Severing ties with Abbas a mistake, PM aides say
Ronny Sofer
Published: 16.03.07, 15:10
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1. Mt PM Please resign for the sake of Israel
Al   (03.16.07)
You are bringing Israel to the brink of disaster. Its time to put away your ego and pillow talk from you wife and kids. Its time to do the right thing for the sake of Israel...Resign You are making Israel the laughing stock of the US and Australia, the only two powers who will stand up to the arab menace. Israel today is not part of that Alliance...Please leave for the sake of all the Jews of Israel Your fellow MK's are backward egomanical ass holes who simply care about themselves. Do the right thing...Please for the sake of all of the Jewish People around the world... Resign
2. Maybe. But severing Abbas's testacles will be a good move!
Ronny ,   TA   (03.16.07)
The only good PLO or Hamas leader is a castrated one.
3. #1, I agree, but who will replace him?
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.16.07)
Bibi? Lieberman? It seems no matter who is in charge, there are always complaints.
4. ynet is a racist web site
palistinian ,   usa   (03.16.07)
because they will not publish my words. they know that i know lots of things because i read the web and i invstigate things and they are afraid of my voice. where is democracy, where is freedom where is the west, i'd rather live in an arabic country, at least there we know what we are told
5. Israel is a mistake!
AR ,   USA   (03.16.07)
6. Lieberman is of course correct
Steve ,   USA   (03.16.07)
Why did Mr. Lieberman join this government?
7. Contact With Abbas Pointless.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (03.16.07)
Abbas can do nothing for us. He's only a fig-leaf covering up a Hamas gov't. - & by not severing relations with him, we give that gov't a legitimacy it does not deserve. The Palestinians are free to make any gov't they desire but we are also free not to have contact with it. The reality is that by not accepting the conditions demanded even by the international community, the Palestinians have chosen a path that leads to conflict.
8. What ties?
R. Alkalai ,   USA   (03.16.07)
They will not recognize Israel, yet Israel is to recognize them. They insist on their own country, yet they want their "refuges" to have the right of return to Israel. They want more land and money given to them, yet they insist they can continue attack and bomb Israel. They are allowed to worship freely in Israel. yet Jews cannot. They stone Ambulances, and delight in murdering civilians. They sign agreements with Israel, yet they never uphold them. The UN does not enforce its own policies- Hezbolah, and other terror organizations re-arm and grow. The IDF has been held back to Israel's harm. They are in need of equipment proper training and strong leadership. They riot on the Temple Mount, falsely accusing Israel of damage to their holy places. Yet, even though there is no damage, Unesco tries to tell Israel, a sovereign nation, they should have supervision from other nations. Saudi Arabia offers their "peace plan" as an edict. Egypt now gives edicts. Spain offers to help Syria get the Golan. A French-Palestinian organization is taking two French companies involved in the light-rail project in Jerusalem to court,to keep Israel from having a new rail system. Iran is still continuing to obtain nuclear weapons to destroy Israel. Syria is building up their forces and placing them on the border for war. The USA has been bought by the Saudis, as has the rest of the nations of the world- for oil. They are all putting Israel on the table to barter over her, dismantle her, make her illegitimate. Israel is being raped. And the people in charge are allowing this, caring more for their careers and wallets. They are whore masters. It is time for Olmert, Perez, Peretz. Livini, and the entire group of incompetent, lying, greedy, selfish, political hacks to go. They have failed Israel. And they can only continue to fail. It is time to remove them. Israel is a sacred land, and they have desecrated a sacred trust. It is time for the people of Israel to gather and take the action they must. It is time for strong, true leaders, and people with the guts to put them in charge.
9. To # 4
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (03.16.07)
They didn't publish your words because your an idiot!
stude ham   (03.16.07)
Olmert Peretz Peres Lieberman the palis etc etc etc... even the palis can't get along with each other... so what's to do here???
