Is Gaza war inevitable?
Alex Fishman
Published: 14.03.07, 10:29
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1. It Was Inevitable BEFORE Disengagement.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (03.14.07)
An idiot could have predicted this. Unfortunately, our leaders are not as smart as idiots - they like self-deception & illusions more than they like reality. After all, reality is so inconvenient while illusions so comfortable.
2. Israel war with world opinion
chaim ,   miami beach usa   (03.14.07)
I wonder when in modern Israeli history did it ever receive any support by the world in is daily struggle with the Islamic world that Olmart has the Chutzpa to deny the Jews living on the Gaza line to suffer the daily bombardment coming form Gaza without any response because of an illusionary cease fire with them that th soon to be deposed Olmarts corrupt government by claiming that “quote, A senior defense establishment official says that each time the army asks the prime minister to change something in the rules of engagement pertaining to the Qassam launchers or to carry out a limited operation in the Strip along the fence the answer is: "No, we shall maintain the ceasefire to the end. So that when we have to strike we'll have clean hands in the eyes of the international community and we'll gain support." With such illusions Israel does not need any outside enemies to destroy it, it has an internal cancer, that unless it is removed it will self destruct
3. we will lose the war if its led by Olmert & Peretz
aaron ,   ra'anana   (03.14.07)
4. Gaza IS NOT the most densely populated area in the World
Marcelo ,   World   (03.14.07)
Gaza is not the “most densely populated area in the world.” According to the Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2004-2005, the population per sq. mile for 2003 in the Gaza Strip is 8,666. Gaza is less densely populated than numerous places around the world, including Monaco (41,608), Singapore (17,751), Gibraltar (11,990), Hong Kong (17,833), and especially Macau, which is nearly ten times more densely populated than the Gaza Strip (71,466). It is amazing how this false statement may induce readers to think: " Oh, poor gazans, are going to be smashed by war, they have nowhere to go, they are in the most densely populated area". Reality check says that some thousands of missiles from Gaza is being fired by gazans on a daily basis, against israeli civilians, just for the purpose to kill israeli civilians. IF you have your neighbour shooting at you on a daily basis, would you cry for mom (UN) ? This is what gazans made out of the chance they had to start building their so-meida fabricated palestinian country, which is in fact, a group of frustrated ex-egyptians and jordanians who lost their acceptance by their own mother countries. Jordan IS PALESTINE.
5. It's Worse Than This
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.14.07)
"According to the Shin Bet chief's forecast, some 200,000 Israelis will find themselves under the threat of missile fire". Not so. The entire population of this country is under constant threat of missile fire. Have we not forgotten the Scuds of '91? But Gaza is, in fact, more immediate and dangerous. It has bad signals: 1. A hostile population, cramped into a small piece of land with nowhere to go and no real hope of ever getting out of their muck. 2. Easy access to arms and weapons. (Why are we not coming down hard on Egypt for allowing this from their side?) 3. Motivation. They are jealous of the Jews, they hate our success as compared to their pitiful situation and they consider it a religious duty to kill/harm Jews. What to do? Were there someone on their side of authority to speak with, someone who could control their militants, that would be our first priority. But, there does not seem to be anyone like that. Lacking that, we must prepare for a major-league clobberfest.
6. No as an ANSWER
Any one who refused to plan, already has planned to fail.
7. Your two last sentences...
FO ,   Belgium   (03.14.07)
I could hardly believe my eyes, reading your two last sentences Mr. Fishman. When Sharon implemented the Gaza pull-out, he warned that he will not tolerate one kassem, NOT ONE. The first kassam flew in, and Sharon said, o.k, one but no more. Then came de second kassam, and Sharon begged the Palestinians to be serious... And the third one flew in...If warnings are not followed by deeds in case of necessity, you become subject of mockery and cowardice. Since than more than 1.000 of these " flying objects" as described by Sharon's genius advisor Dov Weisglass exploded in and around Schderot. And another genius, the vice prime minister of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres said, with a total lack of compassion for his own people: "Kassamin, schmassamin, what is all this hysteria about". But that is not all. Sharon handed the border between the Gaza Strip and the Sinai to the Egyptians. They were going to look after Israel's security by preventing armanent entering the Gaza Strip. Pure madness! Yourself Mr. Fishman you wrote in your article what happens there. And when the defense establishment asked the prime minister Olmert for a limited operation, the answer is "NO" because he wants to remain "clean" in the eyes of the world opinion. Remains the minister of defense, Peretz, who has certainly, with covers on his binoculars, a clear view into the future. I'm afraid that we go towards a confrontation that will cost many lives. War is not inevitable, Mr. Fishman? Doubtful. Rather prepare now already the next commission to probe the management of the tragedy to come.
