can imagine all the interesting things this guy will have to say. It won't make much difference in Europe - their heads are too deeply buried in the sand of appeasement for them to hear anything - but picture this guy before the American congress. If he knows where many nuclear facilities are located, the Americans may be able to refine their plan & give it a much better chance of success. He may be the "smoking gun" that reveals Iranian intentions unequivocably. The Iranians are going to realize that it takes more than anti-American speeches to be a major power.
4. Spy
Nathan ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.11.07)
Of course the USA would not dream of using the info!!!!!!!!!!, otherwise they would be forced into releasing Jonathan Pollard, may it happen speedily.
5. Isn't it interesting?
Shai ,   Israel   (03.11.07)
When a Palestinian does something like this, he's a "collaborator". When an Iranian does, he's a "defector". When Israel benefits a pajorative word is used, but when someone else does everyone assumes he's cool.
6. Iranian defector
Kemp ,   Nahariya, Israel   (03.11.07)
I think this fellow is actually Borat !
7. i know for a fact that it is not true
khalil   (03.11.07)
this man did not defect and he is still in iran with his family and i know this for a fact our revolution will be strong and succesful throughout the world and i know this for a fact this is all a zionist propaganda because they are worried from that palistinians and you cant argue with that
8. #5 Shai
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (03.11.07)
Maybe they should call him an "activist"???
9. He'll make a great witness at Ayatollas&Amadmadmans trials
Alan ,   SA   (03.11.07)
10. Shai...
Kareem ,   Egypt   (03.11.07)
It's the same with you lot..When sum1 critisizes a person BECAUSE of his religion..he's racist..but when U get ANY kind of criticism from ppl, u call them Anti -Semitic..ironic?
11. Now we know where you hide yor centrifuges, Iran
john ,   nz   (03.11.07)
12. #7 - and father christmas is alive and well !
redmike ,   tel aviv and london   (03.11.07)
a well meant word of advice .. don't believe anything that comes out of Iran. Check the internet; check all the western newspapers etc. All internal info in Iran is censored and you have been conned. regards - Michael
13. Report on Putin
Amir ,   Beer Sheva   (03.11.07)
He knows very well Putin and will report on Putin and Putin's friends.
14. What Is He Going To Tell THAT............
1.5 Billion Muslims   (03.11.07)
He did not tell before and is it going to make differant I doubt it. Reality Check, Woeld
15. khalil, poor soul. KUDOS to whoever!!!
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (03.11.07)
Well if this turns out to be true some great info may come out of it. Hey, khalil or whoever, do you really believe what your writing. Since you seem to know the truth about this matter why don't you give us the details. Surely you can say more than the dreaded " zionist propaganda " Oye Vay, not that!!!
16. #7 Catch a wake up man
Dezon ,   London   (03.11.07)
You have been conned ol good reading your censored news....get into the real world.
17. Tip of the iceberg
Lina ,   USA   (03.11.07)
I bet there are many more Asgari's gathering and relaying information to the West. The Islamic Regime's paranoia must be heightened. Nuclear scientists dropping like flies, generals disappearing, protests increasing. What's Ahmadinejad to do? Guess the hand of the west can penetrate Iran. By the way, has anyone seen Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Leader? His website hasn't listed any public appearances for him in weeks. Illness, spy, defector? The plot thickens while Iran's economic woes fester and grow.
18. #7Tomatoes are how much now?
jp ,   usa   (03.12.07)
The price of tomatoes in your country are surely going to go up even more now. This I know for a fact. And because not many of you will be able to afford tomatoes, your revolution will no longer be strong or successful throughout the world. And that I know for a fact. Hope you guys like the taste of spam, cause soon and very soon, that's all you guys will be able to afford!!!!!
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