Half of Israeli Arabs justify Hizbullah kidnapping
Ahiya Raved
Published: 18.03.07, 20:42
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1. Hahahaha
Enemy of State ,   Judea   (03.18.07)
No, the Arabs want peace with us. Really.
2. Results of Survey
Nicole ,   Texas, USA   (03.18.07)
It is shocking to me that the Arab Israelis who live in Israel and enjoy equal opportunities, educational opportunities, and freedom to practice their religion in safety---to live without fear of their neighbors--are so ungrateful for these benefits. Palestinians who went to other countries did not find such a warm reception, and were put into camps, hated by the host country, and denied opportunities. The lack of sense and loyalty of those who are so ungrateful is appalling. Give them the option of leaving with compensation from the government. If they don't like it there, they should leave.
3. Naive leftist idiots
Usi ,   Hiafa   (03.18.07)
Apparently this so called professor is one of them, if he is surprised to find out that the majority of Israeli Arabs are the 5th column
4. israeli arabs
dovie ,   apple, big satan   (03.18.07)
I really love the results. almost half of the civilians killed by Hezballah in July were israeli arabs yet they totally and completely identify with the terrorists. Disengagements will not work because as you see dealing with a million of hostile citizens who then will resort to terror as palestinian state comes into being. first autonomy with new flag, anthem and then another million of the refugees. wake up, save yourself before it is too late. And you know what you need to do regarding arabs living in Israel. Prevent another Holocaust, Never Again.
5. Anyone still doubt Lieberman or, for that matter, Kahane?
Roni   (03.18.07)
6. who are the Israeli Arabs ?
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (03.18.07)
what they really think ? where they belong to ? are they the main reason for many things ? Do they have honor in their lives ? Does anyone talk to me about them ? how they live ?
7. Israeli Arabs - The Enemy Within
Johnson ,   USA   (03.18.07)
Israel like the US may never be destroyed from the outside but from the inside, and is a scenario that must be taken into account.
8. call a spade a spade "50 percent of muslims" not arabs
faithfreedom   (03.18.07)
9. Majority of Israeli Arabs oppose Hizbullah
dave ,   herzliya   (03.18.07)
Same facts could have produced a very different headline
10. And they wonder why they aren't treated as equal citizens
Rachel ,   Negev   (03.18.07)
Incredible. Talk about wanting your cake and eating it too! They moan constantly about inequality and then go about proving they don't deserve full citizenship with every anti-semitic and anti-Israel sentiment they spew. And as for the 50% who don't agree, why don't they speak up??
11. The arab cancer must be removed!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.18.07)
They are the enemy within and should be removed from OUR Jewish land forever! This is the electorate that the kadima/ labor gang wants to attract. We need new elections and a new government to destroy all our enemies and not just arabs!
12. I don't believe this results
Alan ,   Atlanta   (03.18.07)
I absolutely sure that 90% (at least) of Israeli Arabs want all Israeli Jews dead. In US, if you ask any Arab Muslem he will tell you that he wants all Jews in Israel dead. They say it openly. The claim that only 50% want Jews deal is very, very low. As to the Arabs killed by Hizbollah, that was the most joyful moment for the families of the dead Arab Muslems.
13. to #2, see #5
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (03.18.07)
Please check out Kahane's talk at the National Press Club to understand why we should not express any surprise at these findings. As Kahane said "the Arabs think the land is theirs! You cannot buy their loyalty with an indoor toilet." In truth though, the real enemy is the Israeli left, because Arab behavior is entirely predictable and justifiable. The Israeli left denies the Jewish claim to Israel and therefore removes all legitimacy that Jews have to controlling Israel and Jerusalem at this time.
14. obvious, because Israel used arabs in northern villages as
human shields.
15. #2 Kahane predicted this years ago
Yisrael ,   Montreal   (03.18.07)
He was shunned and called a radical, a racist, by a certain segment of the Jewish population simply because the situation hadn't turned out the way it has. I personally think that kicking the Arabs out against their will, even if we pay them, that it's a bit too radical. We shouldn't do to others what was done to us so many times in the past (not that they ever paid us at the same time) I think Avigdor's solution of paying them to leave willingly is the best solution I, for one, welcome with arms open the loyal Arabs and non-Jews who want to embrace the State of Israel. They 100% deserve to live in this land. As for the others, they need to leave.