8. invariably?
dawn ,   israel   (03.14.07)
inevitably, you mean
9. One More Comment ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (03.14.07)
And what will we do if we invade Gaza and the following occurs: 1. Hezbollah attacks up north. 2. Syria attacks the Golan 3. Israeli Arabs begin rioting in support of Palestine. 4. The West Bank becomes another front in the war. Inconceivable??? Don't kid yourself - our enemies coordinate their "activities". And who do we have leading us? Olmert, Peretz, & Livni. Not exactly a winning team.
Skippy McKool ,   Placerville, USA   (03.14.07)
NYC is much much more populated ynet, stop perpetuating that false myth
11. well, the place is full of terrorists
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (03.14.07)
and and they have chosen the path of "resistance" (terror) instead of negotiations. they claim they want to negotiate but they only want to take, and not to concede anything at all. if that's the case, the war is not by israel's choice, but because the terrorists will have it no other way. ok, so be it.
12. You cannot call it a war
But you can however call it incursions against a terrorist organization who deny Israel's right to exist. They are guerillas from a piece of land with no hope and no future.
13. Palestinians betteroff with conflict (gets publicity & aid)
KMR ,   Middle East   (03.14.07)
14. Why not a blockade?
Ilan ,   Ariel   (03.14.07)
Gaza is dependent on imported water and electricity. Just lock them in, shut them down and wait. The alternative of going in there and digging out their armed forces will result in just as many Palestinians dead, but will also cost the IDF a large number of causalities.
15. Israel will pay the price for attacking Jews
Yacov ,   Ashkelon   (03.14.07)
Israel will pay the price for attacking Jews and destroying their communities in Gaza. Grossly incompetent Israeli government political hacks abandoned the Philadelphi corridor and opened the way for mass movement of weapons and explosives into Gaza. Turning the IDF into a terrorist army to attack Jews and destroy their communities in Gaza is an atrocity for which Israel will pay dearly.
16. #14 Ilan: Israeli political hacks not that smart
Yacov ,   Ashkelon   (03.14.07)
Israel's political hacks are not that smart. Besides, the politicians that created this disastrous situation will sit safely in their offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. They will send young IDF troops into Gaza to get their guts blown out.
Futura ,   Europe   (03.14.07)
Sad to read all these tb:s that refuses to recognize childrens right, even if born palestinian. A three year old child begging for water, that is closed down by Israel (#14 Ilan, Ariel)???????????????????? YOU ARE LOSING YOUR HUMANITY WHEN YOU TAKE IT AWAY FROM THE PALESTINIANS.
18. Reuven Brauner for Prime Minister
Ron ,   Haifa   (03.14.07)
As usual #5 Brauner is totally correct.Terry from Eilat is also an excellent analyst.
19. Wrong "facts"
Mordechai Brown ,   Israel   (03.14.07)
Why do you keep stating that the Gaza Strip is the most densely populated area in the world? In fact, Gibraltar, Singapore, Monaco, Mali, Macau, and Sudan are much more dense (see http://education.yahoo.com/reference/factbook/countrycompare/pd/4a.html;_ylt=AuH3gQLnsWsMb79_qjtucKXPecYF).
20. Use Bunker Busters Not Clusters
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. USA   (03.14.07)
Israel is marking time, both with Hamas and Hezbollah. Who is kidding whom? Israel has over 5,000 best tanks in the world, thousands of artillery pieces, hundreds of state of the art fighter bombers, and tens of thousands of missiles, including Popeyes and Jerichos, not to mention 5,000 smart bombs and bunker busters. One tank column can destroy a PA city. It's not the ability that Israel lacks, it's the will. Israel is pandering to the world community, which, if it had it's druthers, would let Israel be destroyed, with it's Jews disappear. That is Israel's problem, NOT, Hamas, and their 8,000 trained troopw. Oh come on. This is a joke. Hezbollah could have been destroyed in hours had Israel used bunker busters..and not those meaningless and controversial clusters.
21. They ae making an effort to defend themselves therefore we
Apartheid ,   Boston MA   (03.14.07)
must attack. Israel-think
22. gaza
carol ,   atias   (03.14.07)
we all knew this would happen i do hope the shelters in the north are well prepared for the citizens this time
23. Palis are lucky Israel has Olmert and Peretz
RA   (03.14.07)
Those two incompetent morons will demolish any progress Israel has made in 40 years.
