Settler to activist in Hebron: Go to Auschwitz
Ali Waked
Published: 19.03.07, 21:38
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1. It's a shame that people act this way.
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (03.19.07)
All this is uncalled for and I don't believe any of it is necessary.
2. settlers like this need to be put in mental hospitals.
papa jay   (03.19.07)
jews have the nerve to talk about pal hate. put your own house in order first.
3. lies + lies = lies !
haim israel hai   (03.19.07)
why ynet put lies on his website ?
4. Maybe the Palestinians in this article
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (03.19.07)
should talk to their brethren elsewhere and explain that what goes around comes around and that the settlers in Hebron have adopted their tactics which make your life miserable. If you can reason them into accepting the Jewish state and live in peace maybe you'll find less animosity from the settlers. Either way all this is a senseless waste of time and energy. What productive good ever comes out of conflict?
5. Settlers -Beware of the Government Media
marcel ,   florida   (03.19.07)
Whenver the Israel government media start to go after the 'settler's you can be sure they are preparing to throw them off their land and give it to the Islamic terrorists.
6. I know what the activist is up to
Steve ,   USA   (03.19.07)
B"H The story is a pretty juicy one. But I know what the activist is up to. It is not protecting Arabs, but rather bringing up whatever can be brought up so the Arabs feel more comfortable attacking the Jews. I am not looking at the leaf. I see the forest, and I know that this "activist" is up to no good. I do not have to even watch the video to figure that out. I am tired of honest Jews getting murdered. Until the murder problem stops, I feel no sympathy for these "activists" who pick sides for a grievious final outcome.
7. Helpful "Activists"
Why aren't there any concerned Danes in Sederot ? I mean maybe they could sheild the children there from Quassams falling...
8. Objective Journalism
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.19.07)
"Settler to activist in Hebron: Go to Auschwitz" "The settler spat at me" "older settler came out and attacked the activists" "the settler had attacked her" "settlers continue to harass the family and workers and cause more damage" 'Settlers keep throwing stones' "the settlers are doing anything and everything to prevent them from rebuilding their house" "hundreds of settlers tried to lynch the family" "the settlers keep throwing stones, bottles and fire crackers, they destroy the work and steal equipment." Seems like these "settlers" are pretty evil creatures. We had better stay away from them.
9. Article speaks for itself
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (03.19.07)
the arab author ADMITS that there is no proof or substatiation provided other than the alleged ":activists" charges! And we ALL know how pro-truth these foreign "activists" are
10. I wonder
Kalmen ,   Petach-Tikva   (03.19.07)
I wonder, is Yedioth Aronoth an Arab newspaper?
11. Danish activist, gullible, confused.......
Isaac Haskiya ,   Roskilde -Denmark   (03.19.07)
Oywowoy, somebody pushed her.... Oywowoy, somebody told her things she couldn´t understand.... Oywowowoy, a boy pushed her too.... She was there to protect the Palestinians as if they couldn ´t do it themselves. Believe me you are best needed in Copenhagen where rioteers roam the streets and vandalize private property. Dear Lady, take care of your own land to begin with; that´s where cleanliness begins!
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (03.19.07)
the foreign press when have our own jew bassing press. Ynet's role in reporting on their own citizens is more then disgusting. Reading their articles it is hard not to feel that one reads a regular neofacistic press article. I gues they are preparing our good old yassam boys to do some old fashioned beating of certain minority citizens. And then for sure soon they will print some whining article about some antisemitism somewere in the world.
13. #10 Idiot Ahronot/YNet is affiliated with Betzlem, PeaceNow
David ,   Jerusalem   (03.19.07)
& anything anti-Religious or anti-Haredi. So you can well imagine what news and lies they spout. Baruch Hashem religious Jews doubt most of their reports. Basically, they're trying to capture the Left and Arab readers. Have you ever noticed that stories against Arabs are on the front page for a very brief time and then hidden in the back of their archives never to be found, while lies and anything against religious Jews would be up for hours or even days waiting for comments from Leftists and self-hating Jews?
14. Like I really care
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (03.19.07)
These are foreign EU agents anyway.
15. # 3..cant u see the video???
Tareq ,   Jerusalem   (03.19.07)
Am not a defender for Ynet, but even as an arab, i believe its a fair website despite the expressions they sometimes use in describing things but thats somehow normal!! Your equation was Lies + Lies=Lies & mine is Lies + you=Lies, so if ur good in calculas, u can find ur value, cant u see the video???when u get annoyed from a fact, u just claim its a lie, but next time dont rush in ur talkback before u see the proof mr truth hater.
16. Go to Aushwitz
Steve ,   USA   (03.20.07)
B"H I saw the translation from YNET, "Go to Aushwitz" when the activist who was intimidating an IDF solder refused to stop rolling her camera filming the IDF soldier. The activist was interfering with the security officer's work by putting him on camera. I never heard any permission being asked of the IDF soldier to film him. In the United States, one is not allowed to stalk a police officer or military officer performing his duty, and in Israel that should not be permitted either. The IDF officer was not doing anything extrordinary that would warrant being filmed. So in terms of the analogy, "Go to Aushwitz", I understand the Jew referring to the fact that this activist was undermining her security just as in Aushwitz the security of Jews was undermined by the European government resulting in the murder of Jews. It was a reminder of the consequence of undermining Jewish security. Indeed I feel the outcome of undermining the deterance of Hebron was that Arab teenagers felt emboldened to murder Erez Levanon just recently as he was praying in cold blood. That is the connection to Aushwitz, that a Jew is murdered when the deterance of Hebron is undermined. I cannot see what the Jewish resident did "wrong" to deserve so much criticism from YNET. I see the European activist as causing the trouble ... and this is after viewing the footage even. I think the European activist should be barred from Hebron or sent back home even to Europe where she can better respect her authorities.