11. Translation: Bush won't let me
marcel ,   florida   (03.16.07)
Olmert the stoge puppet of vassal state of Israel can only do what his master tells him to do . He serves Bush and not Israel. The Road Map is intended to destroy Israel and olmert will follow it to hell.
12. #2
papa jay   (03.16.07)
I wonder what the avg level of education of most talkback participants on Ynet this is very insightful and in lighting arguments. Severing tentacles, that’s Great Ronny from tel aviv. any opinions on rectal exams?
13. To #8 - sad but true!
Gush Katif ,   gaza, Israel   (03.16.07)
Everything you said is so sad but true! No other country would put up with the overt acts of war that occur daily in Israel Concession after concession is forced on Israel. And this gov’t rushes to capitulate like the harlots described in Eicha! Enough of this farce! The PA has “unanimously”, “officially” and “democratically” declared war with Israel! They have NEVER renounced terrorism and just today bombed Israel in “unity”! Israel needs to restore its self-respect. “Land for Peace” works both ways!
14. # 3 The moment he will resign the momentum will change
Al   (03.16.07)
Its all perception. Isreal is looked upon as a loser. America is a land for winners. Losers have no place...same for nations and leaders. Once America feels that Israel has a winner for a PM and can be trusted as as ally then things will change for the better. Think back to 67 when Isreal was looked upon as a winner with huge balls. The Israelis were the toast of the town. Everyone and anyone wanted to be part of that. As it stands today, Israel is looked upon as a used shmatta with a sap for a leader and a bunch of tuchos leckers as ministers. In effect a sorry bunch of losers. Need I say more.....Its time for a major change..... Those Jews who wish to live in freedom demand it.
15. purifoy
olmert ,   richmond usa   (03.16.07)
olmert represents palis,jordon, syria saudi the only one he does not represent isreal.
16. Severing ties is necessary
Brod ,   USA   (03.16.07)
Severing ties is necessary. You do not reward bad responses. The Pavlovian effect in bringing the desired results is universal.
17. #4 Go get a job you slacker
Zeeeeeeev ,   Night time in Israel   (03.16.07)
Don't you have anything better to do than to read a Jewish Israeli website, go do something with your life or is this your life (how pathetic)?
18. AR, you were a mistake!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.16.07)
19. 11. Translation: Bush won't let me : damn right
papa jay   (03.16.07)
do you really blame him for being the American stooge that he is. every single prime minister of israel was an American stooge. Israel is a nation that owes the united states EVERYTHING. 1973 war: Moshe dyan wanted to launch a preemptive attack by air to minimize the effectiveness of the imminent arab attack and was shot down by the US. the suffered a great military handicap for the most important: US support. Golda said if we are seen as the aggressors we wont have US support. i.e. the US life line. with out this life line israel would have been shortest lived state in history. so come on, cut the guy some slack, even though he's an idiot. but America is king when it comes to israel. how did Shamir ever convinced to go to Madrid? he was pulled kicking and screaming by Bush sr.
Reality Check ,   USA   (03.16.07)
hamas-fatah terrorist alliance is preparing an INVASION force. This govt's preoccupation with relations will be followed by much sufferring in Israel. None so blind as those that WILL not see!
21. To #4
Sania ,   Australia   (03.16.07)
I agree with # 4, they only publish post that are anti-islamic. very selfish, cruel people. remeber to have faith in yourselve and in your country, and everything you do believe in Allah, you will be rewarded.
22. Dialoguing With One's Genocidal Foes
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (03.16.07)
Olmert and his henchmen talk in turnspeak and doublespeak. They laughably proclaim that they will talk ! with Abbas about stopping the rockets, stopping the smuggling of weapons etc. Who do they think they are kidding? They know full well that the holocaust denier Abbas was Arafat's main terror enabler. He doesn't want to stop the rockets! Once again, Israel's leaders need a collective psychiatric couch.