24. Defend themselves against whom Apartheid; farmers or kids?
Daniel ,   Formerly Israel   (03.14.07)
When somone is trying to defend themselves they A. build a defensive barrier between trhemselves and the ones they are trying to defend against, B, arm themselves with defensive w eapons (RPGs, which they have, and besides that surface-to-air missles and mines, and Tanks; that is all you need for defense. The Palestinians not only do not wall themselves off from Israel, they do everything to keep the border open, particularly underground, which indicates that they intend to attack Israel (as they already did with the Shalit kidnapping, which was a military invasion of Israel). Their primarky weapons Are short-range balistic missles and automatic and sniper rifles and suicide bomb belts, weapons that will not help them at all in the case of an Israeli invasion (which would be made up of armor and aircraft) but is useful for raids on civilian targets. And finally, when you are trying to defend yourself, your attacks come against military targets like Israel's attack on Egyptian and Syrian airfields in 67 and Sadam's reactor in 87, and more recently metal workshops in Gaza used to store and make Kassams (and don't tell me they're used for some other type of metalwork, because the onmly metal Gaza exports is bombs and kassams to Israel). As the Palestinians' military activity, in the past two years they have launched 1 attack against a military target (Shalit's patrol) and over two thousand against civilian targets; mostly outlying farms and in several cases schools.
25. To #22: I agree with you fully.
James K ,   USA   (03.14.07)
To #22: Here in America when I first heard of the pullout, and the settlements being destroyed, graves being removed and what not, I also knew this wouldn't bring peace. That they would keep killing and want more until Israel proper is off the map. We have a saying here in America: "If you let the Devil ride, he'll want to drive!" He's "driving" in Gaza! James
26. 29 Scuds Didn't Do It
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. USA   (03.14.07)
P.S. There is a game called "chicken". In it, 2 vehicles are driven towards one another at high speed. The first one that gives way, is the "chicken". Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria are playing "chicken" with Israel. The first country or group that gives way, will be the chicken. The Arab sees Israel's timidity, and believes Israel will throw in the towel first. It's Israel's ghetto mentality (guilt ridden-be afraid of the goyim) that is dictating Israel's policies. It's also that peace now crowd, with their wishful thinking....you know, appease the Arabs. If Israel ever goes on the offensive..and takes out Damascus or Gaza City or Beirut, as a consequence of any war, just maybe, the Palestinians and their Syrian relatives, will get the message. I would also tell the mad mullahs of Iran to consider Tehran, should WMD be used on Tel Aviv, as in the first Gulf War. This is the message that will make the difference, not a bunch of Arrow anti-missile missiles. Who is kidding whom?
27. The right strategy
Y ,   N   (03.14.07)
I think the best thing Israel could do is to isolate itself from Gaza. Sever all ties with this area and leave the palis to their fate. Now the palis and international society still claims its Israels fault thet the palis in Gaza live such miserable lifes. The reason is that Israel controlls the borders and the sealanes and airspace. I think Israel should give the palis full controll over the border with Egypt and let them controll the air and sea areas themselfes. By doing this Israel is free from any blame. It is right what the government says:If Israel keeps itself out of the strip they can just wash their hands cleen from any accusation of mistreatment of the palis. What Ìsarel also should do is to say to the pali leaders that now you have to take full responsibility for your peoples actions in Gaza. If they fire at us we will eventually fire back. And let me give Israel one final advice. If the palis attack you then let the israeli air force have free hands and carpet bomb the entire strip.
28. No need for war: Just cutoff enemy's water supply
Dudu ,   Kfar Savva   (03.14.07)
Let them beg for water like the Germans did in 1945.
29. wouldn't exactly call it a "war"
Chad ,   USA   (03.15.07)
It's not a war if the other side has absolutely no chance of winning. If you fight Egypt, it's a war. If you fight Gaza you can't exactly call it a war, especially when they're all sealed off the way they are. I'd be throwing homemade rockets too if you sealed me off, made me go through checkpoints , wouldn't let me see my family in the west bank and treated me like a prisoner.
30. This is just one of 3 wars Olmert has made inevitable
Richard ,   USA   (03.15.07)
Gaza is one war. Lebanon is a second war and Iran/Syria is the third war that Olmert and his incompetent Kadima idiots have doomed Israel to fight by reason of their cowardly mishandling of the last war in Lebanon. Weakness invites aggression. Won't we ever learn?
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