DOESNT SEEM RIGHT ,   DOES IT?......DACON9   (03.20.07)
18. these people are agent provacateurs
Christian Bianrossa   (03.20.07)
Useful idiots from Denmark, Sweden, the UK etc being duped into helping the "beaceful" balestinians. So sad that their hate for Jews clouds their judgment...
19. # 10, dont wonder my friend, ur another truth hater.
Tareq ,   Jerusalem   (03.19.07)
20. foreign partisans of the arabs are not credible
dante ,   uk   (03.20.07)
if, if, if, the facts were as the danish activist claimed, one would have to object to the conduct of the Jewish residents of Hebron. but, there is simply no way of knowing if the factual record has been disclosed. the foreign activists are virtually without exception enemies of Israel and, generally, enemies of the Jews. they are in Israel and not chechnya, iran, zimbabwe, rwanda, china, tibet, myanmar, etc. because Israel is an easy target for ignorant or hateful people and they get to feel virtuous by attacking it. Israel should deport its enemies. it would need a government worthy of the name to do that and that it does not have.
SUSAN ,   ISRAEL   (03.20.07)
22. the language of force
ahmad   (03.20.07)
even when they see footage......this proves jewish religious zealots can't be argued with or settled with verbally or in civility. history has shown that they do understand the language of force, they're very fluent at it cause they run like rats despite all their claimed machoism
23. The owners of the house
Jack   (03.20.07)
should wire it for live video. They could stream it on the web. Those cameras are itty bitty and could be hidden fairly well. It would be quite a thing to watch on youtube. It would give americans a different view of the settlers. No doubt.
24. video cameras of police in the US
jack   (03.20.07)
The US automatically videotapes the activities carried out by the police and, at least in the US, the military. Yes, we video everything. Have you never watched the "COPS beat people" videos. They are shown on the NEWS all of the time. But, just in case someone misses taking the video, the cops cars have video cameras in them to monitor the police and the other folks. Just so we know who is honest. Oh and when that doesn't work, every store and business in the country has cameras monitoring their buildings and the parking lots. Shall I go on??? We monitor the police to death...and they monitor themselves so they can deny it, but only when they really can deny it...duh....
25. Activists go back to your countries
Steven ,   San Francisco   (03.20.07)
Stop coming to Israel looking to scapegoat my Zionist Israeli brothers and sisters.
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (03.20.07)
Settlers = religious zealots, Islamists=religious zealots SECULARIZE ! No more religious zealots of any kind Roll up your sleeves, get to work on both sides and the middle east will be the winner. There is no need for real Jews bring up their children in hatred ! This country is drifting away with the complicity of the extreme right ! Settlers are as arrogant as Hamas activists and deserve to have their mouth washed ! ( their brain has apparently already been washed !)
27. to # 25
Erik ,   Czech republic   (03.20.07)
"stop coming to israel.... and let my Zionist brothers and sister..." TO MASACRE THE PALISTINIAN FREELY?? STEVE, WHY DON'T YOU JOIN YOUR " KIND" IN THE GOD GIVEN COUNTRY??
28. Dear Ynet
Tracy W   (03.20.07)
I watched the video twice. I couldn't find what was so objectionable about it to deserve this kind of coverage and, quite likely, follow up articles in the future. It was yet another argument, this time involving a foreigner trying to provoke a situation in a Jewish neighborhood. Dear Ynet, please keep in mind that by blowing minor issues out of proportion you may be contributing to a tragedy later on, when Palestinians will take this kind of report, overblown as it is, as justification for violence - real violence - against Jews. Another thing to keep in mind is that Ynet gets often quoted by the international media, and by underplaying Arab violence - real violence involving injury or loss of life - while overplaying a neighborhood argument involving a Jew, it contributes to the unbalanced perception of Jews abroad. Readers of Ynet don't object to having facts reported. The problem arises when one side of the Israeli-Arab conflict, the one that shows Jews in a negative light, gets much more exposure than the other. Ynet does a better job in the opinion section, with a more balanced mix. Words have power and the words printed on Ynet carry a lot of power, long after the articles have been removed from Ynet's main page. This is a very interesting website, well designed and addictive. I may not always agree with everything in it but I enjoy reading it. I'd just like more balance in your reporting and in the titles chosen to head some of these articles. Thank you. Tracy
29. Israeli Media Stupidity, Now In Plain English
Dan Friedman ,   NYC USA   (03.20.07)
Stories like this are very valuable for those of us in the USA who have only heard about the idiotic amateurishness and silly obsessions of the Israeli media. Now we can see it for ourselves.
30. Arab tales of "mystery and imagination".
EGW ,   vancouver canada   (03.20.07)
#'s 1 and 2 , Joe and Papa Jay, your sympathy is misplaced and unneccessary. The whole thing is basically a PR stunt. Don't you notice that some of the "account" is in "quotes" and most of it is just a reporters imagination. Have you not wondered why if HUNDREDS were trying to LYNCH this "poor" guy, they didn't succeed. No marks, no hospital visits, no bleeding, nothing except a "handy" newspaper reporter and a photographer waiting for the deliberately staged incident to be brought on . YNet prints DREK like this because they rarely have any factual, realistic news. This way they do it on the cheap. And, last but not least, don't you realise that this is another example of Arab "imagination and storytelling", a polite way of saying that they are damn liars, always have been, always will be.!! it's a genetic thing.
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