23. Don't blame America for weak leadership
Brod ,   USA   (03.16.07)
In response to some of the talkbacks, I wish to point out that Israel is a sovereign nation. They can do anything to defend themselves without having the endorsement of other countries. Strong leadership does not need the endorsement of other countries. If you know your house will be attacked or is being attacked, you don't ask for other countries for approval, you have to defend your house immediately. There may be antisemites in America. However, they are irrelevant. America shares common values with Israel and will always support Israel against the dark forces. The dark forces better understand this. Despite the trash that was heaped on Nixon, President Nixon knows what was at stake. In the 1973 War, Nixon ordered the massive assistance to Israel that help David prevail against Goliath (all the Arab countries + Russia). Ironically, it was some Baker-types that were trying to block such assistance. But President Nixon prevailed. No American President will betray Israel as he is elected by the American people who support Israel. In retrospect, Israel would not be needing the assistance and would have spared the lives of their precious brave soldiers had the government prevailed against the wrong advice given them by their Chief of Intelligence. They could have launched a preemptive strike and finished the War within a week with less losses on men and material. But they didn't. Don't blame America for the lapses of Golda Meir's government. The ultimate responsibility of defending Israel from external threats, imminent attacks and aggressions lies squarely on the Israeli government. Hence, it is time to stop blaming the American government. It is also time for the American government not to be manipulated by the dark forces and their stooges to assist them to accomplish their evil intention of usurping Israel's biblical and historic homeland of Judea and Samaria which Israel liberated from the Arab Islamist-Jihadist occupiers with their tears, sweats and blood in the 1967 War. A solution that is made in hell will lead to the bottomless pit. It is time for the world to respect Israel's sovereignity by not interfering in their internal affairs. The dark forces should not be rewarded with more Jewish land which the Jews inherited from their forefathers 4000 years ago. The dark forces can take care of their own people by accommodating them in their vast countries that span the Middle East and North Africa. It is time for the world to say NO to their Jihadism against Israel.
24. #4
R. Alkalai ,   USA   (03.17.07)
If you don't like it- don't come to a Jewish website. There is nothing racist about ynet- it is a great online publication that serves the online Jewish community exceptionally well. YOU are the racist. You, and those like you who obsessively go to Jewish sites to insult, heap out hatred, and continue your war on the Jews by harassment. And you know what? It's not even effective anymore. If anything, all it does is show you, and those like you, as a pathetic little men with a real variety of emotional/mental problems.
25. #19 the hypocrite ,bully,superpower
marcel ,   florida   (03.17.07)
Papa jay, Pride goes before destruction and the arrogant superpower which restrains Israel in her war against the Islamic terrorists and tramples Israel's sovereignty on a daily basis will be taken down to the dust by the God of Israel who is Israel's sustainer. God does not need the U.S. to keep Israel alive. America has overplayed her hypocritet hand and Katrina ,New orleans did not wake up the foll who forced Sharon to remove every Jew from Gaza. The next time (west bank withdrawl for Bush's Palestinian state) we're going to get hit so hard we won't get back up.
26. #25
Mike ,   USA   (03.17.07)
Well said! God is setting the stage, and will bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel. Unfortunately the USA under the advice of the State Department, has began to look for the quick comprimising solution to create Bush's legacy, which will end the same way as Clinton's attempt to bring peace to this situation. All egotistical idiots and traitors to our Faith in Israel, and to give 100% support to them. Good going #25 Mike
27. You sum it up well no 8
Y ,   N   (03.18.07)
There are dark days ahead for Israel.
28. to papa jay number #12-my iq is 143.i am a mensa member.
avraham ,   jerusalem   (03.18.07)
most people who write here are at least 115. i mean the jewish and americans.
29. to all the mikes-i dont like u talking like that about bush!
AVRAHAM ,   JERUSALEM   (03.18.07)
30. to # 29
Casey ,   Germany   (03.19.07)
DO U KNOW THE REASON BEHIND IT.???????.................... NOOOOOOOOOOO he did so much favour to IRAQ tooooooo right???????????
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