16. The Lebanon Surrender served the ayatollahs beautifully
malcolm   (03.19.07)
The Iranians have a 6 pronged strategy to destroy Israel 1) Hizbollah/Syria attack 2)Hamas Gaza attack 3)West bank attack 4)International pressure 5)Iranian nukes 6) And the final nail in the coffin... ...turn Israel's Arab population against the state. The Lebanon Surrender gave Israeli Arabs the fuel they needed to believe that the destruction of Israel is at hand. If they rise up that could turn the tide. OLMERT & LIVNI DESTROYED ISRAEL'S DETERRENT. God help Israel because every day these two traitors hold power Israel sinks lower and lower into the abyss. At this point it will take a miracle to undo what they have done.
17. Will their hate turn to love in a unitary Arab-Jew State
Alan ,   SA   (03.19.07)
18. Those who justify kidnapping could move to HezbollahLand !!
KMR ,   Middle East   (03.19.07)
20. #14, Hizbollah didn't have to fire upon Arabs
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (03.19.07)
21. to #15, please clarify your position
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (03.19.07)
You feel that expelling Arabs is too radical, even if Israel compensates them. You also believe that compensating Arabs to leave willingly is a better solution. What happens if Arabs do not want to leave, with or without compensation? You say that non-loyal citizens need to leave Israel. If Israel does not force them out, how do propose to solve this problem?
22. #9, What's your point?
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (03.19.07)
In your view, do Israeli Arabs constitute a strategic threat or not?
23. How many of you
Judy Y ,   Los Angeles, USA   (03.19.07)
would have held the same view regarding the Israeli Arabs ten years ago? A very important change may have taken place among the Jews in Israel during the recent months and the Left seems unaware of it. I would appreciate your comments back.
24. Surprise, Surprise!
Bernard Ross ,   st. anns bay,jamaica   (03.19.07)
Only an idiot would be surprised by this. Why would a jew expect something different? Israel is not the state of the arabs and muslims, it is a state for jews. When Palestine is born "Israeli" arabs should become citizens of Palestine,.
25. can you blame the ARABS
for not liking jews? after what goes on in the west bank , how the settlers and idf act towards arabs. the racist laws.
26. HEZ Kidnaps soldiers israel kills 1300 civilians
AR ,   USA   (03.19.07)
Now guess why people arent on your side.
27. #21, clarifications
Yisrael ,   Montreal   (03.19.07)
Compensations are one thing, but land transfer is another. We keep the vast majority of settlements in Judea and Samaria, in exchange for land in Israel. There are lots of Arab-only villages that border either Gaza or Judea and Samaria, you could probably cut by half the number of Israeli Arabs without having a single person move out of their houses. Now, for the rest inside Israel, you offer them money to move. Even if there's a population who hate the state but decide to stay in, they are in such low numbers that they don't matter. You can now have a state where both the Jews and non-Jews are loyal to the country and don't wish to see the country attacked, or even participate in such attacks.
28. Judy, here's the commentary you want.
Joe ,   Brooklyn, NY   (03.19.07)
To all of you who think this justifies ethnic cleansing, shame on you. The right to live safely and securely in one's home does not depend on political belief. How can you blame Israeli Arabs for not being diehard Zionists when there's constantly talk of kicking them out, and the debate regarding Israeli Arabs never involves embracing them as valued and wanted citizens? The opposition to "transfer" that I have seen generally involves a belief in some reluctant toleration of Israel's Arab population. Sure, it's disturbing that there's support for Hezbollah terrorist activities among the Israeli Arabs. Despite what many of you believe, there's not always a military solution. There will need to be a comprehensive change in Israeli society, where its Arab population is seen as equally desirable to have in the country as its Jewish population. Arabs are not guests that should kneel down and be grateful for Israel's toleration of their presence in the homes that they have lived in since before 1948. Their right to live safely and securely in their homes is a basic human right embraced by Jews and Arabs alike. Israeli Arabs are entitled to know that they are not second-class citizens, regardless of how others perceive their political beliefs. Currently, they feel like second-class citizens because of the pervasiveness of the opinions expressed on this board.
29. to #28 Joe,
Niki ,   usa   (03.19.07)
you are mixing the facts........, there is a great book out there called "From Time Immemorial" by Joan Peters, you should read it, it's a real eye opening for people who don't know what they are talking about in regards to the Arab-Jewish-Israeli conflict .
30. Thank you Joe
Khaled ,   Lebanon   (03.19.07)
I'm reading this talkbalk with every message filled with more hateful irrational crap than the one before it. Niki, here's another eye-opener: books can't be eye-openers, especially books about century-long conflicts. Maybe Joan Peters did her research well, but she was obviously biased, stating only one side of the story. If this book opened your eye, then you should read another one that tells the other side of the story... Maybe that will open your other eye.
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