Ministerial committee declares Lebanon conflict a war
Ronny Sofer
Published: 19.03.07, 11:17
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1. huh?
Kareem ,   Egypt   (03.19.07)
U guys really care what u call the war? how about calling it "War of the impoosible", or "Operation Failure"...or maybe " War of Olmert!" Who cares what it's called..although I wouldn't call it a war (how many Israelis died? 100? 200? 300?) I wouldn't listen to Israeli families that want to call it war..maybe they should be transported to Iraq to see what a real war is like!
2. How about calling it the war of the incompetent leadership
David ,   Jerusalem   (03.19.07)
3. Name suggestion
Palestinian   (03.19.07)
Lebanon Aggression Lebanon distraction Kill all Lebaneses war Kill all the children war Teach children how to kill war
stude ham   (03.19.07)
Is Israel being run by total morons??? Don't answer that one!
5. Names for war
Nachash Tsefah ,   Tel Aviv   (03.19.07)
The War of Confusion; The War of Illusion; The War of False Hopes; The War of Lies; The Wake Up War; The War of Rockets; The One Month War; The War of Denial; The Airheads' / Airhead's War (pun and personal reference intended) The War for the Heartland; The Accidental War; The War of Ignorance;
6. duh ,these commissions are so smart
marcel ,   florida   (03.19.07)
I hope they can figure out what the Palestinains endgame is soon ??? And I hope they can figure out thjat the Road Map leads to hell in Israel and not peace .
7. it's not about it being a war ...
kawika ,   munich, germany   (03.19.07)
... it's about if the government has to put money on the table for the families and soldiers or not ...
8. Milhemet HaItnatkut
Right Wiinger ,   ISRAEL   (03.19.07)
9. #1 and #3...funny stuff...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (03.19.07)
considering that pretty much all the wars and conflicts in the world today are started by your Muslim brothers. And for a Palestinian to point fingers at Israel and tell them they teach their kids to be violent is laughable.
10. suggestions/ i am just sayin....
rami   (03.19.07)
the war isrl got its rear handed to it the war of breaking the myth the war of end of invincibility the war shattering arrongance the war to help retrieve arab POWs the war to prove there IS god
11. More names
Nachash Tsefah ,   Tel Aviv   (03.19.07)
War of the Summer Showers The First Iran War The Hezballah War
12. When Is A"War" NOT a "War"!!!???
Edward Anderson ,   Savannah-U.S.A.   (03.19.07)
I think it a shame that a "Ministerial Committee" has to get government "approval" before it can "officially" declare an armed conflict involving it's citizens a "war"! We in America had the same problem when our beloved President Truman stated that he did NOT need a "Declaration of War" from our Congress to send American troops to Korea in 1950 because it was NOT a "war" but a "police action"!!! Yet, we had our troops shot, killed, captured and tortured to death, and when we finally got them, the enemy, to sign an Armistice, we "abandoned" our prisoners of war to the enemy. Much like your government did to the soldiers that were captured by Hezbollah, but America abandoned it's soldiers by the thousands!!! Bottom line is, the common people that have to do the fighting and dying for the elite of the world do NOT have to have an "official" government title in order to know when a "war" is a "war"-they are the ones that have to endure it!!!
13. This controversy reveals current state of denial
Tracy W   (03.19.07)
An aggression that resulted in so many casualties, not a war? And there are other examples of this state of denial: - Palestinians want peace. - The UN's opinion counts - Arab MKs are loyal citizens - The US is 100% behind Israel's interests - Pulling out of Gaza will bring peace - Peace Now's main goal is peace between Arabs and Jews. Really. - Peres statement: Cheer up. We are doing fine. - Defense budged reduced, Israel's defenses are just fine. - Peres: What rockets? Qassams shmassams." - Gush Katif refugees have been properly taken care of. Their unemployed just don't want to work. - Anyone can protest peacefully in Israel, without any fear. - Olmert: I'm doing my job - The justice system treats everyone the same. - We have a ceasefire with the PA - The UN is watching Lebanon's borders to prevent smuggling and rearmament. - Egypt is watching their border with Gaza to prevent smuggling and rearmament. - Israel didn't lose the second Lebanon war - Money given to the PA is for peaceful projects only. - Fatah is moderate - Israel's civilians and military are ready for any attack. - Olmert: Sanctions are working against Iran. - Me guilty? Absolutely not! (fill in the blanks with names of some past and present government officials) Too depressing...
14. How about "little horn one".....
Caro ,   Beaver,USA   (03.19.07)
with "two" and the final "third" on the way.
15. Milchama Hoztianu
Ray ,   L.A., USA   (03.20.07)
it is War, Always. There will be rest Only between battles. Help me to get to israel. Somebody, please tell me can I make ayalah (sp.?) and still recieve my ss from usa? Or find any work on kibbutz for room and board?
16. War always
Ray ,   L.A. USA   (03.20.07)
"And it was at the return (Teshuvah) of the year, and Ben-Haddad counted Aram and went up to Afek to war with Israel." (1Ki 20:26). If it aint ben hadad its somebody else. I used to wonder, why did God name jacob, Israel. I wonder no longer.
17. Genious
New York   (03.20.07)
18. Olmert and Peretz officially renamed as incompetent a**holes
Bruno ,   Haifa   (03.20.07)
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