5 Qassam rockets hit south
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 18.03.07, 16:50
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1. Israel is right for not trusting the Pals'
Apctan ,   Singapore   (03.18.07)
unity government from the beginning. Pals are playing their trump cards again. Pals are well-known liars and fanastic actors... They should be nominated for academy awards !!
2. our resistance will continue
palistinian ,   usa   (03.18.07)
until you give us back the 49 borders with al quds as capital and golan mountain believe me, i mean all the border including tal aviv and haifa and you can have the rest of the zionist state in the 49 border, then we can have good peace our leader will not take nothing less and you know that we are winning
3. THIS IS the unity government. Will Olmert/Peretz/Peres/Livni
David ,   Jerusalem   (03.18.07)
finally realize it and accept it the way they trully are and were all along? Hamas, Fattah, Shmattah are now officially one UNITED BUNCH of TERRORISTS and no one can have a doubt about it.
..............DACON9   (03.18.07)
5. It is simple just return 10 bombs to the area
ben ,   singapore   (03.18.07)
where the qassams is launched. Resistance should get a resistence too. " TOTAL DEFENSE POLICY " "ZERO TOLERANCE " for Rockets. Isarael should anounce it Openly. and Blast Them !
6. How many times do I have to say it?
Ehud Olmert ,   Gaza City   (03.18.07)
5 qassam is well within the guidelines I've set.
7. Qassam hit south
Daniel ,   Israel   (03.18.07)
This is in honor of elected MK's from Israel in Palestinian unity Government, A salute to them for a step forward in capturing Israel under the table.
Daniel ,   Israel   (03.18.07)
9. This is PEACE and RECOGNITION for the Unitarian Terrorist
ben ,   singapore   (03.18.07)
Govt ! Launching Qassams
10. Rockets Will Not Stop Until......
Adina Kutnicki ,   US   (03.18.07)
A few things - the PA/Fatah terrorists would be crazy to stop firing the rockets. They hear Olmert saying that he will deal with Abbas, just not Hamas. Since the terror factions are part of ONE gov't, it would be like a person only dealing with half a cancer. Preposterous! Also, Peretz chimes in that Israel should ignore the first phase and jump to final ! status negotiations. Now, if you were a terror head where would you think the Israeli wind was blowing - in your favor or theirs? It will take a major disaster on one of the strategic facilities in Ashkelon for the regime to stop adhering to the non existent 'ceasefire'. I will now go and throw up.
11.  RE:2. our resistance will continue
Roy Galut ,   Selah Washington USA   (03.18.07)
Quote:believe me, i mean all the border including tal aviv and haifa and you can have the rest of the zionist state in the 49 border, then we can have good peace ===============Wrong ! The Goal of virtualy all the surrounding nations is the total elimination of Israel ..period.. The leaders of Iran ,syria,Hamas &.Hezbelah have made that abundantly Clear.... even Psalms 83 Written 3000 years ago said this would happen....might want to check how the end results of that Psalms affect those nations and groups
12. Fire back, act of war.
Micha   (03.18.07)
For every reaction, there is an action. For every action, a reaction. One will cease to exist when it is made to cease to exist. You have fire your qassams for way too long. Over 100 years. You haven't stopped trying to kill Jews. MURDERERS!!! You stole our land, your ancestors stole our land, you sit on our land and you mock us, you kill us, and you expect us not to flinch? You truly do believe your delusions. arabs never cease to amaze. boggles the mind.
13. Israel make Up False Attack
1.5 Billion Muslims   (03.19.07)
to discredit the new Palastinian Gov't , but it is too late the train is rolling so no matter what israel does the ball is out of its hand so come on with the train or stay away u may get hit. Reality Check, World
14. #13 The train hasn't left the station
Lina ,   USA   (03.19.07)
And the terror attacks have resumed. You must be proud. A PA government united behind government sponsored terror. Something tells me this is a train to nowhere.
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