Only half of Gaza evacuees working
Tani Goldstein
Published: 11.03.07, 19:11
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1. money
This article proves what these settlers were actually looking for in the occupied territories... money... quite typical
2. As if they really worked
3. Quite apart from a drop in income
Shomera ,   London   (03.11.07)
I understand many marriages are broken and behaviour problems occuring amongst the children as a result of this expulsion. All this for what? What have the arabs done with the Gush Gatif, nothing but cause destruction. What a disgrace.
4. Despicable comments by #1 and #2
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (03.12.07)
Comments by anonymous posters #1 ("settlers were actually looking for ... money") and #2 ("as if they really worked") are beneath contempt. The settlers were encouraged to take part in a national enterprise, and supported by both Likud and Labor administrations. They worked hard, they built, they were productive, they took care of their families, they contributed to their nation. They also provided jobs and income to those living around them. All that is now lost. Their demonization by the liberal elites and their leftist fellow travelers, and their abandonment by the state's agents, is shameful.
5. This shows what the expulsions were about
Jeff ,   USA   (03.12.07)
They were not about security. That has been proven already. The expulsions were about sheer hatred, hatred from the Jewish Left. Their behavior was shameful, and now, after witnessing how badly these people were treated, they still don't find enough compassion in their hearts to help them get on with their lives. I bet those anonymous comments were from Leftist Jews. The Arabs most likely miss the jobs they had while the Jews were in Gaza. The Left's real goal is the destruction of Israel.
6. Stop giving them governmental allowances
Alissa ,   Tel Aviv   (03.12.07)
rebab   (03.12.07)
It sshould not be mention as Gaza!! Nothing good is there now!!! They, the Palestinian converted into a terrible dessert again..
8. settlers not working
roxy ,   israel   (03.12.07)
Boo hoo,they had it so good all these past years and now they cry because the benefits they are receiving are vastly different than that of the past? Things change,it is about time they came to the realization that now they live exactly like the rest of us, the way we have always had to live. The Gov says there is an increase in jobs ,so theey should quit their complaining, get jobs and live like the rest of us do from pay check to pay check, after all they also gave the monies the government paid them to leave their houses and jobs that were in the terrorities. Live in the present not in the past!
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